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The Theater

    I’m just an observer and this really isn’t about the the election. If you let people talk long enough they tell on themselves. If you watch anything long enough you see all the parallels between them. I would ask anyone watching or participating in any public discourse or politics in the past year to ask first what makes sense. From what I can see, nothing does. I’m not supporting Trump, but I also can say truthfully that I’ve watched speeches, and then seen those same speeches chopped up in the media. On still another hand, he doesn’t need the media to help him incite or anger people. He is quite smart on how to do it himself. The Bernie supporters love to talk about love and how he is the candidate for love. On and on it goes…but when Bernie himself makes excuses and claims “he cant be responsible for the actions of his supporters” (you know when they have their own rallies and become violent in their reactions) he gets a free pass…because tolerance. Both Sanders and Trump have their share of violent and obsessive supporters, the same can’t be said for Clinton; she doesn’t need violent support she has her own record of violence and support of violence. She also has old hat feminist like Steinem and Albright, who recently stated that “there was a special place in hell for women who didn’t support other women”. These same women never ever support conservative or independent voting women who come under attack. Yay for tolerance. When we step back and look at this chaos and take our emotions out of it we can see that it needs our full attention and participation to run. Whether it is our anger or our support. Whether it is our social media likes and shares, or our tears of redemption when we feel acknowledged. Whether it is our full belief in the demonization of one side or our full belief in the saving love of the other, it takes our full attention with its distracting noise. It as distracting and entertaining and time consuming as any football game or “dropped album by Bey”.

      In 2016 we are having a hard time with what is a man and what is a woman, what is straight man who identifies as a straight woman and what is straight woman who identifies as a gay male…or something. We want to remake society for these questions and ignore that Russia is buzzing our own bases, Syrian hospitals are being bombed and fifty people including the last pediatrician are killed, there are three nuclear plants leaking on our own soil , there are family detention centers aka prisons and little children who probably cant speak English stand before courts without representation, while we stand quietly and judge or ignore. Jews are fleeing the UK because they don’t feel physically safe-all while in our universities we demand “Safe spaces” for our feelings and dis-inivite or shutdown dialogues we don’t agree with, and get on violent BDS trends. Because tolerance.

          I was thinking about all this and how passionate and emotionally high this election cycle has been. People are voting feelings. No matter what the media portrays, I can assure you that the Trump supporters I know are not “rich white racist”. The Sanders supporters I know are not “a bunch of communist”. In fact I’ve been surprised at who I have found to support him. What all of them have in common is a belief that their candidate will change the status quo. Getting down to the dirt of what those running actually speak with their mouths and ideas, it is very crystal clear, that no they will not nor can they change the system. In fact much of what they propose will not change the system because what they propose is already a huge part of the system.  In 2014, a good friend of mine told me “we can’t fight them, but they want us to think we can. The US is prepped. Protect your mind”.  Since I lost him, all I see around me is evidence that he was right. Though he would argue with my worldview, and had nothing for my religion, I know he was right and we agreed that there was a predatory system on this planet.

     None of these people are the devil nor Jesus, but I will say that as a Christian I have kind of been sickened at how Christians have rallied behind Trump..and then the ones who have also rallied behind Sanders. No, people of the internet, the tribal ways in which the ancient Jews and Christians lived was not socialist. It was not communist, heck these were not even words back then. These were tribal communities and they lived as such-and they were in hiding or in struggles with the governments much of the time. We need to think about that.Because we are all guilty of trying to play a system that is not God’s system. It is the worlds system and it has played us and it is still doing it. Every time a politician plays to the evangelical vote, or pretends to care about the Christians being killed somewhere else, or panders to Pat Robertson, we respond like Pavlovs dogs. On the other side they do it with abortion rights and name calling religious people extremists and hatemongers. Well, we are all guilty of falling for that experiment I guess. But to my fellow Christians, please understand that from where I sit, there is no difference among any of them and we are headed for a dark place. If any of us thought any candidate would keep up from going there we were sorely wrong.

It is time to remember who we are, and stop playing the worlds game. We need to pray-not “Against” this or that, but pray for our souls, pray for each other and seek God on what to do and how or who we can help in the coming days. I guarantee you that no matter who is in office, more people will need help than ever before and it will be up to the creative gifts bestowed on us, to be His hands and feet. We must pray for wisdom on how to speak and react, because the powers that be are watching and waiting for any opportunity to accuse us and silence us or use us as pawns to enact some new bill up their sleeve. Wherever you go to pray, go there. That is what God is waiting on, He can deal with the rest, He isn’t even concerned about it. I assure you that He is concerned with how His children are worrying and playing in it.The seeds we have sown in the past have fully grown and are coming for us, let us stop perpetuating the growth, repent for our part in it and move forward, not worrying about this evil system but being about truth.

“Keep your mind clear, and be alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion as he looks for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

“Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.” Isaiah 8:12


The Feminist Lobby is shaking in Their Jack Boots.

Apparently Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem are trying to play mommie dearest to the generations of women who came after them. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”.. said Albright about young women who are supporting Bernie Sanders. Later in the same week Steinem who still has a bit more charm and beauty than Albright, made a condescending statement about the same crowd. “When you are young you want to be where the boys are, and the boys are with Bernie”. Steinem has since apologized for her self righteous sneer towards the women who are practicing the freedom that Steinem organized for.

I found it amusing, that these women are really coming out against a man who at the base line, is probably their best friend in ideals. Yet he is still an enemy because he stands in the way of their dream of a woman president. He stands in the way of their utopia, simply because he is a man and he has young women following him. If he were a woman there would be no sneers about young women still not thinking for themselves because of “patriarchy” there would be no old white woman playing goddess and sending young women to hell for not working the right campaign trails. There would be no woman shaming for not being the right kind of woman politically. But he is a man and clearly the feminists are running out of illusions to help distract from the reality of who Clinton is. They have run out of defenses for her, so they are cracking and starting to let their jack boots show.
Conservative women have always known this about the high profile feminist. We vote and we live and we find causes that they never even look sideways at. We get our educations and raise our children the way we see fit and not by the standards the state mandates. We are not celebrated because our money and energy is not given to their cause. They only look at us when they want a poster child for a Stepford wife and they seek out one to be the example. The only time they howl is if someone has a different opinion about life and motherhood then they do. They attack conservatives, republicans and men in general if they pose a threat to their advances. If you are a female and vote independently you don’t exist, if you are republican you don’t exist and if you are democrat and don’t want to vote for Hillary (for the many reasons there are to NOT vote for Hillary) you are a traitor and are now condemned to Hell. Objectivity be damned, they only want you to be objective when there is a chance that they might change your mind.
I’m not voting for Sanders. I’m not a socialist and yes I know Sweden has such a glorious time in their socialism, but I don’t live in Sweden. Certain parts of America has always had their own type of socialism and have been trying to get out of it for their whole lives. If all f America is fully socialist then what would we dream for? I’m not voting for Hillary because she is a lying, backstabbing, ambitious, politician run by corporate socialist and we would probably be worse. I’m not voting for Trump because he is a theatrical jerk who lives in his own reality. Rand Paul dropped out and so I may become a non voter this year. You know why? Because I’m a woman and an American and I have that right. I’m not going to vote for a woman just because they have made a secular sacrament of child sacrifice. I’m not going to vote for Bernie just because socialism is “in” this year and I’m not going to vote Republican just because “we need to beat the democrats”.

Gloria and Madeline need to open their eyes. Women are doing it for ourselves these days, and we don’t need you to tell us how to do it. Abolish the matriarchy.


Insane Bandwagons

If last year racism was the bandwagon of distraction and the tool of further implementation of America’s self loathing, this year it is gender politics. Oh no that was probably already there. They’ve been working on it for half a century haven’t they? All I can see is complete and utter madness. Remember when Elton John wouldn’t boycott Arizona? That was five years ago and the world is considerably meaner and less tolerant, and I mean that in the purest sense of the word and not the diluted and one sided version of propaganda When a full blown social media and internet attack is waged against a small town pizza parlor over some lazy and irresponsible and fishing journalism, this shows a. lack of critical thinking b. lack of serious objectivity c. lack of any compassion and some serious judgmental issues. When twitter attacks go up because of outrage over a voluntary donation drives to keep said small business up and running, this shows how truly hateful twitter knights really are. The outrage and media propping of outrage over Indiana and Arkansas recently has little to do with civil rights. We live in a country where people can alter their physical appearance and identify as their opposite sex, this is not the same as identifying as a homosexual but instead it is identifying as the opposite sex. We live in a country that does this and rarely does anybody debate about these things anymore. Mainly because if you do, you are called a bigot, a hate monger, a nut job….if I ask questions pertaining to the obvious then I am (to the internet world and to political agendas) a bigot and a hater. So if we are talking about rights and social pressures, then let us acknowledge that big name celebrities are boycotting an entire state … I love the work of Sherman Alexie, but I’m glad I am not a resident or student residing in Indiana-since he is canceling his speaking engagements at Notre Dame and elsewhere in the state…thus making students and possible fans suffer because he thinks the state has turned into a Nazi’s dream. Does anybody see the irony here? When did the word “hate” lose its meaning? This is like radical feminism trying to demean what defines rape, which does nothing to help real rape victims and perpetuates a stereotype and demonizing of men and so does this kind of media coverage and lack of intelligent thought. Here is a brave video blogger doing something that no one else dared.

You know why this is not open for discussion…because if we bring this up then the circle goes back around to say “you hateful, racist, fear mongering bigot”. The issue for me is not about Islam as I have known several muslims, the issue is not about gays and lesbians, as I have five gay friends. The issue is that in America, we are allowed to be, look like and do pretty much what we want to do. Will there be individual haters? Yes. Will there be starers? Yes? Is that “hate” no. We can have laws to protect us from unlawful discrimination, but we should have laws that make it illegal for someone to think different. This would only make the world more homogeneous than it already is. Steven Crowder, in the above video calls this “Cultural Marxism” and it is interesting to me that of all the “cultural” references that have been shoved down our throats for the past decade, this one is the most true. The truth is that women are being stoned, lashed, raped and beheaded all over the middle east (except for Israel). Homosexuals are routinely pushed off the top of buildings, in the middle east (except for Israel). People are beheaded for possessing hash, stating dissenting viewpoints, being a woman, and lovers who are not married are stoned. And in every middle eastern country (except Israel) Christians are beheaded, imprisoned or sentenced to one hundred lashes for converting to Christianity to begin with. We in the west kind of shrug like “man those holy wars and middle east -one day they’ll all kill each other off and the world will be better”. Yeah, because those men who were singing while ISIS cut off their heads were really fighting in all their hateful anger weren’t they? This is not fear mongering this is recorded and bragged about. This is just facts. In the United States, on the quiet, laws are being passed and regulatory measures being enforced so that no one can state these facts or question them. This is not fear mongering this just is. So while gay activist are threatening to burn down Memories Pizza because it’s little owner was fed leading questions until she answered finally that they probably would not “cater a gay wedding” (my guess is that she probably would cater no wedding because it is a PIZZA joint) I think they should consider that in this war for the most part only one side is doing the fighting. Kind of like those attacks I previously mentioned. Left progressiveness has become just as dogmatic as any religion.So is it a war? Is it a war when a business does not want to participate in an event that conflicts with the way they live or view the world. Would you want to do business with someone who feels like this to begin with? Is it hate?

I get my hair cut and dyed by a man who is openly and unashamedly gay. I hug him and tip him, and send him business every time I can. If he decided that he did not want to cut my hair because my world view conflicts with his, I think that would be discriminatory (and if that was the case I wouldn’t complain I just wouldn’t get my hair done there). If I asked him to church and he declined then that would not be hateful. If he asked me to bar tend at a gay bar for a drag event, and I said that I felt uncomfortable with that then this would  not be hateful. What would be hateful is if I didn’t do business with him because he is gay. What would be hateful is if I didn’t eat food made by a gay baker because gay hands had touched it. What would be hateful is if I refused to be shuttled by a lesbian because I have some kind of complex and fear close proximity from a woman. What would be hateful is if I threatened (on social media, television or otherwise) that I wished gay owned businesses to burn. Have their been hateful sects. Of course, Westboro Baptist was a cult, and that is another fact. Still, we are in America and there are many many different denominations and foundations and cults. So putting a blanket context over the word “Christian” or “religion” in order to stigmatize, while blatantly ignoring true hate, serves a purpose and agenda that has little to do with what is actually being propagated. While all eyes are on Indiana, and celebrities jump on the ship, and big rich white corporations pass regulations on “specifically” Christian employs and boycotts Indiana I see the bonds of cultural Marxism and it’s beloved twin Islam and I wonder what country we live in. We hate ourselves, we really do. We either fall to the sin of pride and entitlement (no matter which side we are on) or we self loathe and victim identify to the point we only see what must be being done to us, even if we have to make shit up. And oh God, since so much has been done in the name of ignorance we see ourselves as the worst and the scourge of the earth. I will tell you this, Jesus never said to kill for him…so anyone that does is not of Him. That is one judgement that can be made. Muhammed was a warlord and did kill and have killed for him. So if you threaten to burn down small businesses, and boycott entire states, and use corporate statuses as ways of silencing people and expunge only certain religious people from our military, then what god are you doing it in the name of now? Sounds like prideful narcissism that comes from self loathing. Is this how we define ourselves? Are we in such an identity crisis that we do not state facts but instead we rebel against any notion that represents the past and it’s traditions…but we also reject any intellect of the past and it’s discussions or analysis. I really enjoy listening to  Camille Paglia, an atheist, feminist lesbian who has more academic sense then anyone on the feminist scene today and probably from her time. It is known that Gloria Stienem and her wing of feminism hates Paglia and discredits her, but Paglia had something more to say about the radical and mindless activism of today: From

Camille Paglia is a gay feminist and Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at the University of the Arts, where she has taught since 1984. In this recent interview, Dennis Prager asked about what Paglia calls “fascism and the gay left“: “Where have you – a gay woman – received more hatred from; the “religious right” or the “gay left”? Paglia: (Laughter) And I’m an atheist! Yeah, I’ve received (hate) entirely from the left.

“There’s absolutely no doubt that the feminist establishment and the gay activist establishment tried to destroy me. When I arrived on the scene with a 700 page book published by Yale University Press in 1990, and without reading it, all they heard were certain remarks I made about this and that that deviated from the agenda.  The orchestrated campaign was not to be believed …  I fought back against it and, for the first time they had an opponent who could return fire.  My credentials are out there as a feminist as an open gay long before theirs.  So I have outlasted them all.  They’ve all faded, they’ve all fallen apart.  We have some very third-rate people running the feminist organizations and gay activist ones and so on…”

Unfortunately, hundreds of gay activist groups are still funded by the pharmaceutical industry, which uses gay activists to market HIV and AIDS and attack those who question their relationship as bigots and homophobes. As a tenured atheist lesbian professor, Paglia has enough leftist credentials and income to protect her from attack.  But for the 99 percent of Americans who are not homosexual atheists, these groups continue to do great harm to them – and the United States.

Be careful who you attack you might burn some allies.
Can we have some realistic and sensible discussions now? At least while the republic still stands?

Why Hashtags are Annoying….

   I have referenced several articles in the last few blog posts that I have posted. I guess my passions have been drained so I’m slightly apathetic when it comes to the thought of putting any energy into writing about them. It does not keep me from enjoying other people’s work and opinion, however. #appreciation#fellowhumanbeing#languagelove….see what I did there. Stupid. I fell on article called “How Hashtags are Ruining the English Language” and it put into words that irritated feeling that I have always felt when I see hashtags. I have tried to be in the groove, and have used them. Everyone else does. When I have been up late studying, I have used them in reference to being brain dead or needing coffee. I have used them recently to say that the cursed online game “Candy Crush” is #destroyinglife. I always feel like an idiot when I do it. It is like saying a sentence, then repeating the sentence in android like terms.
    I remember when hashtags first started, and I did not understand what they were for. If you clicked on them they streamlined all stories having to do with the word in the hashtag. This was central to twitter…which I use rarely, because it also is impulsive and lacking in depth, and quickly becomes redundant. This year though, I see hashtags one everything-even when they link to absolutely nothing. It is adolescent looking even. I have used them, and then deleted my whole status because I have just annoyed myself. I see some statuses and I am like …why? We used to say things that were slightly veiled so only certain people “got it”. Maybe some people post song lyrics, because only those in the know would be the wiser. But now, people just post their whole thought in the status and their emotion in the hashtags. I can’t imagine getting on Facebook (or anywhere else) “Sigh…gotta get through this”#missyou#sorry”. Heck no, you exhibitionist, digital attention monger, write real sentences, with real words and punctuation and send that emotion in private. Feeling creative? Say “I’m writing a blog…(or song..or sewing) because I am feeling creative. Feeling angry-just say you are angry.

  Well I have summarized and reworded the original article I was going to share, but I agreed so completely that I was excited to find like feelings. Here ya’ll go…

How the Hashtag Is Ruining the English Language (Updated)

If Twitter is useful for anything beyond a flamethrower of breaking news and URL errata, it’s forcing us to be considerate about language—we have to use space wisely. Unfortunately, the hashtag is ruining talking. #NotGonnaLie

This modern use of hashtags was pioneered several years ago by one dude: Chris Messina, a Google employee. Messina thought the old pound symbol—hitherto untapped online—could be a good way to “tag” tweets, adding order to the enormous gas cloud of noise that is 99% of all Twitter action. That function works—we could search for #fukushima or #tahrirsquare this past year and yield news.

This origin doesn’t matter anymore. Hashtags at their best stand in as what linguists call “paralanguage,” like shoulder shrugs and intonations. That’s fine. But at their most annoying, the colloquial hashtag has burst out of its use as a sorting tool and become a linguistic tumor—a tic more irritating than any banal link or lazy image meme. The hashtag is conceptually out of bounds, being used by computer conformists without rules, sense, or intelligence, a like yknowwwww that now permeates the internet outside of the tweets it was meant to corral. It pervades Facebook, texting, Foursquare—turning into a form of “ironic metadata,” as linguistBen Zimmer of The Visual Thesaurus labels it.

But why the need for metadata when regular words have been working so well? When the New York Times decided to acknowledge the hashtag this summer (!) it quoted Messina with a line that ought to be evidence enough to indict the #:

“You kind of have to be in-the-know,” Mr. Messina said. “So it’s one of those jokes where you’re like, ‘Oh, I see what you did there, because you’re on Twitter and I’m on Twitter.’ “

This makes sense to Zimmer: “[hashtags] show that you’re part of a community that shares these conventions, to show that you’re playing the game.” Beyond fashionable crutch, the hashtag makes people feel part of something. But we don’t need more inside jokes, culture cliques, or frivolous gestures. Adding a hashtag doesn’t make you “in the know,” because there’s nothing to know—most of the time I don’t see what you did there, because you didn’t do anything there. Like adding a rimshot to your own joke, we now stick hashtags in our digital statements because we think that might validate them as part of this new, mangled syntax.

Take #winning. What does it mean? Charlie Sheen’s sagging, animated corpse of a career spoke through his coke-nozzle and spoke to us. It wanted to proclaim that he was doin’ just fine. #Winning. It took off as the lowbrow badge of choice across Twitterdom, signifying success without showing it. You could say the saddest heap of shit, add #winning, and that seven letter thumbs up would make it OK.

Just dropped my girl off at GameStop shes gonna bey me Call of Duty cause were both high LOL #winning

The hashtag is a vulgar crutch, a lazy reach for substance in the personal void—written clipart.

Some examples of the Accessory Hashtag I’ve found on Facebook, where the germ has spread rapidly:

How the Hashtag Is Ruining the English Language (Updated)

How the Hashtag Is Ruining the English Language (Updated)

How the Hashtag Is Ruining the English Language (Updated)

How the Hashtag Is Ruining the English Language (Updated)

Why didn’t they just express the things they hashtagged?

In all of these cases, the hashtag is nothing more than an emoticon of sorts, saysUC Berkeley Linguist Geoffrey Nunberg. And this explicit See what I did here?hashtag use is plain “stupid,” Nunberg laments, because any trace of irony is neutralized once you point to it with a big honking #. Why write something excitedly when you can lazily throw in #excited? Why not just say “I miss you” instead of #missingyou? Why put a sentence through this kaleidoscope of formatting horse shit instead of just saying something? Say anything. The bar is set so head-imploding-ly low—just write a statement that doesn’t require me to retroactively apply a hashtag to get the gist of what you’re saying. Once the hashtag has been applied so sloppily, killed as a form of interesting metacommentary, “it’s not doing what it’s meant to,” says Nunberg. It’s broken and gratuitous.

The bad news is, we shouldn’t expect hashtagification to go anywhere. “That it’s misused,” says Nunberg, “comes with the territory.” Nunberg and Zimmer agree that the hashtag has potential as an exciting new form of creative expression and satire—everyone’s laughed at #whitegirlproblems at least once. And I’m inclined to agree. And like everything else on the internet, once it’s kinda popular, it’s reallypopular, and there’s nothing we can do about it. “[It] can be annoying, certainly,” agrees Zimmer, “to see people hashtagging in inappropriate places or creating arbitrary new ones where it doesn’t seem necessary. But that just indicates that the hashtag culture has really taken off.” Language is fluid, especially online, and that’s something to be eager about—unless it’s dragging our tongues down. I hope only that the fad part of the fire will flame out quickly, yielding a genuinely radical new way of speaking online. In the meantime, we’re all a bit dumber and a lot more confused. #FML

Photo courtesy of Jackie Lampungnano

Update: Eminent linguist and one of the greatest minds of our time, Noam Chomsky, wrote to me with his thoughts on the matter:

“Don’t use Twitter, almost never see it.”

There you have it.

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