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Buzzfeed and Their Little Privileges

Today I read a four day old article that was complete shallow bullshit. Actually the real shit is should be compared to is chickenshit, since chicken shitting is for cowards who amplify everyone else’s downfalls to make their own selves look grand. Go ask a big cisgendered male military veteran about chicken shit and the kind of cowards who are guilty of it.

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Which brings me to the chickenshitter at hand. It is cowardly to write an exhaustive cultural commentary on the supposed insulting oppression of Tom Hank’s whiteness and post it in the millennial version of huffpost; which is the cesspool of narcissism gone to hell and resurrected. Especially when once again the one holding the bullhorn is a WHITE female, who must have like some aggravation towards her own dad that she is taking out on Mr. Hanks. Yes, I’m the other side of the coin..there are many things I could be writing about. Things like Syria, Russia, impending apocalypse. The ever growing mountain of crimes and dead bodies associated with the Clinton family and how the Bush family hates Donald Trump and no one seems to be making that connection. I could be writing about the large gathering of Native Americans that the media didn’t cover, who collectively forgave this nation and how this is a spiritual awakening and  we could really be making true progress in interracial relations. I could be writing about how I only just discovered that the story about Trump making fun of a disabled reporter was a complete fabrication, and how I felt “took” and made a fool of by the media.

But I’m not. I’m writing about my disgust for the kind of writers who write ten page blogs about “white dadness” and supposed “white privilege”. Call me triggered.

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I sent the article to a liberal friend who was also shocked. And angered. He defended Hanks “Tom Hanks is one of the most progressive people in the busniess, Buzzfeed will hurt for writing this”.
No.No, actually. No they wont. Even though the majority of comments on the article are confused and wondering what the point of the author was. Even though they are defensive for the their love of the beloved “dad” of actors. Buzzfeed wont suffer or take heat for their stupidity. Just like huffpost has never suffered for their stupidity and hypocrisy. Because this is what we have now. These are the “legit” arguments we are up against. Constantly. You see them in comment wars on youtube and sighing eye rolling offensive arguments against the slightest joke. It is the reason we have documentaries like “Can We Take A Joke” and institutions like FIRE. We are trying to preserve what little bit of free thought is left. I hear it every time I hear the kids at the table next to me in Starbucks talking in puffs of impassioned nothingness. I see it’s result and the uphill fight it causes  when a progressive lesbian professors ask me if I can explain to them the term “cisgender” because they heard their students using it and as educators they think it is the stupidest word to ever pollute the English language. I hear it when I hear actual arguments against the nineties television series “Friends” for its lack of diversity and unrealistic representation of New York City …since all the main characters were white. Never mind the show is called “Friends” and is based on five people and not entire college dorm or the entire city of New York. Never mind it was one of the first shows to feature lesbian relationships on prime time. Never mind that Ross was involved in more than one interracial relationship. Even the racially diverse shows of the past are accused of only being made “for white people”(Cosby /Different World). If millennials had their way all books would be banned and all past television shows and possibly music (except for Pink Floyd and Zepplin) would be trashed. We would all have to sign forms acknowledging our oppressive whiteness just to express any and every view. It never ends. We are guilty when we try to atone for our sins and we are guilty when we don’t. Guilty when we bathe in our guilt and guilty when we don’t. Tom Hanks is white. And a legend. Damn him and the fellow white people who went to watch his movies. AH-And the DADNESS of him. Screw all white dads and those of us who loved our white dads. It just goes on and on.

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These are the actual cultural issues that today’s cultural/social/political studies majors worry about. Seriously. And there is no safe room for any of us from the ilk. Liberals of old are not safe. The progressives born of the sixties and inspiring generations till the nineties are just as disrespected and spat upon as any middle aged conservative. Believe me, I have a very diverse group of friends or associations. When I say diverse I mean of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I mean of various age groups. I mean of differing sexual orientation. The gay republican, the libertarian female, the black Trump supporter, and the classically liberal non voting male who just wants everyone to think critically and objectively, will all get the same vile vitriol of speeches that has no life experience to back it up. Because everyone with an opinion that is different ( diverse) is “an outlier” and is shunned or ignored and made not to exist, while everyone else is up for scrutiny and long posts about privilege and comfort. That kind of post comes from the exact same “safe and privileged” place …yeah it’s called chickenshit.

The most liberal and progressive and politically outspoken man in Hollywood is guilty of nothing more than being a white man, and according to the little child of privilege that wrote the piece, he is only famous because he makes white people comfortable. Wow.


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Millennials. Can we just send them on a permanent field trip to Mosul? Or Venezuela? See what kind of naval lint they can find to get on about there, when all their own privileges of speech and dedication mean absolutely nothing.



The Theater

    I’m just an observer and this really isn’t about the the election. If you let people talk long enough they tell on themselves. If you watch anything long enough you see all the parallels between them. I would ask anyone watching or participating in any public discourse or politics in the past year to ask first what makes sense. From what I can see, nothing does. I’m not supporting Trump, but I also can say truthfully that I’ve watched speeches, and then seen those same speeches chopped up in the media. On still another hand, he doesn’t need the media to help him incite or anger people. He is quite smart on how to do it himself. The Bernie supporters love to talk about love and how he is the candidate for love. On and on it goes…but when Bernie himself makes excuses and claims “he cant be responsible for the actions of his supporters” (you know when they have their own rallies and become violent in their reactions) he gets a free pass…because tolerance. Both Sanders and Trump have their share of violent and obsessive supporters, the same can’t be said for Clinton; she doesn’t need violent support she has her own record of violence and support of violence. She also has old hat feminist like Steinem and Albright, who recently stated that “there was a special place in hell for women who didn’t support other women”. These same women never ever support conservative or independent voting women who come under attack. Yay for tolerance. When we step back and look at this chaos and take our emotions out of it we can see that it needs our full attention and participation to run. Whether it is our anger or our support. Whether it is our social media likes and shares, or our tears of redemption when we feel acknowledged. Whether it is our full belief in the demonization of one side or our full belief in the saving love of the other, it takes our full attention with its distracting noise. It as distracting and entertaining and time consuming as any football game or “dropped album by Bey”.

      In 2016 we are having a hard time with what is a man and what is a woman, what is straight man who identifies as a straight woman and what is straight woman who identifies as a gay male…or something. We want to remake society for these questions and ignore that Russia is buzzing our own bases, Syrian hospitals are being bombed and fifty people including the last pediatrician are killed, there are three nuclear plants leaking on our own soil , there are family detention centers aka prisons and little children who probably cant speak English stand before courts without representation, while we stand quietly and judge or ignore. Jews are fleeing the UK because they don’t feel physically safe-all while in our universities we demand “Safe spaces” for our feelings and dis-inivite or shutdown dialogues we don’t agree with, and get on violent BDS trends. Because tolerance.

          I was thinking about all this and how passionate and emotionally high this election cycle has been. People are voting feelings. No matter what the media portrays, I can assure you that the Trump supporters I know are not “rich white racist”. The Sanders supporters I know are not “a bunch of communist”. In fact I’ve been surprised at who I have found to support him. What all of them have in common is a belief that their candidate will change the status quo. Getting down to the dirt of what those running actually speak with their mouths and ideas, it is very crystal clear, that no they will not nor can they change the system. In fact much of what they propose will not change the system because what they propose is already a huge part of the system.  In 2014, a good friend of mine told me “we can’t fight them, but they want us to think we can. The US is prepped. Protect your mind”.  Since I lost him, all I see around me is evidence that he was right. Though he would argue with my worldview, and had nothing for my religion, I know he was right and we agreed that there was a predatory system on this planet.

     None of these people are the devil nor Jesus, but I will say that as a Christian I have kind of been sickened at how Christians have rallied behind Trump..and then the ones who have also rallied behind Sanders. No, people of the internet, the tribal ways in which the ancient Jews and Christians lived was not socialist. It was not communist, heck these were not even words back then. These were tribal communities and they lived as such-and they were in hiding or in struggles with the governments much of the time. We need to think about that.Because we are all guilty of trying to play a system that is not God’s system. It is the worlds system and it has played us and it is still doing it. Every time a politician plays to the evangelical vote, or pretends to care about the Christians being killed somewhere else, or panders to Pat Robertson, we respond like Pavlovs dogs. On the other side they do it with abortion rights and name calling religious people extremists and hatemongers. Well, we are all guilty of falling for that experiment I guess. But to my fellow Christians, please understand that from where I sit, there is no difference among any of them and we are headed for a dark place. If any of us thought any candidate would keep up from going there we were sorely wrong.

It is time to remember who we are, and stop playing the worlds game. We need to pray-not “Against” this or that, but pray for our souls, pray for each other and seek God on what to do and how or who we can help in the coming days. I guarantee you that no matter who is in office, more people will need help than ever before and it will be up to the creative gifts bestowed on us, to be His hands and feet. We must pray for wisdom on how to speak and react, because the powers that be are watching and waiting for any opportunity to accuse us and silence us or use us as pawns to enact some new bill up their sleeve. Wherever you go to pray, go there. That is what God is waiting on, He can deal with the rest, He isn’t even concerned about it. I assure you that He is concerned with how His children are worrying and playing in it.The seeds we have sown in the past have fully grown and are coming for us, let us stop perpetuating the growth, repent for our part in it and move forward, not worrying about this evil system but being about truth.

“Keep your mind clear, and be alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion as he looks for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

“Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.” Isaiah 8:12


In the past few weeks I have seen some things that seriously defy any kind of logic. I really feel intellectually assaulted every time I see headlines on my iPhone, or take a scroll through my newsfeed. I unsubscribed to many new sites over the last year. I had too much personal grief to have to view and wear everyone’s personal offenses by technological default. But the reality is none of us have a safe space all the time. None of us, if we want live and engage. I’m not going into a long tirade about things, norms pointing out the obvious with long descriptive definitions to try to make people see things, I’m done with that if anyone wants it then go read The Matt Walsh blog. I’m done with the anger, I’m just tired.

I read this week that some mall in Los Angelas has banned champion boxer, Manny Pacquiao, a philanthropist and now a  a hopeful statesman to the Philippines for his ” hateful” opinion on marriage. So mom and pop bakeries have to make cakes, agree to potentially cater a gay wedding or they are shut down, sued and publicly shamed..but a huge mall in California can publicly shame and ban someone for their beliefs? I would say it is an aussault on small business, and hey maybe it is… I mean it’s the big corporations that are banning entire states now anyway and no one really cares what Muslim bakeries do and they have to be used for other narratives. (Oh and how about America trying to derail someone’s political campaign in the Phillipines ? I won’t go there…)

There was a college age white dude that got sentenced in North Korea for trying to take a piece of political propaganda out of the state – I forget the details about it but I do remember the whole write up on huffpost about white privilege and how the writer of said article said she didn’t feel sorry for the kid because you know it was retribution  for all the sins of white male privilege. To be sentenced … In North Korea with fifteen years hard labor…while she , in America, can writhe in anger writing about it. Wow. That makes as much sense as banning Israel in the name of women’s rights while Syria, Iraq and Iran whip, bludgeon, stone and forbid to divorce or drive, yeah women. Let that make your mind spin.

Today I read a headline ” by opposing Obama, the republicans created Trump”. Oh lord here we go again. By opposing and or disagreeing with Obama – we created all sins done in the past eight years. It was never the administration creating really bad karma because according to most news media, only white people disagree with the president. Other dissendents don’t exist, just like pro life women don’t exist to Gloria Steinhem ( or Hillary Clinton until ten minutes ago).

I mean I could say ” oh but opposing Bush created the muse of hope and change” but you see that would be one of those circular arguments based on emotion. See what I did there?

We don’t have news. We have instigating headlines that place emotions, angers and new definitions of what hate, crimes and sex are at top priority.

“be careful about taking sides … People will try to make you… But no matter which side you take, they are all lying”- J.T.

The Feminist Lobby is shaking in Their Jack Boots.

Apparently Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem are trying to play mommie dearest to the generations of women who came after them. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”.. said Albright about young women who are supporting Bernie Sanders. Later in the same week Steinem who still has a bit more charm and beauty than Albright, made a condescending statement about the same crowd. “When you are young you want to be where the boys are, and the boys are with Bernie”. Steinem has since apologized for her self righteous sneer towards the women who are practicing the freedom that Steinem organized for.

I found it amusing, that these women are really coming out against a man who at the base line, is probably their best friend in ideals. Yet he is still an enemy because he stands in the way of their dream of a woman president. He stands in the way of their utopia, simply because he is a man and he has young women following him. If he were a woman there would be no sneers about young women still not thinking for themselves because of “patriarchy” there would be no old white woman playing goddess and sending young women to hell for not working the right campaign trails. There would be no woman shaming for not being the right kind of woman politically. But he is a man and clearly the feminists are running out of illusions to help distract from the reality of who Clinton is. They have run out of defenses for her, so they are cracking and starting to let their jack boots show.
Conservative women have always known this about the high profile feminist. We vote and we live and we find causes that they never even look sideways at. We get our educations and raise our children the way we see fit and not by the standards the state mandates. We are not celebrated because our money and energy is not given to their cause. They only look at us when they want a poster child for a Stepford wife and they seek out one to be the example. The only time they howl is if someone has a different opinion about life and motherhood then they do. They attack conservatives, republicans and men in general if they pose a threat to their advances. If you are a female and vote independently you don’t exist, if you are republican you don’t exist and if you are democrat and don’t want to vote for Hillary (for the many reasons there are to NOT vote for Hillary) you are a traitor and are now condemned to Hell. Objectivity be damned, they only want you to be objective when there is a chance that they might change your mind.
I’m not voting for Sanders. I’m not a socialist and yes I know Sweden has such a glorious time in their socialism, but I don’t live in Sweden. Certain parts of America has always had their own type of socialism and have been trying to get out of it for their whole lives. If all f America is fully socialist then what would we dream for? I’m not voting for Hillary because she is a lying, backstabbing, ambitious, politician run by corporate socialist and we would probably be worse. I’m not voting for Trump because he is a theatrical jerk who lives in his own reality. Rand Paul dropped out and so I may become a non voter this year. You know why? Because I’m a woman and an American and I have that right. I’m not going to vote for a woman just because they have made a secular sacrament of child sacrifice. I’m not going to vote for Bernie just because socialism is “in” this year and I’m not going to vote Republican just because “we need to beat the democrats”.

Gloria and Madeline need to open their eyes. Women are doing it for ourselves these days, and we don’t need you to tell us how to do it. Abolish the matriarchy.


The Puppet is Possessed

I’ve been really nice. For what seems like an entire reign. The elections of 2012 really shocked everyone didn’t it? I remember the gasps of disbelief, like how did this happen?? REALLY…how did this happen? I had been very active in posting voter fraud stories, stories about voting machines that were rigged, the hijacking of Ron Paul’s efforts and even the way Fox News undermined Paul’s campaign. So I wasn’t really shocked. Only people not paying attention could be shocked. What shocks me is that there is still people not paying attention, and more and more people are paying attention and quite frankly they are scared to death. Politician have always lied, that is an old joke. President’s have always had their public smiles and secret lives. Nothing new there. There is usually something that can be found to at least redeem their efforts though (unless it is Andrew Jackson or Jimmy Carter). I mean, Bill was a funny guy. Bush visited broken soldiers. Some have even attempted to change the system, or save the people from that system (see conspiracy theories about JFK assassination and the Federal Reserve, and the repeated attempts on Reagan’s life). I think we have had some men, that even with their faults had some kind of scruples that didn’t allow them to completely sell us out. Like we used to have upper military men who “knew” things, and most likely had plans to thwart evil plans…until they were purged from the military or died mysterious deaths. But interesting about the President’s.. notice anytime they try to go against “what they are supposed to do” they get shot at. In the past we usually see a lame second term, like they don’t even try. Not this time baby. This second term /siege has been overwhelmingly productive. Every day it is something isn’t it. First it was the various czars and government programs, and government regulations. The biggest of course being ObamaCare. I have not met one person who has said “Gee that ObamaCare really made my life easier”. Not one. The businesses that are having to implement the thing (which no one even wants, we like our Blue Cross thank you) say it is a racket, so much red tape and paper work that they HAVE to give out in a proposal packet. Then they have to assure the workers that no they are not being forced to take it, they just to be given the packet…which then goes in the garbage. Ironic, considering this President also is supposed to all about the environment. I got really tired of hearing things like “oh but Obama is just cleaning up the mess that Bush made”…”oh he has to work with what he has got”…”oh but nobody is helping him they just want to fight him”. Gag me with a spoon. I’m done. Let’s all be done with the preschool narrative of “let’s all be nice and allow others to take out toys because we are trying to share and that kid makes us feel guilty when we don’t”. It is stupid and we look like idiots who are saying we really don’t know when we are being assaulted, because someone has not given us permission to feel abused. Like a spouse that manipulates and controls and lies like they were drinking water, and we think we deserve it because well in the past we have been so bad and you know “he just doesn’t understand ..he has some issues he needs to work out”. Clearly. The puppet is possessed.

Now we have the Obamanet, and anyone that thinks that won’t go through-after nearly two terms of shock and disbelief, well I have ocean front property in Utah for you. Everyone should watch “The Internets Own Boy” Aaron Schwartz, the genius who was the reason SOPA didn’t go through…apparently someone passionate about politics and change, and a technological genius “killed himself”. Yeah that property is waiting for you.. All you Ayn Rand haters, we are living in Atlas Shrugged.
All over the world, Christian people are being killed. Slaughtered. Lined up and beheaded.This is not new, those of us who keep up and care about people have known this, it is just reaching its full evil. And this time no one seems to want to stop it or even use it as an excuse to do something else. Remember a few years ago when you could look through the new healthcare insurance on what type of accidental death was covered? They may have taken that down now, but in it listed under “not covered” was beheading. Not decapitation, as in a car wreck, but beheading. Obama stands up there and acts like this is no big deal. ISIS also throws homosexuals off roofs, and stones women. But we can’t call it Islam extremism and we can’t call it terrorism, hell we can’t even call it ISIS anymore. Don’t react, don’t react, don’t get upset and don’t you dare get on your high horse… because of the crusades and colonization. You know what I hear in all that? I see our President basically snickering and saying “yeah you’re gonna get yours” and tsk tsk on you for not seeing you deserve it, you selfish righteous nation.. welcome to the new colonization. That is what I hear and that is what I see. I also see it in silly youtube trolls, and commentators all over the internet who are so desensitized by their video games, and tv shows and empty academic conditioning that they have no respect or empathy for life. They will say things like “oh the holy wars…people killing each over an imaginary friend”. When it happens here, it really is not going to matter to the killer what you believe or what you think, anyone paying attention can see this. Even the libertarians have begun to shut me out, with their big write ups about how the way to handle all  this is to eradicate all religion. Ok. And then the bad guys still win,see North Korea, China, past Russia. There is a lot of things that a lot of people do not know. For instance. Muhammad did indeed behead people, have multiple child wives as young as six years old, he did mandate that Jews and Christians be killed. This is not an ugly distortion it is a fact. I have even read it like this “any Muslim who denies this is blaspheming”.. which is probably why the only Arabs who are going nuts and saying the President is aiding and abetting the situation, are secular Muslims, atheist or Christian Arabs. This is not an excuse for any empirical wrong done by Christianity, all of us who actually know God know there is a difference in political Christianity, and knowing God. This has been through throughout history, people just don’t talk about those Christians because they didn’t make an empirical name for themselves. Missionaries who came before empire were story tellers, who assimilated with people wherever they went. They didn’t go for government or wealth, and the people they went to worshiped and lived God in their own cultures ways. This always happened after many widespread prophecies would come to these people predicting it. This is interesting because this is exactly the way things happen in the Bible.The ones who came with the empire aided the”convert or die and its Gods will” themes for the purpose of Roman rule, or British rule or whoever rule.No one ever talks about the in between mission times. I think they don’t want us to know. We are either for the empire or we hate it so much we deny everything and wait on the next take over. All of that is a different blog and discussion though and this is simply a statement that our discomfort is normal. It is not normal to act like if someone is intent upon your demise that you can give them a job and throw up a peace sign and all will be well. All is not well. All is not fine. From the inside we are being gutted. Primed for the outside attack. It may be some kind of domestic street war brought on by economic or racial manipulation, or religious triggers. I think personally, that ISIS cells are probably here. Hey they were leaving Paris to join the jihad, we probably have them here this is just reality…and since we cannot be worried about this we can assume no one in the government cares nor will stop them. We have messed with outside nations for so long, participating in chess games and they are all about to call check mate. Figure that out. So everyone who has always thought, while in the comfort of living here, that we would be better off if we were like other countries..welcome because you are not in America anymore. She is gone, it’s over and she isn’t coming back. Our time is over, and those who recognize this get your spirit ready, know who you are and who God is. Know that in the end, whenever the end is everything will be reconciled to the creator. The insane who build empires and make wars and try to take the place of God, cannot last forever. The President is and has been a puppet for years….but this one is a willing puppet and he is possessed.


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