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This is What it Looks Like

I came upon an interview with a former KGB agent that took place in the 1980’s. I like listening to intelligent people who are very matter of fact. There were no sensational or hard to believe propagation here. In it’s time it may have been hard to believe and even now while Rome ever so ragingly burns and the sabers wait on the sidelines..the vast majority probably watch this interview and have nothing to comment about except the hairstyle of the interviewer. I watched it and could recall recent events that absolutely coincide with the five events that must happen to destabilize and take over a nation. The most devastating is, is that we were warned over and over…when defectors tell us what is happening to us and they are accused of wanting attention, when people who have lived through regimes tell us and we ignore them, then it really is just as this man states..”you can take him to see the concentration camps and he still will not believe it”. That is how the soviet Marxist model works and this is what it looks like. Ideological subversion is the open process changing the perception of the citizens of a country. “To change the perception of reality of every of American to such a degree that no one can come to any sensible conclusions for the protection of themselves or their country.” This takes place as a slow process through Academia, media and entertainment but it is also a protocol in four stages. First is demoralization which takes about fifteen to twenty years…an entire generation is indoctrinated, according to the video this has already happened (in the eighties) the accessibility of true information and facts no longer matter. Common sense no longer mattered. That is the tragedy of demoralization. The next stage is destabilization. Two to five years of compromising the essentials.

Economy (to eliminate the principle of free market and to promise people all kinds of goods and utopia).
Foreign Relations (violent regime changes).

Defense Systems (Marxist ideology sinking into all of our systems).

Crisis and after crisis followed by “normalization” (He cites Central America and Czechoslovakia).

This brave person said he did not care if he scared people or not if they could not see it themselves then they never would.

Excerpt here

The full video here

I have written before about my short stint in a small town community college, and even in a small town community college the ideology was very clear. To be for America is backward and bias, and to be more open and less bias towards communist as a “good idea that failed” because of problems like selfish people that didn’t like being tortured (they never mentioned the torture they barely mentioned the poverty. The concept of the right to arms was hardly tolerated by my English teacher who for a reason I do not remember got on the subject of guns, and to her horror and fear found out that no one in the room agreed with her, and that many owned a gun. Another remedial English teacher (that I only had to sit through because I was a home school graduate and therefore did not have the accepted form of proof of graduation) hated the fact that I was home schooled and did not hide it. This in my opinion is another Marxist ideological viewpoint, that only collective public schooling can condition a child for public socialization and the workforce. In one semester, I realized I was not normal. Later in life I attended a Bible College. Here I was among a very diverse and beautiful group of friends, but even some of them were very open to socialist ideas. If they were not then they would have recognized it in Obama’s speeches. I recently graduated from a Christian University and in a discussion about social events, I got a very diverse reaction when my “statement” was that “we can choose who we have sex with but we cannot change or choose what gender we are born”. I was making that statement because of this trend of adult people telling their children that because they like playing with the opposite sex toys are pretending to be the opposite sex that they are “born in the wrong body”. I think that is cruel and confusing. Even Camille Paglia (feminist, atheist lesbian intellectual who is vilified by Gloria Steinem and all the young new wave feminist) states that there is no biological evidence that people are born gay, and even though she is “gender neutral” she would have made a big mistake to physically alter herself. This would not change that biologically she is a woman. My statement in a Christian University’s discussion forum got me some heat, one because the subject was heavy and controversial and so it made some people uncomfortable -why would I do that? The others disagreed and a few agreed and was glad I stated my thoughts in a respectful way. Those who think those “Christian right wing nut jobs” rule the country…ha. That is funny. Watch the above videos.This train of thought is the most accepted among very young people in America today. If you are from a conservative family, you are racist. If you are a Christian you are close minded and probably a bigot. You are not educated, and if you are white well by default you are wrong. Go search any of the political terms and you will find young people carrying it. They have been conditioned to respond to stimuli that they react to-and they have been conditioned by a Marxist infiltrated academia. young people carrying it. Socialism was a good idea. Communism was a good idea. Violence in the middle east, ISIS, Boko Haram …all are misguided attempts of a culture who just cant take the oppressive imperialism of America, and if you say any different you are a racist. We are all racist. We are the most horrible country on the planet, and we must pay. The demoralization has been active for years and years and it is at its height…or getting there. The destabilization has been ongoing for a while now, and anyone who has called attention to it has been silenced. Anyone who dissents has been called a nut. Anyone who just speaks plain fact is ignored or silenced by accusations of being “hate”. Yes and we don’t like being called hateful or being accused of it so we shut up and blindly wait on this all to just disappear-at one end of the American extreme is self loathing, the other is blind pride in an America that doesn’t exist anymore and is not coming back especially if we do not talk because we are afraid.

Economy-destabilized. The military -destabilized. Foreign relations…we have made great buddies with totalitarian countries while helping to demonize our allies.

The former KGB agent talks about the constant deception that was his reality, and about the stupidity of the west. How intellectuals were duped into believing that they were so smart that they had been chosen by the soviets to be in their inner circle. Really they were fed propaganda to teach to the next generation, and the next. He talked about the egos of the western politicians who thought they were cool enough to be liked by the soviets, when all of it was a circus to feed the media so the media would sell the same propaganda.Oh and the mass media, how their entire stories on Russia were lies…”we would take them to child prisons that were for the children of political prisoners, and tell them it was a school and if they asked stupid questions we gave them stupid answers…no one asked real questions”. He showed a picture of that school that was accidentally run and a posed picture of a fake school that was supposed to be run. This was in the early sixties, and we can look…nothing is hidden is it…and see that the media is very complicit in all it does now. They may not even know this, they were raised and their parents were raised under a slow drip of propaganda.

What stood out to me was the former agent defected because he saw the final plans and the hit list for the first people to exterminated. The first people to go would be the compliant left leaning communist sympathizers who were accepting this same ideology. Why? Because that ideology is a lie. “when it happens and they find out that this wonderful Utopian society…what that really means, they will revolt…they will be very frustrated and unhappy. In that future America, well Marxist have no tolerance or mercy for dissent. While now Jane Fonda and all these celebrities can get filthy rich for dissenting views about the Pentagon. Or prisoners can write books and make a living while they are in prison-none of this would be tolerated in a Marxist society. You would snuffed out like a bug. You don’t matter. You were a useful idiot to help further their agenda and now they have no use for you”.

Interesting. Like the man says, it is not hard to see it is not even hidden. However we are at the point in the demoralization process or destabilization process (which he says was almost finished at that time…that he never had seen a place where it accelerated so rapidly) where we could show these young self loathing, traditional hating idealistic people the concentration camps in Cuba, and the ones waiting for us in this country and they wouldn’t believe it. Just like young white pretty American females get on youtube and talk about the racist white patriarchy problem that is oppressing American women, yet no one is keeping them from saying it. They go to university and attend gender studies courses and then say they are oppressed, yet show no proof. They boycott Christina Hoff Somers for being insensitive and a “rape culture denier”. They boycott Ayaan Hirsi Ali for not being Muslim (basically) they boycott Condi Rice for her former governmental role. They basically boycott any woman that does not perpetuate that we are victims and are oppressed. But if we show them videos of women in Iran being beaten and whipped, or ISIS stoning women, or gay people being thrown off buildings, or videos of Imams calling for the annihilation of the west  or testimonies of North Korean concentration camps and the consistent execution of dissenters and secret Christians..well we are racist imperialist and what we have done in our history is no different. That is the altered perception and they will keep proclaiming it until their utopia comes and they are lined up against the wall, or worse sent to a labor camp where their dissent and opinions and cardboard signs do not matter, they don’t matter and they are really oppressed.

This thirty year old interview stated some of the same analytic I read a while back called Mindslaughtered…the quotes, links and research in this article were of such caliber I don’t think many people today would have the time or patience to take it in. They should. What irritates me more than any saber waving foreign army that would seek for our demise, is the complacent, apathetic and brain dead society that welcomes it. And they do welcome it. While our media seeks out small business owners of christian persuasion to make an example and stir up a nation wide hate storm on social media, other religious persuasions were not sought out, ones who have much more staunch views. While celebrities change their sexual physical bodies to match their mental ideas about their own gender, the rest of society must applaud and they must not ask if any of it makes sense. Even if you are gay or “gender neutral” you cannot question if that makes sense or suggest that it is not scientifically sound (see everything Camille Paglia writes). Feminism wages wars on the word bossy and denies gender roles while expecting men to change to the standard of a modern woman, while they also play victim, dress exactly the way they want to, get the job they want to, lead the sex life they want to, inflate numbers and pass half done studies in order to pass legislation that benefits …and then try to say that they are oppressed and it is capitalism and the male gender’s fault. All the while indoctrinating very tiny little girls to do the same. Well state capitalism or “corporate socialism” is funding all that mess and also benefiting from it. And race…while white corporate Americans keep doing stupid things to constantly bring up the race talk and constantly remind us that we are the most racist people in the world, and the mass media doesn’t talk to or about black cops, or criminal incidents in objective manners they only perpetuate and alter words and therefore perceptions to help incite chaos or “crisis”(consistent destabilization). These Americans don’t fit the agenda and have no place in the argument, if they did it would be objective which might bring in some moralization or stability…or it might spread ideas and then the Marxist would have to start over. It might show that explanations cannot be blank collective and totalitarian statements or absolute truths.

The left makes fun of evangelicals for believing in an absolute truth but they propagate absolute truths in their ideas and their perceptions, and just like a religion, every movement springing from them demands agreement and denies dissent and vilifies anyone who disagrees. And just like our KGB friend above says “there is no such thing as a grass roots movement-it is always organized and funded by a small group that is very high up”. If you follow the trail whenever you see a “grassroots” “protest” or “twitter storm” it is lining promoting something, getting some law passed and getting someone rich. Just like the man said “multinational millionaires” and American foreign aid was the only reason the Marxist agenda continued to thrive and be spread. So. That is what Marxist is and this is what it looks like.

If you took the time to read this post thank you. Go back and click on the link mind slaughtered.

The political system is not going to help you. Get used to this. The religious system is not going to help you get used to this. The economic system is not going to help you get used to this. John Trudell -2014


Insane Bandwagons

If last year racism was the bandwagon of distraction and the tool of further implementation of America’s self loathing, this year it is gender politics. Oh no that was probably already there. They’ve been working on it for half a century haven’t they? All I can see is complete and utter madness. Remember when Elton John wouldn’t boycott Arizona? That was five years ago and the world is considerably meaner and less tolerant, and I mean that in the purest sense of the word and not the diluted and one sided version of propaganda When a full blown social media and internet attack is waged against a small town pizza parlor over some lazy and irresponsible and fishing journalism, this shows a. lack of critical thinking b. lack of serious objectivity c. lack of any compassion and some serious judgmental issues. When twitter attacks go up because of outrage over a voluntary donation drives to keep said small business up and running, this shows how truly hateful twitter knights really are. The outrage and media propping of outrage over Indiana and Arkansas recently has little to do with civil rights. We live in a country where people can alter their physical appearance and identify as their opposite sex, this is not the same as identifying as a homosexual but instead it is identifying as the opposite sex. We live in a country that does this and rarely does anybody debate about these things anymore. Mainly because if you do, you are called a bigot, a hate monger, a nut job….if I ask questions pertaining to the obvious then I am (to the internet world and to political agendas) a bigot and a hater. So if we are talking about rights and social pressures, then let us acknowledge that big name celebrities are boycotting an entire state … I love the work of Sherman Alexie, but I’m glad I am not a resident or student residing in Indiana-since he is canceling his speaking engagements at Notre Dame and elsewhere in the state…thus making students and possible fans suffer because he thinks the state has turned into a Nazi’s dream. Does anybody see the irony here? When did the word “hate” lose its meaning? This is like radical feminism trying to demean what defines rape, which does nothing to help real rape victims and perpetuates a stereotype and demonizing of men and so does this kind of media coverage and lack of intelligent thought. Here is a brave video blogger doing something that no one else dared.

You know why this is not open for discussion…because if we bring this up then the circle goes back around to say “you hateful, racist, fear mongering bigot”. The issue for me is not about Islam as I have known several muslims, the issue is not about gays and lesbians, as I have five gay friends. The issue is that in America, we are allowed to be, look like and do pretty much what we want to do. Will there be individual haters? Yes. Will there be starers? Yes? Is that “hate” no. We can have laws to protect us from unlawful discrimination, but we should have laws that make it illegal for someone to think different. This would only make the world more homogeneous than it already is. Steven Crowder, in the above video calls this “Cultural Marxism” and it is interesting to me that of all the “cultural” references that have been shoved down our throats for the past decade, this one is the most true. The truth is that women are being stoned, lashed, raped and beheaded all over the middle east (except for Israel). Homosexuals are routinely pushed off the top of buildings, in the middle east (except for Israel). People are beheaded for possessing hash, stating dissenting viewpoints, being a woman, and lovers who are not married are stoned. And in every middle eastern country (except Israel) Christians are beheaded, imprisoned or sentenced to one hundred lashes for converting to Christianity to begin with. We in the west kind of shrug like “man those holy wars and middle east -one day they’ll all kill each other off and the world will be better”. Yeah, because those men who were singing while ISIS cut off their heads were really fighting in all their hateful anger weren’t they? This is not fear mongering this is recorded and bragged about. This is just facts. In the United States, on the quiet, laws are being passed and regulatory measures being enforced so that no one can state these facts or question them. This is not fear mongering this just is. So while gay activist are threatening to burn down Memories Pizza because it’s little owner was fed leading questions until she answered finally that they probably would not “cater a gay wedding” (my guess is that she probably would cater no wedding because it is a PIZZA joint) I think they should consider that in this war for the most part only one side is doing the fighting. Kind of like those attacks I previously mentioned. Left progressiveness has become just as dogmatic as any religion.So is it a war? Is it a war when a business does not want to participate in an event that conflicts with the way they live or view the world. Would you want to do business with someone who feels like this to begin with? Is it hate?

I get my hair cut and dyed by a man who is openly and unashamedly gay. I hug him and tip him, and send him business every time I can. If he decided that he did not want to cut my hair because my world view conflicts with his, I think that would be discriminatory (and if that was the case I wouldn’t complain I just wouldn’t get my hair done there). If I asked him to church and he declined then that would not be hateful. If he asked me to bar tend at a gay bar for a drag event, and I said that I felt uncomfortable with that then this would  not be hateful. What would be hateful is if I didn’t do business with him because he is gay. What would be hateful is if I didn’t eat food made by a gay baker because gay hands had touched it. What would be hateful is if I refused to be shuttled by a lesbian because I have some kind of complex and fear close proximity from a woman. What would be hateful is if I threatened (on social media, television or otherwise) that I wished gay owned businesses to burn. Have their been hateful sects. Of course, Westboro Baptist was a cult, and that is another fact. Still, we are in America and there are many many different denominations and foundations and cults. So putting a blanket context over the word “Christian” or “religion” in order to stigmatize, while blatantly ignoring true hate, serves a purpose and agenda that has little to do with what is actually being propagated. While all eyes are on Indiana, and celebrities jump on the ship, and big rich white corporations pass regulations on “specifically” Christian employs and boycotts Indiana I see the bonds of cultural Marxism and it’s beloved twin Islam and I wonder what country we live in. We hate ourselves, we really do. We either fall to the sin of pride and entitlement (no matter which side we are on) or we self loathe and victim identify to the point we only see what must be being done to us, even if we have to make shit up. And oh God, since so much has been done in the name of ignorance we see ourselves as the worst and the scourge of the earth. I will tell you this, Jesus never said to kill for him…so anyone that does is not of Him. That is one judgement that can be made. Muhammed was a warlord and did kill and have killed for him. So if you threaten to burn down small businesses, and boycott entire states, and use corporate statuses as ways of silencing people and expunge only certain religious people from our military, then what god are you doing it in the name of now? Sounds like prideful narcissism that comes from self loathing. Is this how we define ourselves? Are we in such an identity crisis that we do not state facts but instead we rebel against any notion that represents the past and it’s traditions…but we also reject any intellect of the past and it’s discussions or analysis. I really enjoy listening to  Camille Paglia, an atheist, feminist lesbian who has more academic sense then anyone on the feminist scene today and probably from her time. It is known that Gloria Stienem and her wing of feminism hates Paglia and discredits her, but Paglia had something more to say about the radical and mindless activism of today: From

Camille Paglia is a gay feminist and Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at the University of the Arts, where she has taught since 1984. In this recent interview, Dennis Prager asked about what Paglia calls “fascism and the gay left“: “Where have you – a gay woman – received more hatred from; the “religious right” or the “gay left”? Paglia: (Laughter) And I’m an atheist! Yeah, I’ve received (hate) entirely from the left.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that the feminist establishment and the gay activist establishment tried to destroy me. When I arrived on the scene with a 700 page book published by Yale University Press in 1990, and without reading it, all they heard were certain remarks I made about this and that that deviated from the agenda.  The orchestrated campaign was not to be believed …  I fought back against it and, for the first time they had an opponent who could return fire.  My credentials are out there as a feminist as an open gay long before theirs.  So I have outlasted them all.  They’ve all faded, they’ve all fallen apart.  We have some very third-rate people running the feminist organizations and gay activist ones and so on…”

Unfortunately, hundreds of gay activist groups are still funded by the pharmaceutical industry, which uses gay activists to market HIV and AIDS and attack those who question their relationship as bigots and homophobes. As a tenured atheist lesbian professor, Paglia has enough leftist credentials and income to protect her from attack.  But for the 99 percent of Americans who are not homosexual atheists, these groups continue to do great harm to them – and the United States.

Be careful who you attack you might burn some allies.
Can we have some realistic and sensible discussions now? At least while the republic still stands?

The Name , The Feasts of Israel and the Heaviness of Easter

I was busy and depressed over Easter weekend. Easter, unlike Christmas, usually does depress me. Even as a child it depressed me for no certain reason. I had an innate understanding of the season that seems lost, even in Christian communities. Yes we all know the significance, yet our routines for the day do not really match it. We hurriedly rush through the narrative and wear our Sears or JC Penny best and take our kids to easter egg hunts, in what has become the second or third most consumer driven Holiday in America.Then there is the social network arguments on what or what is not “pagan” references. What changed for me and made Easter so much more than any egg hunt, pastel dress, or pseudo spiritual arguments, was when I attended a Bible College and in a class studying the history and prophecy of the Old Testament, read a book titled Jesus in the Feasts of Israel by Richard Booker. This book is so highlighted from that class, that I probably cited eighty percent of it it in the paper I had to write at the time. The tribes of Israel had been mandated seven feasts which they observed for 1,500 years before Christ was born. It was amazing to me that each and every one of these were fulfilled by Christ. Everything in the Old Testament was a foreshadowing of Christ. This is so intertwined and so detailed that no one could have just made this up over a 1,500 year period and no chance happening could have ordered these events.
I’ll refrain from writing an essay but here are a few excerpts, as I have long since misplaced my term paper of 2003.

Jesus entered Jerusalem to be set aside as the human Lamb of God on the exact date that God told the Jews to set aside their lambs back in Egypt. Jesus was fulfilling in himself the ultimate reality reality of the Feast of Passover. The purpose for setting aside the lamb, as we have mentioned, was to observe him to make sure he was without spot or blemish. So the Jews observed and tested the lamb for five days to make sure it was faultless. Likewise, Jesus was observed and tested for five days by the religious leaders. They questioned His authority (Matt 21:23-27). They asked Him trick questions hoping He would give a wrong answer which they could use against Him (Matt 23). But Jesus always responded to them perfectly. They took Him to the Roman governor, who after beating and interrogating Him, Pilate said “I find no fault in Him”(John 19:4) This all happened in the five day period from the tenth to the fourteenth when the Jews were observing their lambs for sacrifice.( Booker,p.24)
At the exact hour when Jews were preparing their lambs, Jesus was nailed to the cross. Mark wrote “now it was the third hour, and they crucified Him”(Mark 15:25). The third hour, was nine o’ clock in the morning Jewish time. In fulfillment of the Feast of Passover and Isaiah’s prophecy, Jesus bore our griefs and carried our sorrows. He was oppressed and afflicted. Yet he opened not His mouth, like a lamb led to slaughter. Then at three o’clock  as the people were slaughtering their lambs, Jesus died. Mark was careful to note the time and wrote that it was the ninth hour. Even the spit that lambs were spread open was shaped like a crossbar. All other details concerning the death of the lambs happened to Jesus. For example, His bones were not broken…just as God had instructed to not break any bones in the Passover lamb. When a person is crucified, his body sags so he cannot breathe, which causes him to push himself up with his heel long enough to breathe. To hasten the person’s death, the Roman soldier would break his legs. John records that the soldiers broke the legs of the two thieves who were crucified next to Jesus. But when they came to Jesus, they saw that He was already dead and did not break His legs (John 19:31-33).

The book goes on to correlate the feast of Pentecost and the Resurrection of Christ, and how he stayed with the disciples teaching and explaining to them what this miracle was and meant. He breathed on them to receive the Holy Spirit and the power of God, and ascended to Heaven. It goes on to state how the future correlates to the feast of Trumpets. Also the book talks about how at different times, because of lack of faith or understanding humanity has lost the symbolism or importance of these feasts, and instead just institutionalized the church.

“When the church became institutionalized in A.D. 312 many of those in charge were politicians rather than religious leaders. Their decisions were more political than spiritual. The result was that Christianity was organized into a system whose leaders chose human leadership rather than spirit directed leadership filled with the power of God. God let man have his way, because God will not force Himself on us”

. However, those who understand that Christ is a fulfillment of all history and we are reconciled to God through a personal knowing of Him, those establishments soon fall. They are only temporary as all things man made are.

The very intricate details of history, prophecy and faith and how it pertains to life and understanding is very heavy. How does one write about such things when anyone can google and find information, or attacks or arguments or jokes? I cant get on any soap box or point fingers when relationship to Christ is personal. I cannot preach any sermons that have not been preached and I also cannot ignore the significance of something that informs who I am. I remembered a poster I had above my bed for many years, and the word “praise” came to mind.

And He shall be called…

Advocate (1 John 2:1); Lamb of God (John 1:29); The Resurrection & the Life (John 11:25); Shepherd & Bishop of Souls (1 Peter 2:25); Judge (Acts 10:42); Lord of Lords (1 Timothy 6:15); Man of Sorrows (Isaiah 53:3); Head of the Church (Ephesians 5:23); Master (Matthew 8:19); Faithful & True Witness (Revelation 3:14); Rock (1 Corinthians 10:4); High Priest (Hebrews 6:20); The Door (John 10:9); Living Water (John 4:10); Bread of Life (John 6:35); Rose of Sharon (Song of Solomon 2:1); Alpha & Omega (Revelation 22:13); True Vine (John 15:1); Messiah (Daniel 9:25); Teacher (John 3:2); Holy One (Mark 1:24)

Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5); The Beloved (Ephesians 1:6); Branch (Isaiah 11:1); Carpenter (Mark 6:3); Good Shepherd (John 10:11); Light of the World (John 8:12); Image of the Invisible God (Colossians 1:15); The Word (John 1:1); Chief Cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20); Savior (John 4:42); Servant (Matthew 12:18); Author & Finisher of Our Faith (Hebrews 12:2); The Almighty (Revelation 1:8); Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6); Shiloh (Genesis 49:10); Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5); I Am (John 8:58; King of Kings (1 Timothy 6:15);

Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6); Bridegroom (Matthew 9:15); Only Begotten Son (John 3:16); Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6); Immanuel (Matthew 1:23); Son of Man (Matthew 20:28); Dayspring (Luke 1:78); The Amen (Revelation 3:14); King of the Jews (Mark 15:26); Prophet (Matthew 21:11); Redeemer (Job 19:25); Anchor (Hebrews 6:19); Bright Morning Star (Revelation 22:16) The Way, the Truth, & the Life (John 14:6)

Jesus Christ

I remember once I had one of those dreams where in the dream you wake up from a dream. I dreamed I was asleep and was getting very cold and could hear something like birds chirping above me, but it wasn’t birds. I could feel a cold breeze from flapping of wings. It was like a demonic activity above me and I was afraid to open my eyes. In the dream I couldn’t speak and I was pushing against this wind and I reached for the poster above my bed, with all the names of Jesus on it, and pulled it over me like a blanket and the activity above me stopped instantly. Then in the next scene of the dream I wake up and it’s morning, and the poster has claw like tears on it. Then I actually woke up. I am not one that says every dream has a meaning, but many pivotal dreams I have had involved prayer, calling on the name of Jesus and knowing that no matter where I am and what is going on, God is all powerful and holds every answer and cares about me, to pull me out of whatever circumstance. That is the power of the name, that all other powers, evils or institutions have no say in. People from many walks of life have had that experience and that is why His story still stands. The truth sets free indeed.That is my story, and so when I think of Easter and why we acknowledge it as followers of Christ, I can only acknowledge what I know. That is a form of praise.

Jesus in The Feast of Israel 

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