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The Outliers

A few months ago I was having a political discussion with a more left leaning friend of mine. He is one of the few that enjoys dialogue and can have it without losing friends. He stayed along the discussion lines that were being repeated by the media at that time, “Trump only appeals to middle aged white men”. At the time I was not a Trump supporter, but I had been questioning some of the sound bites I had been hearing. I had also started to question why it was that everyone-everyone -found it more appropriate to hate Trump than to question what the media said. I mean everyone on both sides describes their distrust of the media…until it came to this. When it came to this, the media and social media were speaking gospel according to the millennial liberals (who love to question everything). I answered that tired and dividing accusation that Trump only appealed to angry racist white men, “but that isn’t true…what about all these black supporters that keep stunning reporters, showing up at rallies, and starting youtube channels and fb pages”

“Outliers…there are always outliers…every election, you can’t pay attention to the outliers”, he answered with a wave of his hand.

I was dumbfounded. “Outliers”. So…because they are black and they support Trump. Because something in what he says inspires and resonates with them, they are “ouliers” and don’t matter. Becuase they wandered off the Democrat plantations so to speak, they are outliers. How eloquently racist, and he didn’t even realize it.

 So I started following outliers. And I found a lot. Every time there was an unbelievably charged accusation about Trump, I found outlier sources that would put those lines in context or tell the whole story. You know that you can rewrite history and change any story by taking out one line right? I also started to notice, that none of this negativity and hate for Trump had anything to do with the country. It had to do with supposed perceptions. The people’s manipulated perception of Trump as a narcissistic, racist, xenophobic and sexist meglomaniac. I’ve been following Trump for a long time, I always liked his show and I read his books, which inspired me and my brother greatly. He took chances and did things. Yes, he was a womanizer, but that wasn’t and isn’t my concern.



What interested me was that in all the years of Trump in the spotlight, he was never accused of being any of these vile things. Clinton, however, has pandered to votes of ethnic minorities for year. She has a political history of lying and nation destabilization. She has a history of support with the prison industry. She is backed by big pharma, big banks and Monsanto. All the things millennials are against but wanted to ignore #becausefeelings.  Had Trump run on the democratic ticket, he wouldn’t have gotten this kind of harassment. Even the Obama’s weighed in, putting the weight of “legacy” on people and talking about Trump’s jaded view from his ivory tower. So when there are riots in the streets, and property damage and things stolen, we are told that it’s because living in these areas is hell. But when Trump said it, he was being jaded and racist? Apparently this was not so to the “outliers”.

  In the outliers I heard voices from people that had been inspired and had been let down by the last president that they voted in. You can say that the people who voted for Trump were racist and hated Obama, but everybody knows that a whole host and then some who are white voted for Obama. It was uncontested both times. No matter how much the media loves and thrives on division some things just are true. Yes there are racist, but some things are more important to most people than race and gender or sexual habits. I was hearing from the neverttrump crowd that he was unqualified and not a real Christian or conservative and he was being a bumbling idiot.

Well …aren’t we being Victorian all of the sudden? Maybe it is the eight years of beautiful speeches that tell you nothing, and eloquent answers that don’t answer your questions. Everyone became conditioned and also cold. I saw so many statuses like “if you are voting for Trump unfriend me now” …I would never attack one of my liberal friends or taunt them with that status. So I obliged them.  I have never been scared to say who I support in politics before. I would argue with the best argument. But this time I played like I was on the fence and just observed. The nastiness toward anyone who was a Trump supporter was palpable. All media staged and fed. I thank God for the outliers who told me something different. They were brave and faced adversity for stating their own mind and not the collective. They were speaking as Americans first.

I voted for Trump because I’m an American. As an American I would rather take a chance on someone who is not a politican who cannot spin speeches and does not wait till he is behind doors to tell the truth. We all know the country has been rigged for a long time, but we also know that Clinton is one of the biggest players in that rigging. I knew what she would do, why would I dare give her my vote? Screw that. Thats what me, and the outliers, and outcasts, and the old people, and the young people, and the diverse and inspired crowd that the media never dared showed you, decided when we cast our vote. I voted for Trump because I know who I am, I’m not a marxist. I’m an American. If I wanted to live under marxism, in any of its forms I would move somewhere ruled by it. Yesterday all the outliers in flyover states came out of the closet. All the Christians that Clinton insulted. All the deplorable people. Everyone who saw Clinton get a pass that none of the rest of us would EVER get. All of us who are tired of getting smacked with “check your privilege”. All of us who were tired of weekly hearing about a new law written by a pen and a phone. All of us who are tired of the news getting away with made up stories and are tired of being surrounded by people apathetic to it.  All of us who knew that the DNC planned and executed Anti Trump protests and then blamed Bernie Sanders. We made history, and no one can blame or chalk it up to racism.  Aren’t we smarter than that? Do we not remember who we are?  I didn’t watch it happen, because inspired as I was I didn’t have the faith to believe that even this historical turnout could keep someone who broke the law, and owned the media and seemingly the polls, someone who got a pass from the FBI twice, out of the white house if she wanted in.

But the outliers weren’t buying it, and if she got in it would be so obviously rigged only a blind person wouldn’t see it. It’s the year of opposite and strange things.


The CUBS won the World Series this year.

And now rain can end this Alabama drought.

May God protect us and keep us safe and coherent and at peace in the coming years.


Repeating history

I made this video last year and it was my first attempt at trying to communicate an opinion using images to someone elses work. For a first attempt it was pretty good, I thought. I’m still not sure anyone “got it”.

Once you start down this road…part 2

In all the rants I’ve posted, and all videos I’ve watched and shared, and all the information I’ve ever found nothing has ever hit closer to home, as did a video I watched a few days ago. First They Came For The Anarchist Yet another event that I didn’t know about. I mean…this stuff is popping up like a mass of moles, everywhere. I did some research, after watching the video and found the full statement from the girl in question. She has pretty much disappeared after her release. The rest of that story must be buried.
I’ve never identified as an anarchist. That’s not the point. The information given by the independent journalist and author of “Green is the New Red” was enough to make my blood run cold. I  wanted to unplug everything and never post another word of warning, information or dissent again. Then I realized that hey..I’ve already said enough, so if they’re gonna get me they’re just gonna. Home schooled, Christian and libertarian …yeah I’m done son.
So what the hell.
This year is going to a year of shaking,Awakening and allot discord. Try to see past the bickering to the bigger picture. That doesn’t mean be apathetic. I have never ever been one to say ” oh in the long run it doesn’t matter” I don’t think we were put here to be that way. Everyone who follows any of my blogs knows I’m a Christian, so I’m not going to warn anyone anymore.
For most of my life I’ve seen Christian activist try to maintain or save a system. Or try to pray down a revival. I think what is happening needs to be assessed on a very personal level. Even the spiritual revival aspect of it. Once in a moment of prayer and admonishment, a teacher of mine in Bible College told us ” I don’t care if you get the paper here, I don’t care if you stay here- just KNOW God”. In some odd way, I wondered if she was telling some of us to run, and not get confused. By a system. If we truly internalize and KNOW what we have claimed we believe than we know who our enemy is. It’s not a person or people, and we know the enemy has always had the goal of setting himself up as god. That’s what happened in the garden and that’s what happened with the Tower of Babel and that’s what happens in the book of Revelation. We know that Jesus is returning, and when He does He isn’t going to ask ” did you defend your democracy”? hey when He was on earth, his followers wanted him to overthrow the government but He wouldn’t – this was not what He came for. That whole battle was never intended to be ours. He is going to ask what we did with His name.
We need to look at our history – all of it, not just the quotes that we like and that make us feel all warm and fuzzy and realize that the spirit of domination has always weaved and now it’s just closing in. I have written allot of poetry lines lately about mirrors. Everything seems to be mirroring something before…all the way back to the beginning. Some may know what I’m talking about and others may think I’m just riddling. Tower of Babel, Babylon, tribes of Israel, skip to us and it’s a the genocide/ colonization of the first people now mirroring back on the rest of society. It’s been in progress for years …make the people dependent, make the people apathetic then punish the people for biting the proverbial hand that feeds them.
This is where allot of people just don’t want to go, in their mind. It really makes them uncomfortable. We talk allot about standing in the gap, and days of repentance and sins of our fathers but we sure clean up ” our fathers” history before we ask that forgiveness. A thing has to acknowledged and not explained away, before reconciliation is ever possible. I’ve really started to wonder about the death of Richard Twiss, he died in DC. …and he made allot of people uncomfortable. Something has never set well with me about that. But maybe I’ve just been reading too much. In respect for the Twiss family I’ll just leave that wondering.
Apathy or culture clash wars of emotion. Everyone fights about rights. They don’t stop and really FEEL what they are fighting about. I’m pro life and have a friend who is not. Once she made a joke that ” if men could get pregnant there would be an abortion clinic on every corner and it would be free”. I answered to her ” so…? Would that make it right?”. I saw a picture online the other day, the photographer stated it was two city workers who had to unclog the pipes from an abortion clinic…you can use your common sense to know what was clogging them. Desensitization for life here…on one side it’s done one way and on the other side it’s done another way- but everyone likes to look at sky and whistle…
The big evil banker man that has been made to be everyone’s enemy….well look up the “suicides” of some bankers who most obviously did not commit suicide. Why are they being killed? Follow the crumbles. Things are so much more nuanced. Nothing is black and white- question everything. The mirrors…
On a side note….
By the way is only reliable for determining scam emails and posts. The rest of it is a politically funded filter to “tell” you what’s real or not real. It’s good for showing up your friends who blindly repost insane rumors on Facebook, but don’t let it be your final answer on anything else. Pretty sly scheme there right? Look up what or who owns snopes. Fukushima IS really happening and no one is being a radical environmentalist for educating people about it. The radical environmentalist are the ones who want us all to feel guilty for being humans and basically breathing and trying to make a living – yeah the ones with their hands in politicians pockets, who like all special interest, sold their soul somewhere. Allot of things are just common sense, but it takes coming out of apathy and being willing to be educated and grow as a person. Cannabis can cure literally hundreds of human ailments, and hemp can cure thousands of environmental ailments, as well as provide thousands of materials without waste. Think differently and lets stop making jokes about it. Let’s get real, let’s be educated- by ourselves for ourselves. Maybe it’s easy for me, I was homeschooled, I was taught to enjoy learning. To say all this doesn’t matter because the world is going to end one day, is like saying ” God doesn’t care if I trash my body because it’s only my spirit he wants and this body will die one day”. Yeah, that’s stupid and selfish. We are supposed to be responsible. In word thought and deed.
That was my rant, or rather the thought vent. Because thinking is still legal, they just don’t want you to know it. Allot going on in my mind and soul, because once you start down this road…it’s a domino effect…and there ain’t no going back.

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