“But Romney believes women should be submissive, and that burns me up”. “Obama represents me”. These are some of the arguments that I have heard in the past week or so, concerning the nominees for the 2012 election. I have also heard an argument that “well at least I know what an Obama presidency will look like and I cannot say that for Romney”. 

  Concerning the nominee who best represents us, let us consider who “us” or “me” is. I am an American. When Obama was running in 2008, he made a joke that the “culture wars were so nineties”, interestingly enough though he his camp has rehashed the culture wars all over again, and it is gaining momentum among women voters. If anyone knows how to push the buttons of American women, it is male politicians. He also has rehashed the class wars, and it is spilling over into the race dialogue. When Obama was running in 2008 he said there was no black, nor white-just Americans. With that sentiment I write this blog. “We” are the people of the United States of America.I don’t vote to ensure that I “might” get more money next year. I don’t vote in retaliation because some old Republican man pissed me off with an ignorant comment.If being a woman means that I am a pawn for politician to get his way by throwing me entitlement and a cyber pat on the back, then I guess I am not a model feminist. If being Native American means that I must vote democrat because they keep making promises that the government has never owned up to….EVER…then I’ll stop searching for my tribal card. If I’m afraid of voicing my opinion on Obama and his constant funding and enforcing of policies that are deemed unconstitutional by the Constitution of the United States,because I might be called a racist, then I must not live in America anymore. Do you live in America? Are you an American first? 
   I keep hearing that Obama is only trying to undo the mess that Bush put into play, and that it will take time. Maybe it does take time, but does it take funding countries and aligning with countries that have never before in U.S. history been aligned with before. Does it take reducing our nuclear arms, while all of our enemies hold onto theirs. After all the dream of a global society with no nuclear weapons cannot truly be realized. Obama only has the power to reduce ours. Does it take forcing a mega health care bill through that the majority of “the people” did not ask for, and in the future WILL further break us? Does it mean furthering the deficit? Again I say -furthering the deficit. This part is not rocket science, and Obama is not stupid. There is a method and statistical genius to his ways, and it has nothing to do with cleaning up the Bush mess. That argument is synonymous with saying “oh I have no idea what he is doing but I don’t care”. 
    “I know what Obama will do, and I cant say that about Romney”…well I cant say what Romney will do either, and I’m not sure Romney could clean up what Obama has done thus far. Given the track record of Obama in his first term, I don’t see how anyone who was undecided last month could decide to vote for him again. This train is not going to jump track because Obama gets elected again. We all know a president holds some of his cards in his first term, if he wants to get elected for a second. Any strange maneuvers he has done in the past will most likely pale in comparison to whatever he does in his second.
      I need to clarify that I have not hated the President. I prayed for his wisdom just like I did in past terms. I did not get on the “he is a Muslim  bandwagon, and I have wanted to stick a sock in the mouth of Donald Trump ever since he decided that he himself would not actually run for President, but instead would sit on the sidelines and make all Republicans look like morons. I was inspired on inauguration day. I always want to feel inspired when he talks, but the inspiration always is halted by the actions that speak louder than words.

   In 2008, we made a bet on a man with two years experience. We made a bet on hope and change. Change came, but I have not seen many with allot of hope. The pep rallies are over. The only man who could truly call Obama’s bluff was Ron Paul and he is no longer an option. Once again, we are faced with voting for what we feel is the lesser of two evils. Once again we are divided between class and gender arguments. Once again they threw us bones and we bit them. The cycle that they play is a game I can deal with. What I cant deal with, are people who have seen the truth by now. They know the game at this point, but will still go out on November 11th and cast a vote for someone that they no longer have faith in because-he represents “me” on welfare. He represents “me” a female. He represents “me” a immigrant. He represents “me” and a Romney doesn’t. Well Obama also signed the NDAA and that doesn’t represent America. Ordering stand downs, while watching a massacre of your own heroes does not represent America.Those heroes represent America-just like the ones that got Bin Laden. The Health Bill doesn’t represent America. Attempting to force private religious organization to comply with conflicting elements of the health bill, does not represent America. Forcing is not supposed to be representative of America.Before anyone bashes me on the last one, yes America does have the violent history of forcing its will or domination….does this mean that we are getting ours now? Is that what all the adulating remarks are really about? “welcome to the Reservation America-your getting your diminishing return?

  So before you go to the polls and place another bet on who represents you, think long and hard about the elements that you choose to define yourself with. Depending on where you place your bet this year, it is very likely that in another four years, our individual differences and classes of division, are not going to amount to anything. We really and truly all be equal in our deprivation, powerlessness, and anger…and we will all be guilty for it.