I don’t watch the news regularly. Everything generally comes from feeds from news stations, or google pages. Everything that is remotely disturbing, distressing or deranged gets re blogged by  everyone in my friends list and so I see the happenings repeatedly within minutes of any event. At least that was what I thought. This story, however, has not gotten remotely the same attention and heart wrenching pleading reblogs, as the local story of the abused or killed dogs that happened last year. Jimmy Lee Dykes, apparently a known psycho path in Dothan, Alabama, shot and killed a bus driver and kidnapped an autistic five year old….SIX days ago. The story is on Daily Mail and Yahoo, and I am sure the local news stations. Not a peep on Facebook though.

The people of Dothan are upset and holding vigils. The FBI and police are settling in for a long term negotiation-or stand down, because Dykes is a survivalist and has a bunker with possibly months worth of supplies, the child is reportedly communication through a pipe and watching tv. Again this is an autistic FIVE year old. Neighbors of the lunatic have had issues with Dykes and his frightening antics, threatening to shoot their dogs and firing shots at their children if they come to close for his comfort. He is a veteran, survivalist and all around sociopath who, as a neighbor described, has “no regard for human life”,
Obviously, I could go into a rant about how this will be used to further the current administrations’ war on guns, and the surveillance of people practicing survival techniques, or veterans or anyone disagreeing with the government. Obviously, because that is what they will do and nut jobs like Dykes, always give the rest of the rural population a bad name. However my rant in this blog is that the story is not bleeding  comments on social networks. The entire country is not up in tears and prayers and photos all over their virtual walls. I am not anti dog or anti cat or anti the love of dogs and cats, when I hear local stories of dogs being skinned alive, or forced to eat live fireworks, well it makes me wonder about where the kids that do those things are growing up. It makes me wonder about their psyche and how to whatever has been programmed into their mind can be deprogrammed. It makes my heart hurt for the pain the animal was in before it died. I need to say that so I wont get verbally assaulted for what I am about to say. Because what I am about to say pisses allot of people off.

I really get sick of the ASPCA commercial with Sarah Mclachlan singing in the background. I really get sick of the innocence in animal being fought for, cried about, petitioned to protect and I hate the “prayer of the unborn pet” I hate it because it is derived from “the prayer of an unborn child”. I hate that if someone posts a picture of an animal…abused, left, stranded or totally loved and playing with a little kid, that picture will go viral but when my mom posts pictures from “Rainbow Kids Adoption Agency” with sad stories about a human life, they get no reblogs except mine. I hate that if videos of children and cute dogs are posted more is said about the cute dog then the adorable kid. I hate that viral made up speeches and stories that have been debunked for years gets reblogged with no thought because people will not simply google or snopes it before they post the too good to be true, or too disastrous to be real fantasy, and yet this terrifying story has not been. As of right now-and I shared the link an hour ago, I have one comment and no reblogs. I hate that the “suspect” in the current tragedy that is still occurring in Dothan, beat a dog nearly to death with a lead pipe and left it to die-and that little bit of information get more of a rise out of some people then the tiny human that is crying in for it’s mother while being held hostage in a bunker underground. Always remember violence to animals is generally a sign of violence to innocent HUMAN life.

I pray hard for this situation because who is to say that five year old..being a five year old in distress…as well as being an Aspergers and ADHD diagnosed child wont set Dykes off? He has had this planned, and Ethan (the name of the human child) just happened to be in the seat that Dykes grabbed from. Dykes says he wont let the child go until and reporter is sent in to “tell his story”. So far no reporter has been sent in,because, you know, we don’t negotiate with terrorist I’m sure. So the stand down continues. I pray that Ethan is not sacrificed so this man can truly have a wild story that will surely then be blasted, and re posted as fodder for the ongoing view point of incrimination against us sane Americans.
My concern is that maybe America as a whole has lost allot of respect for human life, from the way we live our own lives, to the way we force our children to live theirs, to the way we pass time in our lives, or how we deal with hard times to keep what little of life we do value. To the importance we put on trivial matters, to marches and money we spend on crap that our pets if they could talk would beg us not to buy for them. To the stories that make us cry, or get our righteous indignation raging. We have ranted and raved lately about the freedoms that are being choked and taken from us. We have pulled on our old foundations to see if anything is left. Do we have the spiritual foundations to breathe any life back into the values and freedoms that we say we want so badly to hold onto? Do we even deserve them? Jimmy Lee Dykes has no regard for human life. Tonight as we argue about whether or not Beyonce is really a talented artist and how her half time show rated when compared to the last five years of worthless half time shows, I wonder how the rest of us regards human life.