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Rick Santorum and The Powers That Be

I like Rick Santorum. I saw Rick Santorum at a conference that I attended a few years ago and I found him inspiring and very impassioned for his causes and a valid  spokesperson for the rest of us who hold the same beliefs and core values.

Is he an ideal candidate for President? This is under some sincere consideration from me because as much as I like Rick Santorum I know he has a temper streak that has often been talked about,and he is about to go through some hateful opposition if he continues in his recent soar to the top of the GOP mountain. Any one who knows me knows I am not for that. I already picked my candidate with thoughtful consideration however,and through that consideration my viewpoints on most everything have changed since the time when I would have readily voted for Santorum.

Santorum has one f the strongest stances against abortion then has been seen in years and he is a Catholic,he is the obvious champion for the Christian right and no doubt has already secured the vote from all evangelical voters.  It may seem like salvation has come in a time of drought,because as liberal as President Obama is Santorum is just as conservative….morally. The only way Santorum will down size government and pull it from our lives will be if he is successful in cutting funding from Planned Parenthood and overturning all the government-funded initiatives that support ideas opposed to Catholic or Christian lifestyles. While that sounds ideal in a perfect world, the only way that would work is to replace those acts and laws with alternative ones to protect the replacing idea or value. In effect that would also require funding and the end would be the same form of government…an intrusive one.

A few days ago I was talking with a gentleman whose hot button is current American politics and apathetic viewpoints towards those policies. He says that in the current climate America is open for change and revolution, because America knows that if revolution does not happen she wont last another four years under anyone…or at the least stay whole through another four years. He says it is time to “wake up and call a spade a shovel” (true story,real words).  Before he left my bar I asked him if he was voting for Ron Paul and he said “I understand Dr. Paul,my friends don’t but I understand where he is coming from,but I wont vote for him because he is un electable”.  ..So much for that revolution he was talking about huh?
I asked who he was voting for then and he said he didn’t know he would only vote for someone who could beat Obama… among independent thinking people,crossover democrats and republicans willing to think outside the box that person is Dr. Paul. Some argue that even if he got in he could never do all that he wants to do because he promises to “end the fed” and cut essentially all funding to any special interest and government program and that congress would never vote for or back him in any of it. Well that is true for Santorum as well,and Santorum most likely would use his executive order power as much if not more than President Bush did. As I said it all sounds ideal but as our own voting history shows how much of our faith-based ideas that we vote for ever really get passed. More often that not when they do something else is done or passed at the same time that we don’t notice because we are so happy that our beliefs are being promoted from the White House.

I still agree with Ron Paul,that many of the things we want and promote should be promoted in educating this generation and thus bringing fresh ideas into the next generation. We can’t force traditions,faith and values of old into policy and expect a peaceful result nor can we sit back and allow those  ideas to be forcibly taken away from our own lives,either road is one that reeks of government puppetry. Both democrat and republican voters accuse each others party of essentially the same things, government taking over,legislating morality,funding what “they” think is a good idea for the rest of us… oh yeah and “forgetting the working man” etc,yet we keep voting for the same kinds of things.

Kelly Clarkson endorsed Ron Paul in her twitter feed last week and immediately felt the wrath from people who disagreed. The media is on the bandwagon claiming her record sales have went down because of her endorsement…I seriously doubt it. If her sales are down it is most likely because the new albums’ sales already peaked. No media wants to put Paul in a good light not even Fox. It is really too bad because although Paul is a conservative and also a Christian he promotes an idea where the government is out of everyone’s bedroom and everyone’s thought life. He cuts funding to  any   special interest be it feminist or religious. I guess that makes both special interest angry enough that they don’t realize that essentially they would both be a little more free and would have to spend less time attempting to strangle each other.

A former Bush supporter, I now have a Ron Paul bumper sticker and my FB is full of Ron Paul updates. All my evangelical friends are eerily quiet about it. I am sure my father thinks that I have “turned liberal”….while my liberal friends probably think I am a hate monger. Neither have actually read the policies,they have only heard a few key words and assume to know what the rest of the ideals are. This is apparent even more so now. If Santorum soars it will be credited to God and if Obama beats him it will be credited to a spiritual attack on middle America and our values. If Santorum wins it will be a cultural battle of words for the next four years that will make some proud and some in a really bad mood. None of it will be because of the power of the people to act any differently then they ever have.



On Reality

The scene has no music,a pseudo serene background. The girl is a cliche in her red spaghetti strap dress,one strap only being held up because the corresponding hand is consistently touching her own crying face. The sobbing sounds are getting irritating and I try to figure out if this is a new “worlds best actress hunt” since today’s reality shows have taken the place of games shows,talk shows and soap operas of the nineties.
No its not an unreal talent scout show where the producers are trying to convince the masses that even they don’t know who the winner will be…it is  “The Bachelor” which to my chagrin is returning….again. I cant stand it. I cant handle it. I have watched “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s” when there is just nothing else on but…..seriously? This girls mascara did not even have the decency to run,and I am supposed to be sad about…what am I supposed to be sad about? I’m supposed to feel bad that way too many girls show up for a casting call on a televisions show that is NOT even representative of a Cinderella story because every single one of these girls come on the show ready and willing to rip each other apart,and ready and willing to allow a complete stranger to judge their looks,their personality and all their “extra”  qualities? ( which in my pinons should not even be part of the show,you cant have a serious progressive relationship with ten girls at once ) That all the women of America tune in,not because they are hopeful for their own fairy tale but because they have actually given up on their own fairy tale and they want to sit and gripe about this stupid show,while they judge which girl is really “genuine”? I’m sorry but I just don’t feel sorry for you,you really bad crier.

I guess Reality TV still exists because everyone…I mean EVERYONE must  feel like they will one day get a shot at 5 seconds of fame. Stand here and look vulnerable crying …maybe a real movie producer will put you in a real role with a deep script….not. Sign a ton of paperwork and then when you get jilted sell your story about how you “were humiliated” …..I think I am gonna be sick if I see that again. Not because people jump at any chance for fleeting fame that bears no quality but that the masses get emotionally involved and hate so many of the “actors” on a personal level. I heard and read so much hate towards Kim Kardashian we she got a lightning divorce after a much hyped fairy tale wedding. WHY? Because it was not our Fairy Tale wedding? Because we cant afford to throw away a miilion dollars and not give a care what the world thinks about our personal life? Hey at least KK already had money and a business sense…she don’t need this show babe.

I guess things really never change,when I was a little girl I would hear dollar store cashiers and salon stylists talking about the characters in soap operas like they were real people and all the things they should do to make their lives better,their looks nicer and their relationships last. Too bad the Soap Operas actually were more interesting and they were known actors that couldn’t move on to better things on screen-not self proclaimed real people who think they deserve what ever they are getting paid to compete for.

One last note….I may have eyed a few humiliating dating sites but the day that I would get on a national television and fight claw and scream over a man I do not even know,and then cry and sob because he rejects me….well that day is not going to happen and not because I wasn’t chosen but because I the audition doesn’t even appeal. I would rather work at The Tilted Kilt and get paid by men who like pretend I’m cute and stupid then to go on “The Bachelor” and prove their theory  right.

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