A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post titled “No Regard for Human Life”. It wasn’t about police brutality be it real brutality, provoked brutality or imagined or set up brutality. It wasn’t about ISIS and their mass beheading, stoning or other heinous acts. None of those things were major headlines at the time. It was my expressed frustration over America’s public who would rise up for cats, dogs and other animal cruelties, yet the same people generally stayed silent over every day news stories about injustices and abuses to children. At the time there was a kidnapped autistic child being held hostage with an insane maniac underground. Some had told me the silent reaction to the story was because “we can’t do anything about it”.
Much has changed in the past couple of years. Now the attitude of “We cant do anything about it” has shifted to almost anything and everything being a trigger warning, a reason for protest, and if we are offended or an injustice has been done we feel the right to cause harm to others. What has not changed though is the core of my old post. A general disregard for human life. While we make hashtags and protest every time we feel injustice has been done, whether or not we know an injustice has been done, we still will ignore many other facets of society and ignore the homeless person on the street. Maybe on a psychological level we have to find one sector to champion so that we can deal with some guilt. As long as there are media fed protest and cities burning, white people will continue to put themselves on a cross that reads “privilege”. It’s fashionable these days. That might be another write up though, asking the psychological questions about our current culture…I read an interview yesterday with Camille Paglia and she said described today’s culture as “boring” because “no one is asking psychological questions”. Truly, the new political correctness, with its protection against trigger warnings and it’s blaming everything from eating meat to to getting a bus pass when you have forgotten your wallet on white privilege, is a different form of the old world puritanical system-without the God of course. This makes sense on psychological level, if you don’t regard human life on a high level, then you also don’t regard humanity and it’s virtues highly and you also won’t think that anyone is capable of giving without being guilted into it… or that the person receiving must have a “privilege”. You also may march for certain rights but ignore the basic biology of what is a human, and in your blind righteousness ignore life in front of you. 
When I heard about the Dentist and the lion, I heard it at work. I then read a petition email from an activist organization. The details given implied there was money given and the slaughter of the protected animal was premeditated. I was upset about it. Really. If this was premeditated, the hunter is evil and I have no sympathy for him. If it was accidental that he killed a loved and protected lion, then he is a moron. Either way he should be prosecuted. Fined. Maybe jailed. Should people be on twitter wishing and plotting his death? Is that even logical? What does that solve? It doesn’t matter, this is the new normal. Every time something happens-death upon that person is proclaimed. I think there is even a hashtag that says #killallmen. Bloggers both conservative and liberal get death threats or wishes through emails. It would be harmless but it also is a new normal to shut down peoples businesses and because social media reaches so far, global movements can harass a single person for a short time (because our attention span is short here in America). If anyone ever paid attention they would notice that usually, while circuses are circling about an issue, an outrage, or anything that captures our need to be needed or entertained, there are other more important outrages happening. Things that could use all that passion we are using up. Most of the time we don’t want to know though, because it requires much more thought, consideration and maybe even changing how we look at things. Was I upset about the lion-hell yes I was upset. I was enraged. A few weeks ago, I was upset and almost cried over a man I didn’t even know who I heard was killed and hidden in cement by his family for lottery money he won. When I expressed how disturbing that story was, someone said “why?…you weren’t the one killed and put in cement” and so goes how many see themselves and others “it ain’t you so dont worry about it”. “It ain’t your people” “It’s not YOUR body” etc. etc. etc.
Let’s get real for a few minutes and look at some hard things. Planned Parenthood is under some serious investigation, for what many people have been trying to tell others for years. When I was little, there was the constant debate about the “glob of cells” and how abortion was not killing an actual baby. Then there was the debate about “when life began”. Now nobody really talks about those things. Since I became an adult I hear women my age and significantly younger defend abortion rights vehemently and angrily. They repeat everything that has been imprinted on  them by their feminist teachers who were imprinted on by Gloria Steinhem. The only way I have learned to have these conversations is to not have them. Ask a question, ask one that makes the rhetoric stop and uncomfortable reality set in. Once, on Tumblr, there was some reblogged images of embryos and partially formed human babies on plates and a man seemed to be eating them. In social media fashion, the young users reblogged over and over virtually screaming for the mans demise, for him to be turned in, the disgusting atrocity of it all! A simple google search and link back from the pictures revealed this was an Asian artist and these were not actual unborn human infants. I made a post about the reality and that this artist was actually a genius-he made people react to the vision of a partially formed baby -outside the womb- being desecrated. It’s only a desecration or an abuse, or bloodthirsty or callous, if we can SEE it. See what they did there.
The videos being uncovered about Planned Parenthood answer every question we ever really had about the caring nature of this organization should make us inquire as to why it funding from multi million dollar corporations, we could even go as far as to question  why a cure for breast cancer is not acknowledged and the Susan G Komen foundation has a full monopoly on the month of October ( Pink October is in bed with PP if you didn’t know). While we are at it, let us repeat over and over the history of PP and how Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist whose religion was eugenics. This is what PP was birthed in, so while we are all debating about the confederate flag (or watching others debate about it) we ignore that the whole premise of PP was to eradicate the black race, and the Jewish race, and poor soldiers and probably anyone else that did not fit the quota of perfection that Margaret Sanger envisioned. I guess we can ignore that not so hidden history because Sanger was a woman. Women can do anything as long as they aren’t conservative or don’t sleep with Republicans (according to Jessica Valenti). I mean really, women can get men fired from their jobs by accusation. We can get free birth control most of the time. Being a women in America IS a privilege, the white feminist just aren’t in the least bit grateful for it-they are too busy demonizing Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Somers, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Look at the diversity of those three women and see the blind hypocrisy of third wave feminism.
We get on major movements for as long as the talking heads are spinning it, but this is one they do not want to spin, they don’t want to talk about it except to talk about if it is reflective of the entire organization. My questions are still the same because it is not really about PP to me, it is about the desensitization to images of death, it is about the desensitization of women to their own biological instincts. It is about a society that would rather debate about who is privileged, who is entitled yet agree that the right of abortion is fundamental and will still campaign their little hearts out for the candidate that promises their right and their daughters right…all while they continue the desensitization. It is about our short termed shock about these things, as if it were just a new episode on Game of Thrones and next week we will be over it and waiting on the next shock. It’s peoples willingness to get angry about grey areas that aren’t obvious, yet their generic and biased answers to very clear and bold stories. An autistic child is locked in a room by himself for “Acting out” , shrug and argue about “these problem children”. We’ve all heard these apathetic answers to atrocities. A child is shot in the stomach because he was playing with a toy gun? Ban toy guns and have that conversation about gun control again. A little Native American girl got tazed by police? Well…you know how rough those people are out there… ISIS drowned men in a cage, threw homosexuals from a roof and stoned women adn beheaded thier husbands….well you know those videos probably aren’t real and look at Westboro Baptist…. Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts? Baby body parts? Well…what else are they going to do with them… Forget all of what this actually means-we don’t want to know that. It means in all our “freedom of choice” we were actually getting took and used and abused. It means in all our marches for black lives matter, we were part of keeping black lives at a spiritual and economic devastation and our support for the abortion industry and our ideological shifting of the definition of life was part of that plan, devastating all of our senses. It means we ignore any woman that doesn’t espouse the “right to choose” and then we cover up the stories of emotional devastation after these “procedures”. It means we have to face the fact that the real possibility that if this heinous of a thing has been going on, then it is most likely that every other thing that has been “suspected” is also true. Such as sterilization. Yeah they used to do it in secret now they make women think its a good idea.

Man that lion though, he was innocent in a protected environment-where he thought he was safe. Someone came in, cut off his head and skinned him. Maybe it is an imprinting from our youth. Animal cartoons. Movies. The Lion King. The environmental and endangered species messages we got growing up. While babies usually were the aggravating noise -cute but in the way, hard to love. Love for a child takes sacrifice-we saw it all the time. A child melts a heart. Some angel for a hardened soul. Special but for someone else. Animals though…everyone loves animals. Animals are innocent and helpless and love unconditionally. That is the hidden message. Children no one has time for, cause problems, take more time and I’ve even heard it said “it would be selfish to bring one into this world”. So maybe that is what it all is about-we think we are all better off dead, but we won’t kill ourselves-just our future. Yeah I was upset over the lion…I was shocked and silent and fuming for probably half and hour. I was upset because I am a human being and it is natural to be upset, but I was already upset over the many shared posts about the Planned Parenthood scandal that no one wants to talk about and when they do they don’t talk about it as a reality but a conspiracy. I was already upset about the indifferent view about this now “non issue” that people pretend to not have an opinion on because they are ” not into politics”.  I was blindsided with glaring reality that every issue right now that has been drummed into our sights is ever present in Planned Parenthood and yet it is dressed up and sold as “reproductive FREEDOM” but if we go outside the womb none of these mentalities are acceptable. Out of sight , out of mind. It’s not out of sight anymore.


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