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In the past few weeks I have seen some things that seriously defy any kind of logic. I really feel intellectually assaulted every time I see headlines on my iPhone, or take a scroll through my newsfeed. I unsubscribed to many new sites over the last year. I had too much personal grief to have to view and wear everyone’s personal offenses by technological default. But the reality is none of us have a safe space all the time. None of us, if we want live and engage. I’m not going into a long tirade about things, norms pointing out the obvious with long descriptive definitions to try to make people see things, I’m done with that if anyone wants it then go read The Matt Walsh blog. I’m done with the anger, I’m just tired.

I read this week that some mall in Los Angelas has banned champion boxer, Manny Pacquiao, a philanthropist and now a  a hopeful statesman to the Philippines for his ” hateful” opinion on marriage. So mom and pop bakeries have to make cakes, agree to potentially cater a gay wedding or they are shut down, sued and publicly shamed..but a huge mall in California can publicly shame and ban someone for their beliefs? I would say it is an aussault on small business, and hey maybe it is… I mean it’s the big corporations that are banning entire states now anyway and no one really cares what Muslim bakeries do and they have to be used for other narratives. (Oh and how about America trying to derail someone’s political campaign in the Phillipines ? I won’t go there…)

There was a college age white dude that got sentenced in North Korea for trying to take a piece of political propaganda out of the state – I forget the details about it but I do remember the whole write up on huffpost about white privilege and how the writer of said article said she didn’t feel sorry for the kid because you know it was retribution  for all the sins of white male privilege. To be sentenced … In North Korea with fifteen years hard labor…while she , in America, can writhe in anger writing about it. Wow. That makes as much sense as banning Israel in the name of women’s rights while Syria, Iraq and Iran whip, bludgeon, stone and forbid to divorce or drive, yeah women. Let that make your mind spin.

Today I read a headline ” by opposing Obama, the republicans created Trump”. Oh lord here we go again. By opposing and or disagreeing with Obama – we created all sins done in the past eight years. It was never the administration creating really bad karma because according to most news media, only white people disagree with the president. Other dissendents don’t exist, just like pro life women don’t exist to Gloria Steinhem ( or Hillary Clinton until ten minutes ago).

I mean I could say ” oh but opposing Bush created the muse of hope and change” but you see that would be one of those circular arguments based on emotion. See what I did there?

We don’t have news. We have instigating headlines that place emotions, angers and new definitions of what hate, crimes and sex are at top priority.

“be careful about taking sides … People will try to make you… But no matter which side you take, they are all lying”- J.T.


Shut Up About Miley Already!

     I didn’t watch the VMA’s, I am not even sure I knew that they were on. I saw a post from a friend saying “Miley has had too many Mollies”..whatever a “mollie” is. So I knew Miley was showing her ASSets again. Miley Cyrus has been a thorn in music lovers sides for a few years now…as well as a thorn in the side of every mother who has a daughter that loves Hannah Montana. So the next day, since it was all over my newsfeed, I ended up watching the readily available video on youtube. I had my moment of appall and disgust, I went on with my day. Later, it is still all over the newsfeed, and the top story everywhere I go. We are about to get into cahoots with Syria, and if that happens we are doomed, but all anybody wants to do is discuss the merits and repercussions of Miley Cyrus’s behavior. Since, days later this topic is STILL being discussed…(and when I say discussed, I mean like feminist arguments, race arguments and the like. I mean people are really taking this to heart) I shall offer my DISCUSSION on the matter.

    I am not even going to bother posting the video, it is not needed-everyone has seen it. It has most likely already lost it’s shock value. Miley Cyrus, looking like the obnoxious twenty year old that she is-comes out of a teddy bear, or something with her tongue hanging out like an idiot wanna be punk rocker. She sings her new stupid song and eventually takes off her Katy Perry copy of a costume, to reveal tan=skin colored hot pants and boob tube. Robin Thicke the smooth singer of pimp music comes from somewhere and is henceforth physically assualted by Miley. Many comments called her trash and Robin “class”. Well…I guess it depends on who you are. I like one single solitary song by Thicke and the one he was singing was not necessarily one of them. Miley twerks…omg…Miley was twerking. 

   Ok, here is my answer to some of the serious arguments about this VMA incident. What we saw was yet another failed attempt by Miley Cyrus to prove that she is a “grown up”, listen if you have to prove it-then you aren’t. She acts like exactly what she is…an immature, obnoxious idiot trying to find her place. Robin Thicke was not the show saver, he is well older than Miley and was singing about the “good girl that really wants it” well Miley keeps telling the masses that she is no good girl so that chemistry was non existent. Do we really need to get into feminist arguments about how we should not “slut shame” Miley. I don’t like slut shaming either, in context of what “slut shaming” truly is. This is the entertainment industry, and sooo many female entertainers go down this road of “I’m sexy, buy me” but Miley is not sexy, she is trashy. There is slut shaming, then there is saying “you look like that girl at the club that is gonna get dumped in a parking lot somewhere-get off the stage”. That is all I was thinking watching the performance…”GET OFF THE STAGE”. 

   Jezebel had an article that made me tired. Which is why I don’t like Jezebel, it is my right to not like Jezebel. Hey I am sure my writing has made lots of people tired. Oh well, it is what we do isn’t it? An entire article on the racial implications of Miley’s performance. The article implied that she was going for a black look, and a black sound and thus in her need to be sexual she was associating herself with black women…and thus further stereotyping black women.


Ok. Because …NONE of the mainstream black female performers are already doing that? Because all women of every culture are not sexualized? On music itself, it has long been established that most all music, rock, gospel etc has been born out of black roots. The white and black side of music has been merged all of my life. Are we trying to separate it yet again? Music aside…has anyone BEEN in a club? There was also a blog by a well meaning mother saying that this behavior will be emulated…no it wont-Miley was emulating what is already done. I have been in a club approximately three times since September of  2012. EVERYBODY is twerking (except me…I hid in the corner and waited on those line dance songs that I mess up). Several of the songs played in clubs-rap and R&B songs, call for “backing it up” and maybe that is where “twerking” was born. No one is ever gonna see me do it either. I mean-it is a position out of a sex manual set to motion. 

   Miley and her foam finger and her insistent grabbing of her nether regions, was classless. Tasteless and talentless. None of those words were slut shaming, it is just the fact. None of it served any purpose. There was no moment of message. I have come to learn, that all of Gaga’s shock value and antics have served some purpose-that chic can also sing and would probably still do well if she threw out her wigs and obvious costumes. Miley cant. She is floating on controversy and everyone is waiting on her to be the next Lindsey Lohan. I don’t know anyone that says “hey that new Miley C song is awesome”. Not one. It is embarrassing, but as she says “she is grown now” so lets treat her like a grown up and let her fall down. One day she will see that video and be hiding her face.

   As for Robin Thicke…he can sing, he is not bad looking ( I’ve seen better) but he can spin out some pretty heavily sexed songs. The song he was singing has been accused of being a “rape” song and so since he was on stage letting Miley rub all over him, he has also been called a pedophile. Well…Miley IS twenty, but in all seriousness. We live in a world where women are raving the praises of a fictional character named “Christan Grey”(for some ungodly reason…I’ll write a blog on THAT one day), and women also love Robin Thicke, so if he is singing about bringing out the primal desire in a “good girl” it doesn’t mean he is rapist, he is just catering to fans. The worst part of the song is done by a rapper, and if it were not for that one verse it may not have even gotten the heat that it did. He wasnt innocent here either, there was a rehearsal of the performance-it all comes down to publicity which equals money…for somebody. 

    If there is a point here, in entertainment, like in every part of our society, there is substance and then there is cotton candy. There are lyrics and then there is mindless idiocy. There are adults and then there are immature obnoxious twerkers. There is art and then there is mindless words. There is news…then there is Hollywood gossip and breakdown of the incident to divert you away from real life and real news. Miley Cyrus is not in reality, and we should be. Get over it.

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