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The Limits to Tolerance:

As a blogger and a generally outspoken person, I’m living now with the reality that to post anything remotely on the side of Israel is to make yourself open to much hate. I have seen numerous posts in just the last few days that “Israel’s aggression must be stopped”. Most of those commenters do not and have not been to Israel..neither have I. While scenes from Gaza are disturbing, I come from the perspective that Israel is the size of what-Pennsylvania? And we also know that the MSM shows us one side of pictures when they want certain reactions…be it Gaza pictures or be it Israeli pictures. The U.N. has never really been on Israels side, and certainly I think the U.N. is on nobodys side. I’ve known people from Israel, and I have known their stories about living in this reality. Before anyone gets emotionally triggered,and gets on a “hate and ban Israel” wagon, look at some alternative news sources. I’m no war monger, but Israel doesn’t need anyones permission to protect themselves, and its funny that when they do its called terrorism and barbaric. The U.N. should be disbanded, but we know it will never be so. If I hold a non internationalist libertarian thought about foreign policy-I’m sure not going to say that the world should rise against Israel, its not going to happen.

American Elephants


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated a line that he used in the prepared statement he read at his Friday news conference on Fox News Sunday this morning. It warrants repetition. Israel and Hamas conduct in the current hostilities can be explained:

The difference between us is simple. We develop defensive systems against missiles in order to protect our civilians and they use their civilians to protect their missiles.

Here’s a brief cell phone video of “Summer Vacation In Israel” It conveys a sense of what it is like to live under constant threat of rocket attack, with only seconds to get to shelter.

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Meanwhile in Alabama

My little brother… Much more followers than I , gives eloquent commentary on the down times in our small towns. We live here and there … So we can do that.

Regarding Samuel

No matter what we do
Or say
How hard we may try.
Between football season
This is really all we have
For front page news

Getting drunk
And realising they need more beer
So they steal a horse
Ride over to the local store
To steal some more

This is the kind of things
We pretend only happen in television

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Once You Go Down This Road part 4

It’s been a while…
That time of the year, I guess. Maybe I’ll weed out my friends till there is only two ….hehe…

A lot of things have just been pressings…and sometimes you just have to throw the cards, hey they are there anyway…in our minds or out in the open. I’m already in that sect that the politically correct powers hate anyhow. It’s fourth of July, and sitting in my window, watching the the beautiful display of the fireworks show…I could write a gorgeous poem about it…but I don’t think anyone really gets those anyway. So I’ll put my thoughts plain and wait for the consequences.
Lately I’ve noted that a conversation can’t be had without half a dozen other sub arguments coming in. For instance,if I am reading a simple blog post on about the anti aging benefits of drinking water for women…indefinitely someone is going to comment about the sexism in the article because it is directed toward women. If I’m reading another article dealing with rape, some jerk is going to comment about how pretty much any sexual encounter is actually rape. Yeah…these are the conversations these days…and they have permeated into mainstream. Has anyone noticed this? How many have actually participated in these ridiculous conversations?
When I was around 22 years old (I think) I was sitting in a geography class. I was a home school graduate, and I read a lot. Not required reading-just personal interest…I read a lot. Whatever subject I was personally interested in, I got everything I could about that subject. I still do that. Whether it was survivors of Auschwitz, or performers of Motown, I loved people’s stories. In this particular class, and I don’t remember what part of the map we were studying now ( that was over a decade ago) the region was formerly communist. The teacher was talking about the before and afters of the communist fall there. Some precocious blonde called the teacher on his “American bias” the teacher humbly apologized and promised to do better. This happened a time or two more. Side note: At this time in my life, I was much more quiet. Any time I said anything, people loved to say “yeah but you were home schooled…you have your own biases”. I even had a teacher who (upon hearing my background) said in front of the class that her issue with homeschooling was that homescoolers might not ‘acquire social skills”…I let her know very respectfully that my social skills had developed just fine. After that she kept putting red marks on my homework and I would have to call her on her errors. They were always errors on her part…she was hurrying because she couldn’t stand me. She would apologize and fix it..I dropped her class though.
Back to geography…After the second or third time of the politically correct know it all blonde spewing useless opinions… I said “no you know what you shouldn’t be apologizing for that….I have read too many memoirs of people who lived under a communist regime. They came here to get away from it, there is nothing wrong with implying that those people were not allowed to speak or express or have different colors in their front yard”. The precocious know it all answered me “well that was those peoples perspective…” Yeah…communism is a great idea…but the people hate it you know, and that gets in the way.
Now. I’m a college student online…finally finishing that up. I don’t really have to deal with super correct ideas that have no experience, or differing perspectives in their own mind. Nothing has changed though. It’s rapidly gotten worse. In the years since my community college days, it seems this is the general world view. It seems to be the only one expressed. If you say anything different then you are called a “right wing…freak whatever”. That’s not even the point. I read an article very recently, about the “hidden Havana”. Oh Amercian’s love going to the Havana, and on their tourist trips they cant see how in the world communism is not working for the Cubans. That’s because the Havana is not working for the Cubans…the Cubans don’t even work in the Havana. Great article…google it. I’ve known Cubans…
On to another rant.
“The War on Women”…

Let’s get real… I mean REAL. I’m a woman..if we are all equal and all that shit, then I have a right to say this…I AM a woman right?…unless I’m not equal to the women who just LOVE victimize themselves at any moment possible. Remember the conversations that took place in the last two to three years, about the “hook up” culture? One side was about how this was desensitizing of the young culture to actual feeling relationships. The other side was kind of a celebration…yeah women can do it just like men do. I saw it as a degrading of both sexes..actually. But hey, whatever-go get your drink and your freak on. We are all about “hanging out and hooking up” (not me but everyone that is , do what you do I’m not judging). THIS YEAR, however suddenly it is all moving backwards. Now, before I get all kinds of back lash, I know sexism happens (I’m a woman after all) and I know rape happens. However the new policy in universities, where a guy a can basically be accused and charged for rape, is almost a replication of the NDAA policy that no body likes to admit IS an actual policy that has been active in the land. All they have to be is accused…and yes, I know women who would pull the “woman against the patriarchy” card to get ahead. They are out there. I read recently this analogy comparing men to a bowl of skittles…pick the ones that are not laced with strychnine. Dumbest analogy ever. Could not men use the same analogy against women…I mean really? I’ve known some good men who gave everything to women, who could not have cared less. Seriously. And ong the war on the word “bossy”..all the famous women identifying as feminist who got on that million or billion dollar bandwagon.I’ve always been called bossy, it hasn’t scarred me as a person. Get over it. Clearly…I’m not a good feminist.Some young women have LOVED my writing until they see that I’m a pro-life woman…or they see that I follow Ron Paul. Well, I follow Ron Paul because I started listening to him instead of being afraid of what he said. And when a woman says to me “if a man could get pregnant then a abortion clinic would be on every corner and it would be free” I have started fearlessly saying “so?…would that make it right?…is that your goal..?” They have never been able to answer that. See feminism, in its inception and what it means to me, is being equal in rights and perception as a man. It’s not to put men under the ground, only for the purpose of procreation. Is that not just a reversal of what we came out of eons ago? If we pay attention and step back from our petty angers, dont we watch the cycle of things? Can we not see that these same arguments come up, and usually when an agenda needs to be passed?

Hobby Lobby. Neither side is really getting this right. On one side, people are so happy…the move by the courts for Hobby Lobby has made my people breathe easier, because it seems that religious freedom is still alive in America. No it isn’t. In Birmingham Alabama of all places, churches and non profits can no longer feed the homeless. For whatever reason, essentially the government wants to run everything, including the people they probably have had a hand in keeping poor. Whatever, if I want to give a guy on the street who is asking for money twenty bucks, I’m going to. All kinds of religious freedom is being assaulted, but if you listen to the propaganda, you wont know that. The bigger issue is, the affordable care act was not constitutional to begin with. I am fortunate and grateful to work for a private company. They had a good insurance program, and they cut cost in other areas so that they would not have to raise insurance costs for their employees. This is when I bought into it. I mean…I am a woman and single living in the city. If I’m working for a company who is not going to give into the system, who is not going to hike our prices…I need to be covered, so I did. I haven’t had insurance for …well never. Now I have to, either way-I have to. I grew up poor. We were welfare /food stamp people. I know how hard it is to live in that system. You cant aspire for too much or you might lose security. In our society if you make below a certain amount, you can get all kinds of help, but in getting the help you cant aspire for much. In the past ten years, if I had wanted I could have went to Planned Parenthood at any time and got birth control…I would just rather be drug over hot coals then walk into a Planned Parenthood…although I did not go so far as to boycott The Girl Scouts. I’m not that radical. For the record, the plan B pill is available over the counter at CVS. My point is…the other side of the argument on Hobby Lobby is that the “patriarchal” system has won yet another ‘war against women”. This has went rampant all over my Facebook newsfeed, and it just makes me tired. Really? Hobby Lobby is a corporation…yes it is. However, it is not like Wal Mart or Disney…they don’t rule the world ok. Also before you start spreading a bunch of hate about them, do some research and think about it. They have one of the highest minimum wage rates for their employees. They have always provided birth control in the insurance they have provided, they had an issue with what was questionably abortion products. That is all. With what they pay, if a employee wanted to buy the plan b, or get an alternative insurance plan they could. The bigger issue is,that birth control itself maybe should not be provided through government controls. Maybe government should not have had so much fingers in health insurance to begin with. Maybe it should be more a free market. Which it has never really been, and now will never be again. Hobby Lobby was able to find a loop hole to not alter their employees health insurance, other businesses do not have that option. It’s still a war against the state-so don’t make it something it isn’t. Everything is not about us women.
And about “hooking up” and “reclaiming slut and other horrid words for women”. I really have no thoughtful intelligent words for that. I wont try. If you want to get it on,then by all means get it on. Whatever. But define your house, ok? If your house is a safe place…you know have some drinks on the porch but are particular about who you let in the actual house. Good for you, make sure he doesnt insult your drapes and carpet. If your house is a made for house parties…don’t call theft and defacing…like I said…I’m letting the chips fall. I’m not saying don’t call rape rape, rape is what rape take care of yourself. Just be responsible. Be cautious. There is no “reclaiming slut” just like there is no “reclaiming jerk and asshole” for men. Lets be real and responsible…(I’m about to get so much hate mail).
There is real stuff happening. Real stuff. I’m still pissed about Ayaan Hirsi Ali being denied her pre planned time to speak, and how none of the white corporate feminist had zero to say about it. They love hating on whatever they hate on, but ohhh nooo they weren’t gonna touch that. Look over there..over there…so you wont see what is happening here. HERE! Just make everyone feel they are trespassed against. They are not being given something. And the fireworks show shows…cause everyone like a good show..and this year…like the last couple of years, I wonder if it will be the last show.
And that is the first mind rant…for what ever gets written next. I just had to get that out there.

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