During our break at work, a friend and I were assessing the news blaring from the tv. This particular friend and I share the same beliefs and generally the same view point, we just tend to process differently and usually have polar opposite attitudes about everything.
” The thing is, if we hit Syria what difference will it make ? Chemical weapons will still be there? (Him)
“It’s not about that, that’s just the hook they want people to bite, it’s stirring a pot to get world war three started. We cannot afford another war and all this will do is get other people mad. Then we will fall and they will rise. The new world order, one world government.”
He shruggs ” Im going to Heaven so …”
“Well I am too, but would you like to go quickly or would you like to be tortured?
” Don’t matter”
” yes it does ”
” what I mean is if it happens it was supposed to anyway , it always comes back to Israel and the Muslim nations anyway , right?
I sigh. Most of the time I have no argument. Most of the time we could be using the same words. Most if the tube the feeling behind them is completely different. Yes it is supposed to happen and yes those of us who know should not fear. But it’s not fear I feel. It’s still disgusting and abhorring and sad. It’s like watching someone say ” ok I am going to nose dive this plane into an island of fire ants and if I do not get approval I will still nose dive the plane into an island of fire ants , and everyone on board shall die- so where are my votes?
It makes me reflect on my life right now. What am I doing? What are my passions and are they worth my time? It makes me ask forgiveness from God and from everyone I may have hurt or caused grief. It makes me forgive, because tomorrow a broken heart or will wont swim very far will it?
Yeah, Im going to Heaven too- but we are not there yet. So lets get down to the Fathers business.