It’s been a while….and I’ve got too much time and read too many trigger blogs today..

I really hate being in that group that’s called ” right wing extremist”. So I don’t consider myself part of it. I no longer watch Fox News and this probably started during the last election when they did just as much as any other news source to act like Ron Paul was super fringe and could never get elected… thus helping the elite ensure that Paul didn’t get elected. I don’t like being called ignorant,for whatever reason that people might instantly put me in that group. I’m not ignorant, and I don’t think anything smacks of arrogance or ignorance more than claiming to be open minded and progressive… except when you have already pigeon holed someone else as ” ignorant” and therefore having no valuable opinion.
I don’t rant much anymore, I’ve learned to just be quiet because ranting (especially online) really only attracts readers that already agree with you. But I really have an issue with demonizing the sides as if there is a real difference. If conservatives have become narrow minded in their view points, socially and fiscally – or whatever, so have liberals. Nothing, and I mean nothing was more of a cold politically correct move then to just decide that Ayran Hirsi Ali was too controversial to receive her honorary degree. That woman is one of the boldest and smartest and probably graciously eloquent women alive… And no matter what politics Condi Rice works for she is also very smart and accomplished and she also in lady like fashion bowed out of a recent speech…. I mean she could have pulled the race card…the political atmosphere is charged for it. I’ve heard Condi speak, I doubt she was going to detail why Iraq was a good idea,however I’m more pissed about Ali. I am more pissed because it is evidence that universities are putting out politically correct and told what to think zombie people. YET…That very opinion is why some might still call me a right wing idiot (among other things).So, essentially what is being projected from the campuses in America is that you have to act and think a certain way to be heard by innocent ears they must protect? No, they are afraid someone might actually agree. That isn’t even my issue here in my little rant. My issue is that in terms of “extremes” the other side is acting like this isn’t happening, that the “right wing conspirators” are imagining this. Just like we are imagining that a great fear is being projected in order for bigger gun grabs. Just like we are imagining that we don’t like common core imposed on our children. Just like we are imagining the danger of the NDAA.
Ok so, really I think it’s shifted, because what the liberal left is calling out as right wing nuts really aren’t anymore, because the right wing is still arguing status quo bull. Allot of this is actually on the Liberty movement which Ron Paul is the father of. Ron, is actually a libertarian who tried to save the Republican Party and it took his entire career for anyone to catch on. And libertarianism is considered nutty on both sides of the isle. So maybe everytime I read blogs and Salon articles misrepresenting people like me, then it actually is just the show continuing to go on. The minute we stop getting so angry that we call the other side EXACTLY what they have been calling us “extreme, hateful etc” then we see the similarities and even the differences and maybe can have a conversation.
In my perception it’s also important to realize that the talking heads, most of the time, don’t represent your next door neighbor that has the same values. I’m a Christian and I’m not out to hurt or regulate anyone, I also recognize that Christianity is used as a tool and has been for eons, either to anger or get votes (thatis a completely different blog though, wait for it) and just because I disagree doesn’t mean I hate anyone. Where did that come from anyway- who is paying for that trip? I’m a libertarian and I’m not sitting at home smoking weed with aluminum on my forehead. I’m a feminist but I’m pro life, all life and I don’t care what post modern feminism thinks about it (where were they in recent campuses shunning of women who don’t fit the mold?… See what I mean? If Ali was white Steinem could have called her a racist but Ali is not white and she doesn’t have a political or religious leaning so they really had no valid reason for what they did… So where does corporate feminism really side?). I was homeschooled in my formative years of life and I really don’t fit in anybody’s cookie cutter and I LOVE THAT about me. There are allot if things I am and allot of things I agree with or don’t agree with. I like to hear people and their stories, and no one should be silenced because someone “might be offended”. For god sake some of the greatest minds in the world are the ones who at first offend, and people willing to learn and see things differently,first should be willing to be offended. If both sides cannot see that clearly what is happening here I don’t know what country they live in, and while we are screaming about who is the more extreme, every thing we argue about being real or not is actually happening right under our noses,evidenced in people’s stories that neither side of the political isle pay any attention to. I’m not ignorant I see a pattern except it’s very clear these days, it’s not conspiracy anymore.
Thanks for the time … I’ll go back to imaginary imagines and poetry now.