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The advancing tyranny

Yeah, I said it. Some things to look up(google hit words) …nuisance abatement teams…common core….Agenda 21…the core list….all of these things work together for the common good of the state controlling its citizens-mainly the poor ones. I have come to see that it will be the poor ones, because those are the ones that have been cornered and kept enslaved in a welfare system and then made to feel that they “need” the state and state imposed goods have expanded tremendously just in the last couple of years. I am not speaking as someone that does not know what it is like to be in that system, I grew up in it, so I am not trying to speak from an “us” and “them”…it is getting harder and harder for anyone to make. The people are now being “made” poor. People who self sustain off grid here in America are being forced to move, they have no idea where they will go…because they barely “make it” now, but nobody cares right? They live off the grid and they don’t “contribute” right? They have actually been living on their own and exactly the way they want to, with no thought to whether they have neighbors to impress. As much as the far left have manipulated the poorer communities, personally I would think they would be voicing the absurdity of this issue..but see the goal has NEVER been to allow a person to live the way they want or “Self-sustain” the goal has always been to control. This is the reasoning behind…pretty much everything that is used and adopted by the government. Think about this, the environmental movement has gotten support from politicians…but what has it done? Nothing. Anything that has been considered, just puts more controls on what the citizen can and cannot do-like those dang over priced energy efficient light bulbs that we HAVE to buy now. Like the ban on smoking anywhere, including in our own apartment (depending on where you live). Back to the conversation about off grid people, many of those people were not using electricity…some of them were living energy efficient lives…but apparently that is no good to the system -so really environmentalism is just a new tool, just like other “isms” of the past have been tools. The heart of the matter is lost in a myriad of insanity that benefits no one. It is the reason industrial hemp has not been tackled by political environmentalist. 

   It is like waves that go back and forth, they play on people and peoples convictions, values or angers. If you don’t have certain values or angers then they will propagate a thing to introduce you to it, then play like they are the only ones who can fix and so-this bill, or legislation or tax must be implemented. I often say that Ron Paul saved my intelligence. I never understood most of this until I finally got sick of the same old crap every four years,and actually LISTENED to what Paul said. Hey, if talking heads on BOTH sides (right wing/left wing) say someone is a radical or a nut or a hippie, then maybe just maybe that radical hippie nut is saying something that is not supposed to be said or at least heard. Well “Dr. No” is no longer in congress, and although people have finally woken up to the libertarian party and Rand Paul’s throat is getting sore from filibustering the non stop insanity, we might have woke up too late. There may be a dark reason that media is finally allowing these people to be heard. Now there is an uprising in the libertarian party, and people are finally willing to educate themselves, because all we have seen is complete and utter insanity…and for once we are ALL willing to call it just that. From here on out I’m speaking from my perspective as a Christian person, and will be tying what I see, what has been and what has been foretold.. because I am a Christian person and I have allot of concerns for my fellow Christian people…so in the words of someone I have allot of respect for…”if I say anything that you don’t agree with…let’s just leave it at that..we don’t agree”. 

        As a Christian I do feel like I have been had, not because of my spiritual life, but because for a long time maybe I did not have a spiritual life. Before I go further here, I need to say that the basis for Christianity and the adherence to the belief that there is a God who created earth and mankind, begins with the word that God created the earth, breathed on the dust of the earth and created man. That is a spiritual belief. We are created in the image of God, we are dirt people-all of us. My relationship with the creator of the universe,through His son that took human form for a short while, is a personal spiritual relationship.The words may have been taken out of context or twisted-by powers that be in order to enslave, but that is the way evil works. When Jesus was tempted during His fast, the devil quoted scripture to Him…that is something to think about there. I say this because someone I admire very much said a few years ago that Americans needed to prepare themselves because they were about to be taken to the place “where spirits are eaten”. I can see that…I can see that because allot of my people don’t understand their personal relationship anymore, it is just another belief tolerated among many and this is the one that they chose. Or, it is what they call themselves if they have to check a box on a form, or  they take the ten commandments and try to impress them or legislate morality and if that cannot be done then their faith is shaken to its core…because our faith has been in the wrong thing for a long long long time. More and more legislation is being pushed in a very blatant way, and then there are secretive things going on in a very underhanded way. I say I feel that I have been had, because my first vote ever, was for Bush. Refer to the beginning of this post when I talked about politics using your convictions, yes. Buzzwords. Trigger words. I remember the left media, and certain people I knew bashing the “evangelicals” and “religious right”. Well….the religious right and evangelicals for the most part did not vote for what is going on now. At least not most of the evangelicals that I know. Some still cling to the “belief” that President Obama is trying “clean up the mess” that Bush made…well…OK if that helps you sleep at night. Personally, the way I see it, the skeleton of this beast was being built for years, and the current administration is just fleshing it out. They are not fixing anything, they are just building on it. Buzz words…triggers… The way it has always been but through time it just got faster and more blatant. 
  I say I feel I have been had, not meaning that I am no longer Christian, but meaning I fell for political involvement and participation in systems that are man made, trying to fight them in the name of God, and thought that made me a better person, a good Christian -you know because Christ was all involved in the rallies of His time right? (no He wasn’t). Blindly, I went with the motions. To passively allow abortion is to aid and abet in abortion, like the citizens of Germany that knew the holocaust was going on and said and did nothing, right? So anyone who says they are against abortion and uses that as a platform must be the one to get the vote …right?  Because to vote for a third party would mean that innocent blood is on our hands…right? There is the lie. Here is where something critical is missing…it is called thinking, not jumping on emotional band wagons-and I dare say abortion is a tool used by both parties to push hot buttons on either side of the isle. Hitler used the same Bible, and the same God that I say that I know, to do what he did to human beings. Our government has also “used” God to blind the “Christian nation” while they have a whole secret system that would make most of us physically sick if we knew about. The only thing Jesus said to do in His name, was tell His story-tell what He came to do and tell that He was coming back…and love and heal people while we did it.  The disciples went and did this, and if the communities did not accept then they left and went to the next one, they were killed and persecuted-by religious governments…backed by emotionally charged citizens. Just like Jesus was crucified. However-all of them knew that this would happen. They did not work with the “system” to ensure that it would not happen. The thing is people like to look at this and think that the eradication and outlawing of religious practices are the answer…however we can look at systems that have done that and see that the sate itself becomes the oppressive religion-just like they were before they are just not hiding it behind God anymore…  I think we have been set up for that.

          The system is arrogant and prideful in it’s attempts to dominate and celebrates its domination and its use of “God”…or rather now it’s rejection of God. and today those words “pride” “ignorance” “arrogance” “hate” is synonymous with Christianity, to those who don’t know an actual Christian as a human being outside of mechanical church visits and routines and conservative political arguments…or democratic political arguments...and those words were never ours.They are exactly what we are told not to be or do or put on. We started relying on this system long ago, to ensure that we were secure, and in securing our beliefs with the system we became just like them. Pride is taught against more than anything else in the Bible-pride and idolatry.We have had allot of pride, and arrogance and idolatry. More than anything else we have had fear, and we have reacted out of fear-not out of faith or trust or our God given common sense. Many are upset that America is rejecting openly (by its leaders) Christian principles, but that was done eons ago. Just because they said to our face that we were a Christian nation, does not mean that we were. Behind closed doors nothing was Godly. Just because they said “God bless America” does not mean that we were God’s cosmic pet. Rome is burning, the house of cards is falling, and internally we better know who we are -on a personal level. What defines you as a person, and what defines your relationship with God, because the facade is over and veil is off. We cant hide behind masks anymore. The American dream is over-and a dream is probably is all it ever was. It served its purpose, and now they are gonna use something else, someone else, in their attempt of completing the new tower of babel. Babylon…yeah. It is an evil power. If there is a totally evil power system, note that it does come from the beginning attempt to dismantle God. Satan is the father of lies, deceit, arrogance and pride and he seeks whom he may devour. He fools, and if you think you are too holy to be fooled then you already have been. We are told in Revelation that the anti Christ (false Christ) will fool many…well I think that as emotionally angry as many people are right at this moment-the next guy that comes in could be charming and use soothing “buzz words” and people would fall for it. He would be the opposite (on the outset) he would probably get many many “Christians” on his side…and the people who actually read their Bible, and think (meditate on it) will KNOW that this a product of evil. Speaking of arrogance and pride…so many of us forget that Christians are killed all over this world. I saw a video the other day of Christians in China getting Bibles. They were smelling them and crying. Under communism, Bibles were taken away from them in 1949. We think it wont happen to us. Note Christianity just went underground, people were killed bringing it and people were killed or imprisoned for practicing it…but it doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. It became hidden in the heart. It was personal…it was relational..not ten points and a poem about prosperity on Sunday. Oh it’s coming here, it has been primed and set for years, the very attitude in the air is changing, I can actually feel this. The temperaments are primed for our enslavement and it will probably be a religious system that does it. As I said, a religious system even if it does not claim a god makes itself one…and because we will know, and we are being watched and spied on and controlled (because that system is not going anywhere) they will know that we see through it and they will know we are not going to go with this. There has always been a difference in a political whore and a follower of Christ. In any history of oppressive things being done using Christians as puppets, and God as the reason, there have always been a few Christ followers who were against that system and called out the atrocities, usually they end up in prison, or silenced or killed. It is coming.The ones who don’t care, and want what they want and want it right now, well…their spirits have already been eaten. The ones who know who we are and to who we belong, they can do what they want but our spirits go back to God.

 So that is my transformation and realizing how the government never changes its policies, but it sure uses our emotions to blind us so we don’t see what they are doing….or if we do, we avert our eyes and accept it, for false security..for fear. I’m not afraid anymore.


Different Views on The End

During our break at work, a friend and I were assessing the news blaring from the tv. This particular friend and I share the same beliefs and generally the same view point, we just tend to process differently and usually have polar opposite attitudes about everything.
” The thing is, if we hit Syria what difference will it make ? Chemical weapons will still be there? (Him)
“It’s not about that, that’s just the hook they want people to bite, it’s stirring a pot to get world war three started. We cannot afford another war and all this will do is get other people mad. Then we will fall and they will rise. The new world order, one world government.”
He shruggs ” Im going to Heaven so …”
“Well I am too, but would you like to go quickly or would you like to be tortured?
” Don’t matter”
” yes it does ”
” what I mean is if it happens it was supposed to anyway , it always comes back to Israel and the Muslim nations anyway , right?
I sigh. Most of the time I have no argument. Most of the time we could be using the same words. Most if the tube the feeling behind them is completely different. Yes it is supposed to happen and yes those of us who know should not fear. But it’s not fear I feel. It’s still disgusting and abhorring and sad. It’s like watching someone say ” ok I am going to nose dive this plane into an island of fire ants and if I do not get approval I will still nose dive the plane into an island of fire ants , and everyone on board shall die- so where are my votes?
It makes me reflect on my life right now. What am I doing? What are my passions and are they worth my time? It makes me ask forgiveness from God and from everyone I may have hurt or caused grief. It makes me forgive, because tomorrow a broken heart or will wont swim very far will it?
Yeah, Im going to Heaven too- but we are not there yet. So lets get down to the Fathers business.

The Moment You Cry Out..

“The moment you cry out to The Lord, your life will change”
I made myself go to a small group meeting with my pastor in Birmingham. At this point in this year I was feeling like a real phony and didn’t want to go. It’s been one of those rough spots. When you forget who you are and where you are going and why you are going there. While others simply and quickly make peace with themselves and for some reason you can’t and you feel like a fool. A real and true blue moron. I was sure walking in the pastor knows I’m a fool. The people around me probably know it. Heck with my work schedule there is no thing what they think when I walk in ” oh she is making her MONTHLY visit to church. Today the topic of the sermon was freedom… Independence Day is this week after all. Pastor Mike makes a visual as only he can… How when he gets to Heaven he hopes God will just take the top off the world so he can see the parts on the inside no one has seen. How he hopes God will let him walk in the bottom of the ocean- after all he will be in Heaven right so he could breathe down there! The things only God has seen…
He want on in his demonstration that even we as Christians get into places where we are not truly free. We pray and feel nothing, we go to the alter and say yes I’m sanctified but we know we aren’t … And then we leave. We leave because we can’t bear to wear the face saying that we are. We live in our own dungeons in our own chains that we are afraid to take off. There was already a sacrifice there was already freedom given to us, but we somehow think its too much… or too little for God to care for. He told a story about a man he knew who couldn’t stop drinking and whatever else he was doing. This man had one of those “ok God if you are real” moments and was physically set free from his addictions. He related this to be as anything else in our lives …God doesn’t differentiate the substance addictions from the anxiety ridden or despair burdened. We all want or need forgiveness – for something…and sometimes that need is even what drives us to to our depths.
I sat there knowing he was speaking the truth. I have accepted anxiety, fear and general self loathing for months now. I have made a moron of myself and became someone I never knew I could be. Deep remorse settled in me and turned to guilt … And the various ways I tried to numb the pain hasn’t helped they just created symptoms in other areas of my life. CRYING….someone make it stop!!! So drink something so you will sleep… Still no sleep. Over sleep and come to work looking a wreck and further feel like a fool. Pray. God doesn’t care about this you are the one who messed up you have to fix it, take responsibility and stop “accepting” the depression. That’s what your psyche book for school says. By the way you are gonna make a crap counselor you fool, look at yourself you screwed your own life up, singlehanded in a matter of three months. What is WRONG with you??
I sat there thinking of the past few months and all the ways I had analyzed and strategized my life and I just got tired. “I’m tired”I thought … How did I get here? I’m a smart person – known for doing the right thing .. The best thing. The example … The older child. “I’m tired…and its ok…Im screwed and its ok…that is what it takes sometimes for us to remember that we were never in control to begin with”. I cried and prayed on the back row at the end of the service and left as soon as it was over, but not before Pastor Mike invited me to small group tonight. I told him I would come but I was internally debating on whether I would make it or not.
I made it I drive thirty minutes to a town I never have visited and watched a video on prayer. The testimony from a member of Brooklyn Tabernacle about a hairdresser who made thousands a day and list his job on moral grounds ( drugs) and cut up all his documents and lived on the street, his sole reason for living was heroine and he nearly died. He went to an ER and had been hearing voices for months. In the middle of the voices that had plagued him he had a memory of another voice, one of a model who he worked with who told him ” the moment you cry out to God will change your life”. He did cry out, it may have been quietly but the voices stopped and his life changed.
God makes no distinction between who he rescues… But He does wait for us to cry out. Sometimes I think it is harder for the ones who claim to be Christian to admit they need Him and to cry out. After all, we are the ones who know He has the world in His hands. It is hard because we already know that He sees everything – like the caverns in the earth that no one has seen. He sees what we are depending on other than Him to get by. He sees the longings and desires we have that we hide. He sees the depth of despair we are in when we are forgotten or hurt and just want the pain to stop. He sees the way we proverbially duct tape our lives into place and smile and say that we are fine. In other words- no matter what chain it is… He already knows. I reached out for prayer tonight and it was an humbling thing to do. I didn’t give details there is not allot of need for it. Just knowing there are people who have your back in prayer. I realized that I don’t owe anyone the face I’ve been playing. I’m not doing great and it’s ok that it is known. God already knows. I’m not fooling Him so why try to fool anyone else?
Moral of the story … It’s time for a reset and restore. Nothing is impossible. Prayer changes things, it really does. The moment we cry out.
This has been a personal account from a Christian blogger.

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