Westboro Baptist apparently has too much room in their brains and too much time on their hands. As small as their little assemblies are these days, I guess they just have to constantly beat the same dog just under different circumstances. The anniversary of the  tragic storms of April 27th 2011, have came and went. I blogged about the anniversary on April 27th…I guess it just occurred to Westboro that a demonstration to “remind” Tuscaloosa of the event and their numerous unknown sins, in the past couple of days.

No permit to demonstrate has been obtained by the church and the representatives of UA and Tuscaloosa have not been notified by them either. This did not keep the word from spreading all over facebook and every other social media however. People are already up in arms and ready to hold a few “demonstrations” themselves. I thought about this. Paul, in the Bible, before he “saw the light” was a murderer. He murdered Christians and truly believed he was doing the will of God. Anyone can be deceived, willingly or truly. These people have had their tires slashed, been threatened physically, been interviewed, and have had counter protests for YEARS. They don’t lose wind. They just keep trucking with their stupid mantras and blood pressure raising antics. They inspire absolute hate to rise in true Christians. Hate breeds hate, and that is what these people are. Nothing in their message can be found in scripture, and their flock is growing thin. I hear their congregation has thinned and people are coming out of this cult. It’s leader looks like he may be on his last breath in a year or two, and the remaining people look so bitter,that I can only deduct that the hate they inspire only breathes life into them. We can “show them how tough Bama can be” but will they REALLY care? Will they run screaming away, never to return? I doubt it. If I had a son or a husband who died at war, I would imagine them all hanging from ropes if they came to picket his funeral. Nothing can possibly beat what those families have felt. Just as the families who lost students at UA, also will be hurt if this demonstration is allowed. Rubbing gravel and sand in the wounds of America is what these people do.

So what IS the answer…to not give them a permit would be a good one. But to get violent, as justified as it would seem, would not solve the problem. Since I do believe it is a hate based attention whoring establishment, I dont even think counter demonstration helps. Showing them peace and love (though the thought makes us gag) is what Jesus would do…love our enemies you know. Not giving them the attention they seek might be the best option. Let them scream their little lungs out about how God spun the storm and the victims bled “Crimson” (yeah they said it). Let them choke on themselves, get back in their crappy van and go back home deflated.

That wont happen, I’m hoping they just don’t come. I’m hoping they wont be that stupid.

UNDATED (WAAY) – The Westboro Baptist Church has plans to picket at the University of Alabama this month.

An announcement on the church’s website states that the group will picket May 18 “to remind them of the wrath of God that visited them two years ago, wherein they did not have finals, and their graduation exercises were cancelled.”

Six UA students died when an EF-4 tornado touched down in Tuscaloosa on April 27, 2011. Finals were cancelled and commencement ceremonies were pushed back three months as a result of the tornado.

Members of the Topeka, Kan.-based church rally frequently at soldier funerals and other tragedies, believing that they are God’s punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality.

The group also announced other picket lines at Graceland in Memphis, the University of Mississippi and at Atlanta’s Morehouse College, where President Obama is scheduled to deliver a commencement address May 19.