I’m really getting mental whip lash from this Clive Bundy thing. I never really got on the bandwagon fully. Reason being that anytime something is ALL OVER the news it generally means there is something more important that we are not supposed to see right? (By the way, did they ever find that plane?) At the start I saw the issue as worthy to get props, I mean obviously the BLM is one of those government agencies we probably shouldn’t have. Then I found about the Harry Reid and Chinese corporate connections;if it weren’t for Alex Jones then I don’t think that would have went like wild fire. The thing is so many voices weighing in on this one guys ranch, you have the environmentalist acting like cow grazing is killing tortoises … except it hasn’t ( but the BLM probably has) you have the more liberal activist saying it’s Koch and the more conservative saying it’s China- so it’s both right? That’s what is really going on here…among a few other things.
I like Alex Jones as far as reporting news that really isn’t reported anywhere else. He was on the front lines of doing that. Before Alex Jones, anybody that thought like Alex Jones was a tin hat- but I think it’s questionable how he really pushes and rallies for an uprising. That is why so many got behind Bundy. The frustration in America really needs to be understood. Bundy represented that frustration, and as usual, people rallied without really thinking about it. I wondered why desert dwellers in California can be forced to tear down their homes and move to cities they cannot afford and NO ONE helped them set up a blockade or rally. Anyway….As usual both sides of the mainstream media perpetuated a demonizing view of both sides. The way the Feds sent their freaking mini army out there, I was concerned a fire would be shot and then it would trigger riots across America, that seemed to be what Alex Jones was going for I mean he really thinks that is the answer apparently. Ron Paul also stated that concern ( I miss Ron Paul).
Remember in the movie “Promised Land” when the corporation sent out a fake grass roots environmentalist, he got the town behind him and against the corp? Then Matt Damon finds evidence that the guy is lying so the enviro us gonna get run out of town? Oh wait but THEN Matt Damon finds out that the enviro guy also works for the corp… Who usually HIRES real environmentalist – to divide the people about the issue and work both sides for same purpose. They don’t lose, they don’t get voted over.
I said all that to say because Bundy was a champion when a champion was necessary, now he is a villain when a villain is necessary. Did he use politically incorrect terms – yes he did…guess what? So has Harry Reid.. We do have short memories here in ‘Merica. No sane white person wants to be called, be mistaken for or be associated with a racist. I’m thirty one, and even I can feel a really high race tension it seems everywhere. Disagree with the President? You are a racist. Disagree with a welfare state because it is equivalent to a state if dependency? – you are a racist. You are part of the Liberty Movement? You are a racist… Unless you are a not a white person who disagrees with all those things and you are part if the Liberty movement,wherein they ignore you and act like you don’t exist. I digress though…my point is one way to stop an argument, divert an argument or movement is to call it racist.
In an instant Bundy in a mouse trap kinda way was vilified. Why was a reporter asking him about race issues anyway? How old is Bundy anyway? He was using outdated terms, but the full uncut interview is available for google. The context of the argument was based on the federal government compartmentalizing people and basically keeping them dependent on the government. In his way he was stating that the federal government was racist though his analogy was not exactly the most educated terms in today’s world. His views on Mexican people was completely edited out and he was made to basically look like a raving supremacist. How convenient… What was the real purpose here? And THAT is why I have mental whiplash.
Is he ignorant ? Obviously he has been ignorant all along to think the media was on his side, and to not realize that he has been a pawn and also to think he could really stand down the government. It actually is sad, it’s also sad that as high on the pedestal as they put him as a champion, is just as low as they dropped him. Even the so called ” revealers of mainstream cover ups” like Glen Beck are on the brand new bandwagon. Like I said … What was the real purpose? To distract? A corporate war? To trigger and agitate a national war between us and them? Race riots? Hey… We all know it’s what they want and all if it’s in planning. The thing is, what has been perceived from the Bundy ranch is not new and it’s not a surprise. I’m sure many farmers, ranchers, land owners – and yes those desert dwellers that I keep mentioning, have been watching this puppeteer debacle and asking why? Or why there? Why now? Mental whiplash ….