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In the past few weeks I have seen some things that seriously defy any kind of logic. I really feel intellectually assaulted every time I see headlines on my iPhone, or take a scroll through my newsfeed. I unsubscribed to many new sites over the last year. I had too much personal grief to have to view and wear everyone’s personal offenses by technological default. But the reality is none of us have a safe space all the time. None of us, if we want live and engage. I’m not going into a long tirade about things, norms pointing out the obvious with long descriptive definitions to try to make people see things, I’m done with that if anyone wants it then go read The Matt Walsh blog. I’m done with the anger, I’m just tired.

I read this week that some mall in Los Angelas has banned champion boxer, Manny Pacquiao, a philanthropist and now a  a hopeful statesman to the Philippines for his ” hateful” opinion on marriage. So mom and pop bakeries have to make cakes, agree to potentially cater a gay wedding or they are shut down, sued and publicly shamed..but a huge mall in California can publicly shame and ban someone for their beliefs? I would say it is an aussault on small business, and hey maybe it is… I mean it’s the big corporations that are banning entire states now anyway and no one really cares what Muslim bakeries do and they have to be used for other narratives. (Oh and how about America trying to derail someone’s political campaign in the Phillipines ? I won’t go there…)

There was a college age white dude that got sentenced in North Korea for trying to take a piece of political propaganda out of the state – I forget the details about it but I do remember the whole write up on huffpost about white privilege and how the writer of said article said she didn’t feel sorry for the kid because you know it was retribution  for all the sins of white male privilege. To be sentenced … In North Korea with fifteen years hard labor…while she , in America, can writhe in anger writing about it. Wow. That makes as much sense as banning Israel in the name of women’s rights while Syria, Iraq and Iran whip, bludgeon, stone and forbid to divorce or drive, yeah women. Let that make your mind spin.

Today I read a headline ” by opposing Obama, the republicans created Trump”. Oh lord here we go again. By opposing and or disagreeing with Obama – we created all sins done in the past eight years. It was never the administration creating really bad karma because according to most news media, only white people disagree with the president. Other dissendents don’t exist, just like pro life women don’t exist to Gloria Steinhem ( or Hillary Clinton until ten minutes ago).

I mean I could say ” oh but opposing Bush created the muse of hope and change” but you see that would be one of those circular arguments based on emotion. See what I did there?

We don’t have news. We have instigating headlines that place emotions, angers and new definitions of what hate, crimes and sex are at top priority.

“be careful about taking sides … People will try to make you… But no matter which side you take, they are all lying”- J.T.


The Media Games

Let me be clear. I’m not voting for Donald Trump. I’m not even sure I’ll be voting. So anything I say in this post is not to be taken as pro Trump or anti-Trump. I usually try to look in some other direction when the news (any of the channels) puts something before me to dictate. It is almost uncanny that what we are seeing played out is like a theater of everything we have been told that Republicans are…yet if you look at it from an opposite direction it is also a theater of everything we have been told Democrats are. No matter, it is just that-a theater, and up to the point everyone must be playing their parts right and we aren’t supposed to notice the behind the scenes. This is understandable…I try my best not to look at any of it.
Here is what I think about Trump. I think he is a businessman and an entertainer famous for being a famous business man. When he dangled the idea of running for President if front of us years ago, I thought it was a good idea. He kept having opinions and then he didn’t run. He waited until things were at their worst. Scandals and blatant crimes have been committed and glossed over by the media. Then he arrives. He said before the last election that he had never thought as seriously as he was thinking then about running, and that things couldn’t seem to get worse. Then he backed out and guess what, things have gotten worse. So much so that Trump seems to be the most alive and most exciting guy in the run up. It seems like he is a “tell it like it is” kind of guy who is not afraid of anyone. That he may be. But lets be honest, what Trump says he will do or believes he can do, and what he can do, will do, or would even be ALLOWED to do are very different things. What blows my mind is that it seems both the love him crowd and the hate him crowd are totally enamored and distracted by him. For the right he is the man with a plan that seems to actually care about where the country is. For the left he is the embodiment of racism and sexism. I don’t think he is much of either. Saying there are gangs (and yes there are violent gangs who do commit crimes because that is what gangs do) is not racist. Hispanic and Latino people know this though, many of them come from places like Jaurez or other crime ridden areas, they know and that’s why they want out. They also know some of their criminal neighbors come here. Here is the thing…all of that is not the point. The point of argument is whether or not Trump is a racist. Everyone doesn’t love Megyn Kelly and the questions she was asking Trump were not really hard questions. That also is not the point. The point of argument now is whether he is a sexist. And we all tune in on our “sides” of the theater every night to watch our media representatives spin on the situation. Here is where Trump is smart and truthful, he doesn’t care what people think so he doesn’t care if you think he is a sexist racist. So he can keep this charade up for as long as it takes. America’s attention span is infantile, we had all but forgotten the ordeal with Megyn Kelly and went on to other pastures of distraction, but then Megyn comes back from vacation and Trump brings attention to the happening by tweeting a litany of insults. Gracious, Megyn Kelly is probably the most loved on Fox News by now because of all the bad press Trump has given her. It is unprofessional, and immature to tweet that someone is a “bimbo” among other things simply for not licking your feet. It is about as immature and unprofessional as making a blanket statement about “mexicans” and “mexico” not “sending” their best. The point of that message was lost because of the immature and unprofessional way it thrown out and it can never be undone. Maybe it was not supposed to be. See Trump says outlandish things and makes broad “management” promises that he cannot explain nor back up. Just like Obama and his “keep believing” “hope and change” speeches. This is the same. And people are eating it up.

Let us not forget that the media edits,spins and takes things out of context and puts it all on a loop for the world to see over and over and over. In the past hour and half, just on social media news outlets, I have seen about ten times the “breaking news” that Trump had kicked out Jorge Ramos of Univision from his press conference. The New York Times said “how long will the GOP stand for this. PJMEDIA asked if it was wrong and all the supporters commented that it was right because the Ramos was not called upon and was heckling. I looked up the videos on youtube and yes he did jump up and start asking questions without being called upon. Yes he was removed. Then he was brought back and Trump called on hm and they had a back and forth for nearly five minutes. Then it was over…I wouldn’t know that if I had not looked it up on youtube. All I would have known was that Ramos was kicked out.

With Trump hogging all the spotlight with his cult of personality, the people who have always despised conservatives are now hating them more than ever. No one is paying attention to other candidates such as…Ben Carson. What will never be said though is that Ben Carson most likely doesn’t get much support or talk because he African American. It doesn’t matter that he is a Doctor, is intelligent or that he has a humble demeanor…he is black and it is against political normal to be black and republican. This article by Carson is more powerful than anything Trump has spat out and it should be going viral but ti wont…

“We should have a talk with the Democratic Party.  Let’s tell them, we don’t want to be clothed, fed and housed. We want honor and dignity.

We don’t want a plan to give us public housing in nice neighborhoods. We want an end to excuses for schools that leave us without the means to buy our own houses where we choose to live. We want the skills needed to compete, not a consolation prize of Section 8, Food Stamps and a lifetime of government paperwork.

Finally, we need to go over to the Republican Party. We need to tell them they have ignored us for too long. They need to invite us in and listen to us. We need to communicate and find a different way.

There are many things to be angry about when you are consumed by hopelessness.Bernie Sanders isn’t one of them.”

Oh and Bernie…let me not get started. There is not much difference in him and Clinton except that he is supported by Unions….I’ve never worked for a Union but I’ve known many who have…and  they hated every single second of it. Be aware that anyone who has fawned over a socialist leader got left even further behind than they were to start with, if they were left alive at all.

I lost faith in all news media during Ron Paul’s last run for President. The one candidate who was consistent, not a flip flopper, who truly said mind blowing intelligent things was virtually erased from any polls and conversation about the race. He was always talked to as if he was separate. No matter how many stadiums were packed or how many young people raised money he was never taken seriously. So when he lost it was just “expected”. No one wants to know about the rigged voting machines or the republican votes that were never reported because they were for Paul. For something that widespread and systematic to  happen it would have to come from another authority. Rand Paul doesnt even have that kind of opposition. But maybe Rand is willing to do what his father was not…and maybe if Ron had made it he would have been assassinated. As I said…theater. The media (Fox and CNN and BBC and all the rest) screwed him and America over. They work in tandem with the government and this is now common knowledge yet people are naval gazing with stars in their eyes watching the same reels on loop and two celebrities fight like cats and dogs…to prove to the world that Trump is a bumbling sexist, racist idiot. He will get your hopes up that you will see change then he will bow out and you can watch Hillary take the Iron Throne. I would say put your eyes and prayers elsewhere and get out intelligent thoughts like Carson puts out, or a libertarian candidate…but then I think of the Paul run and how tired and devastated we were when we saw what convention and the system does to truth and passion. It probably doesn’t even matter. So watch your theater, just don’t get to upset when some “scandal” takes him out and leaves you high and dry and still pretending that the media is not covering up real issues and corruption.

Put not your trust in princes, Nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. Psalm 146:3

I’m getting mental whip lash

I’m really getting mental whip lash from this Clive Bundy thing. I never really got on the bandwagon fully. Reason being that anytime something is ALL OVER the news it generally means there is something more important that we are not supposed to see right? (By the way, did they ever find that plane?) At the start I saw the issue as worthy to get props, I mean obviously the BLM is one of those government agencies we probably shouldn’t have. Then I found about the Harry Reid and Chinese corporate connections;if it weren’t for Alex Jones then I don’t think that would have went like wild fire. The thing is so many voices weighing in on this one guys ranch, you have the environmentalist acting like cow grazing is killing tortoises … except it hasn’t ( but the BLM probably has) you have the more liberal activist saying it’s Koch and the more conservative saying it’s China- so it’s both right? That’s what is really going on here…among a few other things.
I like Alex Jones as far as reporting news that really isn’t reported anywhere else. He was on the front lines of doing that. Before Alex Jones, anybody that thought like Alex Jones was a tin hat- but I think it’s questionable how he really pushes and rallies for an uprising. That is why so many got behind Bundy. The frustration in America really needs to be understood. Bundy represented that frustration, and as usual, people rallied without really thinking about it. I wondered why desert dwellers in California can be forced to tear down their homes and move to cities they cannot afford and NO ONE helped them set up a blockade or rally. Anyway….As usual both sides of the mainstream media perpetuated a demonizing view of both sides. The way the Feds sent their freaking mini army out there, I was concerned a fire would be shot and then it would trigger riots across America, that seemed to be what Alex Jones was going for I mean he really thinks that is the answer apparently. Ron Paul also stated that concern ( I miss Ron Paul).
Remember in the movie “Promised Land” when the corporation sent out a fake grass roots environmentalist, he got the town behind him and against the corp? Then Matt Damon finds evidence that the guy is lying so the enviro us gonna get run out of town? Oh wait but THEN Matt Damon finds out that the enviro guy also works for the corp… Who usually HIRES real environmentalist – to divide the people about the issue and work both sides for same purpose. They don’t lose, they don’t get voted over.
I said all that to say because Bundy was a champion when a champion was necessary, now he is a villain when a villain is necessary. Did he use politically incorrect terms – yes he did…guess what? So has Harry Reid.. We do have short memories here in ‘Merica. No sane white person wants to be called, be mistaken for or be associated with a racist. I’m thirty one, and even I can feel a really high race tension it seems everywhere. Disagree with the President? You are a racist. Disagree with a welfare state because it is equivalent to a state if dependency? – you are a racist. You are part of the Liberty Movement? You are a racist… Unless you are a not a white person who disagrees with all those things and you are part if the Liberty movement,wherein they ignore you and act like you don’t exist. I digress though…my point is one way to stop an argument, divert an argument or movement is to call it racist.
In an instant Bundy in a mouse trap kinda way was vilified. Why was a reporter asking him about race issues anyway? How old is Bundy anyway? He was using outdated terms, but the full uncut interview is available for google. The context of the argument was based on the federal government compartmentalizing people and basically keeping them dependent on the government. In his way he was stating that the federal government was racist though his analogy was not exactly the most educated terms in today’s world. His views on Mexican people was completely edited out and he was made to basically look like a raving supremacist. How convenient… What was the real purpose here? And THAT is why I have mental whiplash.
Is he ignorant ? Obviously he has been ignorant all along to think the media was on his side, and to not realize that he has been a pawn and also to think he could really stand down the government. It actually is sad, it’s also sad that as high on the pedestal as they put him as a champion, is just as low as they dropped him. Even the so called ” revealers of mainstream cover ups” like Glen Beck are on the brand new bandwagon. Like I said … What was the real purpose? To distract? A corporate war? To trigger and agitate a national war between us and them? Race riots? Hey… We all know it’s what they want and all if it’s in planning. The thing is, what has been perceived from the Bundy ranch is not new and it’s not a surprise. I’m sure many farmers, ranchers, land owners – and yes those desert dwellers that I keep mentioning, have been watching this puppeteer debacle and asking why? Or why there? Why now? Mental whiplash ….

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