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The wonder of Herman Cain

I have been asked a number of times in the past month how I felt about Herman Cain and when I was going to write about him. I couldn’t write about him because the last time I wrote the only candidate that the GOP was actively promoting was Rick Perry….please see my last post for my feelings on that. I honestly had never heard of the guy and didn’t look for much out of him. I am still new to his biography so I am not going to have a strong opinion here. I already have a strong opinion about who I will promote and vote for in the primaries.  If Ron Paul does not make it past the primaries (it wouldn’t be the first time but I have high hopes go round) then Cain might win me over.

I have heard many Republican groups say that a conservative can’t be found that does not like Herman Cain,he is just a likable conservative guy. It was unknown to me that he had never held a political office,he is running on his extensive business background and self-made millionaire instincts….interestingly enough early in the year another businessman/millionaire was considering running. I would vote for a businessman,I think good business instincts need to implemented in our current crisis-clearly it has not been for quite sometime.  His public relation circle probably will be that  he truly is a representative of “The American Dream”,which has been mocked for some time now. Most impressive to me is that he worked his way through college as a mathematician…..a mathematician. Obviously the man knows what he is talking about,otherwise he could not have boldly challenged Clinton’s’ healthcare plan,saying  “Mr. President, with all due respect, your calculation on what the impact would do, quite honestly, is incorrect.”

I proceed with caution though,because, we do tend to jump on a bandwagon and the effects snowball all the way to voting booth,without us ever really paying attention. His remarks about the protesters on wall street may be misinterpreted by some people

I will update more on my research, I have other things pending on my time at the moment.


Rick Perry,Ron Paul,Ronald Reagan and God.

I said I wouldn’t do it,but you know how they say you can’t run from yourself,well part of “myself” is giving my voice on concerns I have and I always find myself concerned for my country and the blindness of my fellow citizens.( I said “fellow citizens” not a political slur.) It is that time of year again in our great land of the free and so we are going to hear the power phrases that hook us in our jaw,reel us in and drag us to the booths where we pull the levers or fill in the circle and feel proud because we did our civic duty. I have a very inconsistent work schedule and so I have not seen all of the Presidential debates and thank God I haven’t seen any of the early political adds. I made a powerful discovery about my own ignorance when I read Ron Pauls’ “Liberty Defined”,I was in such awe of this mans depth of knowledge and his honest view of the world through the lenses of our country’s’ true history and our Constitution,that I almost wrote him a letter to apologize for the scathing essay I wrote about him for Communications class in college.

Ron Paul is not what he has been portrayed as and neither is Rick Perry. Most have called Ron Paul crazy,completely insane,an old cook and a third-party idiot that comes in and messes up the election every year. In reality, Ron Paul is a Republican and has always been a Republican. He is actually everything the evangelical,conservative right has claimed to want since its birth. He has been married to the same woman since their wedding day,he has no drug or alcohol history so he is a Christian by religious definition,he is one of the very few if not the only representatives on the hill,that has consistently fought for smaller government. He served the country as a flight surgeon and you know we love our veterans….right? He is a retired Doctor and he never performed abortions. He is an economical genius who is dedicated to education. So what is the problem? It’s like Donald Trump says,perception is everything. Ron Paul does not waste his time trying to charm anyone or promise miracles he knows that no one can pull off. He works. He has proclaimed the same message his entire political career and worked tirelessly to educate people on what he is talking about. He believes that ideas being sown eventually will come to fruition. Maybe this is why some people don’t give him the time of day, because to understand Paul you have to give just that-time. That means reading one of his small books and gleaning information and being willing to see things differently,different does not mean radical or bad, it sometimes just means seeing things clearer. The proposals made in “Liberty Defined” are some of the most simple to make,but would be incredibly difficult to actually make happen,because of countering legislation and special interest groups screaming in the street. Revolutions are never exactly smoothly sailed.

Ron Paul,over the years has accrued a huge following via the internet,and it’s not back woods militias or what some people call conspiracy theorists. Its black and white people its hippies and veterans and most importantly its young people. The young vote is always  the one that politicians look to buy and exploit. Just as much as young people were praised in 2008 for backing Obama  it is being ignored for Ron Paul. After the first Presidential prospects debate this year, Fox news revealed their viewers poll and it showed Paul as the leader at 34 percent,Sean Hannity couldn’t handle this and exclaimed that the crazy Paul backers must have hit redial as many times as they could……yeah Sean.
Rick Perry. I can’t say a lot for Perry because I have not had the stamina to thoroughly investigate Perry. I just know that when he first came on the scene it was like 2008 all over again when McCain announced his vice President prospect. Everyone is excited and the hopeful is using every mans language and we hear two words that always sells a GOP candidate to us RepublicansGod and Reagan. Every candidate in the last ten years has claimed to have the Reagan principles and promised to carry on the Reagan legacy and none of them have. Ronald Reagan has become the Saint of the Republican party and we have looked for a Pope like human being to embody his spirit. Another tactic of the GOP candidates has been the spiritual openness of the their personal salvation story and their moral speeches that promise with the fiery passion of a southern preacher to overturn Roe vs. Wade, get big government out of your pocket and a whole host of other things that sound great but we have yet to see really happen. A saying comes to mind ….the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. When I saw Rick Perry’s Presidential ad on the internet the only words that  wearily came to my mind was “Oh God…its another one”. Ron Paul was a supporter of Reagan before many people were and he also can quote Reagan where some politicians will not,such as certain regrets Reagan had  Candidates seem to only love Reagan when they can use his principles to push their own agendas,just as they love God when they can get a majority vote out of pulpiteering His principles during their run for the highest office in the land.
There are stories coming out now of Perry’s history of a near violent temper and it is even said with accompanying pictures that he actually got in Ron Paul’s’ face (and definantly his personal space) during the commercial breaks of the televised debate. No doubt at some point if Perry makes it farther in this campaign (and according to some sources the powers that be have chosen him ) then we will see Perry on some interview talking about his anger days being in his past…you know…before he met God.
I think we only thought we were at a turning point in 2008. I think we are on a precipice of seeing both political worldviews. The real ones. We have seen a tip toe towards socialism and most of us have actually learned what the word means and it has come to our attention that this ideology has been in the works for years but it was veiled. So in reality while we are mesmerized and charmed by what we want to hear and believe we pull the lever and fill in the dots and say we did our duty and they give a speech that makes us feel like we really did something. The same thing. Every four years. So before we start our rhetorical blood baths and march onto battlefields for what we think is absolute let us take a real and true account of our past and our future,compare the similarities and weigh what we have left and let us be bold and do something truly powerful and different for once.


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