The Feminist Lobby is shaking in Their Jack Boots.

Apparently Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem are trying to play mommie dearest to the generations of women who came after them. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”.. said Albright about young women who are supporting Bernie Sanders. Later in the same week Steinem who still has a bit more charm and beauty than Albright, made a condescending statement about the same crowd. “When you are young you want to be where the boys are, and the boys are with Bernie”. Steinem has since apologized for her self righteous sneer towards the women who are practicing the freedom that Steinem organized for.

I found it amusing, that these women are really coming out against a man who at the base line, is probably their best friend in ideals. Yet he is still an enemy because he stands in the way of their dream of a woman president. He stands in the way of their utopia, simply because he is a man and he has young women following him. If he were a woman there would be no sneers about young women still not thinking for themselves because of “patriarchy” there would be no old white woman playing goddess and sending young women to hell for not working the right campaign trails. There would be no woman shaming for not being the right kind of woman politically. But he is a man and clearly the feminists are running out of illusions to help distract from the reality of who Clinton is. They have run out of defenses for her, so they are cracking and starting to let their jack boots show.
Conservative women have always known this about the high profile feminist. We vote and we live and we find causes that they never even look sideways at. We get our educations and raise our children the way we see fit and not by the standards the state mandates. We are not celebrated because our money and energy is not given to their cause. They only look at us when they want a poster child for a Stepford wife and they seek out one to be the example. The only time they howl is if someone has a different opinion about life and motherhood then they do. They attack conservatives, republicans and men in general if they pose a threat to their advances. If you are a female and vote independently you don’t exist, if you are republican you don’t exist and if you are democrat and don’t want to vote for Hillary (for the many reasons there are to NOT vote for Hillary) you are a traitor and are now condemned to Hell. Objectivity be damned, they only want you to be objective when there is a chance that they might change your mind.
I’m not voting for Sanders. I’m not a socialist and yes I know Sweden has such a glorious time in their socialism, but I don’t live in Sweden. Certain parts of America has always had their own type of socialism and have been trying to get out of it for their whole lives. If all f America is fully socialist then what would we dream for? I’m not voting for Hillary because she is a lying, backstabbing, ambitious, politician run by corporate socialist and we would probably be worse. I’m not voting for Trump because he is a theatrical jerk who lives in his own reality. Rand Paul dropped out and so I may become a non voter this year. You know why? Because I’m a woman and an American and I have that right. I’m not going to vote for a woman just because they have made a secular sacrament of child sacrifice. I’m not going to vote for Bernie just because socialism is “in” this year and I’m not going to vote Republican just because “we need to beat the democrats”.

Gloria and Madeline need to open their eyes. Women are doing it for ourselves these days, and we don’t need you to tell us how to do it. Abolish the matriarchy.



The Show Must Go On

I stopped paying any attention to anything Donald Trump had to say back when the whole fiasco with him and Megyn Kelley was displayed and hyped. It went on and on and just when America’s limited attention span looked the other way, Trump reiterated his idiotic image as a sexist racist rich pig. Like he thrives on this. He just stops in cities and makes sure that he says something, anything, that can and will be used against him. I used to read some of Trumps books on business. I liked Trump. At one time I did think he should run, but after two campaigns where he ran his mouth but never actually did anything, I got over it. Now he is still running his mouth and everyone is getting tired of it. He also has a barbie side kick now, Sarah Palin gets to run her mouth again. The first time I ever saw Palin I was impressed. Finally, someone who could prove that a woman did not have to be a democrat to make it in politics. She also does not have to worship at the alter of Planned Parenthood. Well even a broken clock is right twice a day. It’s all a joke isn’t it? I mean someone is on candid camera, they have to be. Who would seriously put Palin on their team if they actually and truly expected to win? No one can convince me that this man thinks he will win. I don’t even think he wants to. I think he is just enjoying his moment with a following.

I’m not worried about Trump, he is an attention whore and he is not stupid, he knows he is making statements that are broad and insulting. He could refine his speech but he doesn’t,he could check his verbs but he doesn’t. Is he Hitler? Or is he just an entertainer using the reality show brain washed masses against themselves? As long as we are watching Trump, we are not paying attention to real things that are going on. And if we pretend to believe that Trump is not playing a game, then we are refusing to look at his record and we do not live in reality. If we think he is Gary Cooper in High Noon, then we must be lost in some illusion, just like many of us had when we voted for Obama. Eight years and exhausted and angry people, follow any kind of carrot dont they?

While we are on that subject, Trump is not the only candidate that is just full of crap and a bad idea. Bernie Sanders was in Birmingham last week. I actually wanted to go, for the sake of being objective and to see the crowd. Then I realized that I live downtown and there a lot of hipsters and environmentally conscience young people. This is a good idea, but it also means they follow their own carrot. Just like women flock to Clinton because she is a woman and”reproductive rights” and to hell with everything else, environmentalist or simply “eco conscience” people, as well as anyone who feels oppressed or offended, are “feeling the Bern”. Except they aren’t feeling the Bern. Not yet. As strongly as I think Trump is a joke and will not win the Presidency, I dont have a lot of doubt that Sanders could. As sad as it is, there a lot of emotional people out there who are convinced socialist ideas are good ideas, equalizing and fair. The people that love it so much have never had to live under it, they just have a generational guilt about living in a Capitalist society.

So the way I watch this thing play, there is a capitalist candidate who blatantly and in a theatrical way embodies everything that is sickening and selfish about white America-almost an archetype of stereotype. Then on the other side there is a blatant socialist. I thought Obama was blatant too, and I still think that, but there was always defenders who accused anyone who said things like that of being racist. So we eventually shut up. When the Presidents approval rates were low and people had come out of their enchantment with him, many on both sides thought there was no way he could win again. But he did. Now many just dont think Bernie could ever get in. He could. Lets look at a few things.

The current generation of younger voters do not like capitalism. They feel guilty about it, they want a better world. A Utopian world. A world that is so equal that equality loses its true meaning and becomes a utilitarian painting with carbon copy prints in every fair trade coffee shop. They are becoming their own stereotypes, in their own protected safe space of dreams where reality never comes in and makes a nest.

I was a big Ron Paul supporter in 2011-2012. He changed my life and the way I thought objectively. I shared everything I could about him and followed his trail.Like Bernie Sanders, Paul had a large young adult following. We really do have a short memory, since it seems that crowd has either disappeared or is now following the exact opposite in Bernie. What I notice is that Sanders gets a lot of press, and validation, whereas Paul did not. Fox News showed their true colors in ignoring and pretending Paul did not exist, cutting his interviews short and not giving him appropriate time and even calling his followers hippies. Well every time Bernie breaths he gets talked about, be it good or bad press. Every time Hillary gets in legal trouble, Bernie is considered a valid contender. Every time Trump makes a volatile statement Bernie is there to seem coherent. He is not coherent, but compared to Trump he is the most stable isn’t he? He is the Utopian dream, you know the “future to believe in”…it doesn’t matter that we have already heard this same dream eight years ago “change we can believe in”…”hope and change”. Taxing the evil rich to fund incentives. Bernie even wants to tax the middle class. My question is what middle class? And all the young adults that thought Obama was cool, are now paying out the nose or getting fined for the free insurance that they did not understand that they would have to pay for. All the Bernie youth, you just wait.

Bernie Sanders was invited and spoke at Liberty University. Let all the left wingers scream in agony. While top Universities are boycotting Christina Hoff Sommers and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and creating “safe spaces” against ideas that scare them, a openly Christian, conservative and private institution invited Bernie Sanders. Talk about being objective. That is true dialogue right there. There was talk about socialism being biblical. Well as a Bible College graduate I am tired of that argument on both sides. The tribes of Israel in the Old Testament lived in tribal ways, community and taking care of each other-gifting and working as unit for the tribe. Every seven years, the year of Jubilee or Shemittah, all servants or slaves were freed-their debts paid and the land itself was given a rest. In this way there was a “reset” a sabbatical and the land was not depleted. The animals were and everything in creation and in relationship was reset. Well that is not represented in either socialism or capitalism. Why? Because we do not truly live in a biblical society, or one in the nature of what God intended. Every time we have tried to recreate a Utopia we try to conquer each other. So both Trump and Sanders can stop waving a Bible and insulting my spiritual intelligence.

I think I will become a non voter this year. Because this whole cycle has seemed scripted. I don’t buy it. No Nation can be this stupid. Or maybe it can. We are like zombies. Just a dead walk to one angers bitter drum or the other. And there is not real objective thinking exciting candidate this time. If there was he would be made a villain and hijacked just like Ron Paul was.

A Few Bones

   I’ve got a few bones to pick with players who like to get on social media and make attempts at sounding smart.

   For a good year now most of the world has been decrying the actions of ISIS. This has been news on and off, terrorizing our minds, and imprinting the question “how could any human being do this? When they caged and burned a Jordanian pilot alive, when they beheaded 12 Christians who by the way would not classify as “white”, when they pushed homosexuals off rooftops, and every thing in between or since, I have looked at the petty narcissistic things that we in America call “oppression” or “hate” and wondered how we even function. I expected after the attack on Paris (their second and most deadly) that for a moment the catered to students at high class universities might actually have some real life compassion or at least see reason. That wasn’t to be. All day I have seen other write ups and blogs like mine which repeat the narcissistic tweets from Missouri spouting how the media is “using” the tragedy to sweep this nations racist problems under the rug. Then the ones that call out “sick white people who only care when other white people die”. You know, because it’s Paris and only white people are french…which would be classified as a racist statement I do think. I’m not going to give them any more traction by repeating them, that is what google is for. I don’t know how grown men begging for the lives of their wives to be spared and survivors hiding among dead bodies in pools of blood, equals alleged name calling. I don’t know how it equals wealthy students fighting free speech that disagrees with them. If a real hate group came on campus and opened fire, and blew themselves up and took the lives of half the campus, then yes that would be equal but that is not happening. Thank God that is not happening, but sometimes it seems that the mass media and social media and it’s pawns wish that those kinds of atrocities would happen. We suffer from a serious lack of empathy in this country, and according to psychology that is actually called narcissism. I actually wrote a thesis on cultural narcissism. We love to hate ourselves here, and then blame everyone else for the scars.
     Days before the Paris massacre, ISIS also hit Beruit, but it wasn’t as big as news. Apparently this is also a result of racism. Is this “Racist” or is it just the magnitude of PARIS. If it had been Tokyo or Rome I’m sure the outpouring would have been the same. Images of Paris are part of our thought patterns whether we have been there or not. Art of all kinds is influenced by Paris. Fashion icons are only made in Paris. Paris is always a good idea according to Sabrina (think Audrey Hepburn), So it makes sense that the average American becomes sick to their stomach when they see her streets look like a war zone, it naturally shakes and disturbs. That’s natural I think. Quite honestly I’ve been disturbed and shaken more than once in the past two years. So much so that I’ve had to stop following many facebook pages, and media forms that play ISIS stories and commentaries on repeat. I’ve had to stop following some celebrities that help the bandwagon of half truths get around the world and abuse the words “hate” and “sexism”. I’ve felt like a voice lost among millions of voices. I’ve slept a lot because it is easier than engaging, I’ve let my apartment go to shit more than once, because it seems all I do is work and go home and read a lot of belly aching. I’m over that. At times, I’ve had to tell others to snap out of their self loathing state, and sometimes good people have had to tell me the same.

     I get it, we are all conditioned to feel like we deserve something more than we have. Like we are entitled, that entitlement theory that conservatives like to throw around is just as much poison as the liberals throwing around “privilege”, because we all have suffered or been divided by both theories.  I, a singe woman who works a full time job, with zero financial support from any one else, with much more debt going out than money coming in, graduated with a bachelors this past May and got not so much as a congratulations card. Wow things were so much easier when you were a kid and every Birthday you got a few cards with five bucks in them, and when you got out of high school all your elders acted like this was the height of your entire life. Too bad it wasn’t the height of our lives  and we had to keep going. We have to keep going and to do it we have to think past the bull crap. We have to get out of our safe spaces, because the work place doesn’t have those. Friendships don’t have those. Life doesn’t have those. Your home is your safe space. Your head is your safe space. My bed is mine, but I got out of it this evening and kissed my big fat cat bye and came to engage in a hipster coffee shop where African Americans, possibly lesbian Americans and white girls talking through their noses, somehow manage to drink coffee and not shoot each other up. Too bad we don’t see the irony in our woes.Too bad every single one of us cant go visit someone who is considerably less privileged than any of us-because if we are honest all of us has some privileges. Too bad we cant  be grateful before it is too late and we have to remember what we were grateful for. Too bad that we live in a world so stuck on definitions that we can watch people get shot down, beheaded and set on fire and we still want to cry over perceptions of microaggressions and theories of privilege that put all people of each color in their consecutive camp and no one can deviate. Funny, the same place where all these theories came from are the same places that blame religion and racism for doing the same things. 

     ISIS doesn’t care if you are gay, straight, black, white or Asian -oh yes they also don’t care if you are Native American, they have the same statement of declaration for all of us. Paris doesn’t care if the nations reaching out to them in prayer and support are white, black or Jewish.THAT is what true liberal nations are supposed to be and these naval gazing student bodies that have been birthed in liberal college campuses need to venture outside their own boundaries and realize that, while they may still appreciate it. By the way, the American student studying in Paris who was one of those killed, was a young Latina woman. 

On Marriage

Recently I was discussing the topic of marriage with a good friend. Both of us are divorced and have very vivid stories from manipulative, co dependent relationships. I told him that most people I see getting married I don’t think should be. He confided he felt the same way. This is not because we don’t believe in the bonds of love or the institution of marriage. Quite the opposite, we understand the importance of that commitment, and from where we stand, most people making that leap do not understand it. It is a long term commitment they think they can pull off because of a short term emotional feeling or expression. It is a compromise in order to stay comfortable. It is a self imposed expectation to feel a sense of progress at a certain time in their life. I’ve been divorced for twelve years and in that time I have only seen two couples get married who I internally thought “wow, I’m so happy for these two people”. Two couples in twelve wedding seasons. After my first round of college there were many many college star couples that got married, very few of them are still together.

The pain that comes within marriage are the deepest kinds of hurts, and I’m not talking about financial stress. Financial stress just exacerbates the frustrations and pains that are already there. The pain that is caused by someone who has said that they love you and joined themselves to you are the worst, and many times these things are covered over by smiling family photos on the front of greeting cards. It is not just physical beatings, many times these things are much more nuanced. It doesn’t just happen to women, men are much more private about living with a manipulative, gas lighting angry female. I’ve seen this over and over, on both side, and ultimately what I find is, that the two people should have never gotten married to begin with. They didn’t know each other long enough..or they did and got married out of convenience. Ultimately someone was not being honest, be it with their significant other or to themselves. That second part is much harder…to realize you were not deceived at all, there was no disguise-your wife or husband was always a manipulative, disrespectful jerk and they never hid it…you just refused to accept what they showed you -because you did not want to believe it, or you were trying to prove something or you were just impatient. It is more difficult to get out of that situation.

Of all the analogies I have heard about marriage the most beautiful one came from my divorced friend who was mentioned at the beginning. See we talk about these things because we have enjoyed our single life in the decade or so since our divorces. We have grown and healed and seen many friends bite the bullet too soon, and drown as a result. We’ve seen people get married because they were in love with the idea of a wedding. We have seen them engaged because they didn’t want to be alone. He told me that he didn’t know what made people get married today, or at least the younger people. People used to choose a mate to join their family…yes they created their own family but it was an extension of the one they had. He described his step mother who became a sister to his fathers sisters, and who also respected the mother he was born to. He described the joining of two families, not as crazy in laws that make up the main fodder for comics and chic flicks…but as two communities building a fortress. Sadly today, most young people romanticize a notion built in a love song that says “its you and me against the world” and “no one understands” and if the family doesn’t like it ..well we are hell bent on doing it…Well me and any very young divorcee can tell you “been there done that…and a two years later woke up (hopefully without children but most of the time not) with the shades off our eyes, having to deal with the reality.

There are friends and there are lovers, and I think everyone that passes through our lives serves a purpose. If I have a lover, I have a lover. If I have a friend then I have a friend. Maybe someone who is both. But if I choose a husband, he needs to be a brother to my brothers, and a son to my mother, and someone my family doesn’t have to lose sleep worrying about because my life is in his hands and he couldn’t care less. I know what is like for someone to say they love you yet insult and hate everything you come from. I know what it is like to be married to someone who makes fun of your family. I know what it is like to be married to someone who hurts you, in some way, that drains you to the point that it takes twelve years to get over. Sadly many of these things could be avoided by ourselves, if we look in the mirror and understand our reflection. If we cannot live with ourselves alone, then we cannot live with ourselves joined to anyone else either. If we don’t know ourselves, we should not give that opportunity to anyone else. If we are trying to progress and find ourselves, or if we just thinks this is what is expected or what should be done-we are still doing it wrong. Women around the world are still forced into arranged marriages and beg to get married for the right reasons…they would do anything for the time we have to NOT get married. Enjoy your life, find yourself and yes learn from others, dont go dashing down any aisles until they have seen you evolve and grow and you have seen them do the same and the kinship remains.

People always ask me why I’m not married. Or when I’m getting married. Now they just ask me when I plan on having kids…which is another level of personal that is no ones business. It used to make me angry, and I gave some kind of neon feminist answer. It doesn’t make me angry anymore, because I’m not angry anymore. I have enjoyed my life and have had ample opportunity to grow and learn and will continue to do so. I also understand that nothing that is alive stays stagnate-so the illusion that I have to stop moving to get married no longer holds my thoughts on the ordeal. My answer now is, I know what marriage is…and anyone I marry needs to understand and respect it as well. I know who I am now, and it would have been wrong -and selfish-of me to marry someone not knowing that. It would have been more of the same. That is how long it takes sometimes for people to heal over emotional abuse, and isolation from other loved ones. We used to have a saying at the Bible College I attended a decade ago…”why am I with you”…it was an exercise for paired off students to really comprehend and articulate in their minds why they were a. dating b. engaged. Needless to say it was hard for some people to answer. Before anyone gets married they should be able to coherently answer that question, without fantasy or ideals-but thoughts on the continuum of souls and families joining and what that means present and future tense.

The Media Games

Let me be clear. I’m not voting for Donald Trump. I’m not even sure I’ll be voting. So anything I say in this post is not to be taken as pro Trump or anti-Trump. I usually try to look in some other direction when the news (any of the channels) puts something before me to dictate. It is almost uncanny that what we are seeing played out is like a theater of everything we have been told that Republicans are…yet if you look at it from an opposite direction it is also a theater of everything we have been told Democrats are. No matter, it is just that-a theater, and up to the point everyone must be playing their parts right and we aren’t supposed to notice the behind the scenes. This is understandable…I try my best not to look at any of it.
Here is what I think about Trump. I think he is a businessman and an entertainer famous for being a famous business man. When he dangled the idea of running for President if front of us years ago, I thought it was a good idea. He kept having opinions and then he didn’t run. He waited until things were at their worst. Scandals and blatant crimes have been committed and glossed over by the media. Then he arrives. He said before the last election that he had never thought as seriously as he was thinking then about running, and that things couldn’t seem to get worse. Then he backed out and guess what, things have gotten worse. So much so that Trump seems to be the most alive and most exciting guy in the run up. It seems like he is a “tell it like it is” kind of guy who is not afraid of anyone. That he may be. But lets be honest, what Trump says he will do or believes he can do, and what he can do, will do, or would even be ALLOWED to do are very different things. What blows my mind is that it seems both the love him crowd and the hate him crowd are totally enamored and distracted by him. For the right he is the man with a plan that seems to actually care about where the country is. For the left he is the embodiment of racism and sexism. I don’t think he is much of either. Saying there are gangs (and yes there are violent gangs who do commit crimes because that is what gangs do) is not racist. Hispanic and Latino people know this though, many of them come from places like Jaurez or other crime ridden areas, they know and that’s why they want out. They also know some of their criminal neighbors come here. Here is the thing…all of that is not the point. The point of argument is whether or not Trump is a racist. Everyone doesn’t love Megyn Kelly and the questions she was asking Trump were not really hard questions. That also is not the point. The point of argument now is whether he is a sexist. And we all tune in on our “sides” of the theater every night to watch our media representatives spin on the situation. Here is where Trump is smart and truthful, he doesn’t care what people think so he doesn’t care if you think he is a sexist racist. So he can keep this charade up for as long as it takes. America’s attention span is infantile, we had all but forgotten the ordeal with Megyn Kelly and went on to other pastures of distraction, but then Megyn comes back from vacation and Trump brings attention to the happening by tweeting a litany of insults. Gracious, Megyn Kelly is probably the most loved on Fox News by now because of all the bad press Trump has given her. It is unprofessional, and immature to tweet that someone is a “bimbo” among other things simply for not licking your feet. It is about as immature and unprofessional as making a blanket statement about “mexicans” and “mexico” not “sending” their best. The point of that message was lost because of the immature and unprofessional way it thrown out and it can never be undone. Maybe it was not supposed to be. See Trump says outlandish things and makes broad “management” promises that he cannot explain nor back up. Just like Obama and his “keep believing” “hope and change” speeches. This is the same. And people are eating it up.

Let us not forget that the media edits,spins and takes things out of context and puts it all on a loop for the world to see over and over and over. In the past hour and half, just on social media news outlets, I have seen about ten times the “breaking news” that Trump had kicked out Jorge Ramos of Univision from his press conference. The New York Times said “how long will the GOP stand for this. PJMEDIA asked if it was wrong and all the supporters commented that it was right because the Ramos was not called upon and was heckling. I looked up the videos on youtube and yes he did jump up and start asking questions without being called upon. Yes he was removed. Then he was brought back and Trump called on hm and they had a back and forth for nearly five minutes. Then it was over…I wouldn’t know that if I had not looked it up on youtube. All I would have known was that Ramos was kicked out.

With Trump hogging all the spotlight with his cult of personality, the people who have always despised conservatives are now hating them more than ever. No one is paying attention to other candidates such as…Ben Carson. What will never be said though is that Ben Carson most likely doesn’t get much support or talk because he African American. It doesn’t matter that he is a Doctor, is intelligent or that he has a humble demeanor…he is black and it is against political normal to be black and republican. This article by Carson is more powerful than anything Trump has spat out and it should be going viral but ti wont…

“We should have a talk with the Democratic Party.  Let’s tell them, we don’t want to be clothed, fed and housed. We want honor and dignity.

We don’t want a plan to give us public housing in nice neighborhoods. We want an end to excuses for schools that leave us without the means to buy our own houses where we choose to live. We want the skills needed to compete, not a consolation prize of Section 8, Food Stamps and a lifetime of government paperwork.

Finally, we need to go over to the Republican Party. We need to tell them they have ignored us for too long. They need to invite us in and listen to us. We need to communicate and find a different way.

There are many things to be angry about when you are consumed by hopelessness.Bernie Sanders isn’t one of them.”

Oh and Bernie…let me not get started. There is not much difference in him and Clinton except that he is supported by Unions….I’ve never worked for a Union but I’ve known many who have…and  they hated every single second of it. Be aware that anyone who has fawned over a socialist leader got left even further behind than they were to start with, if they were left alive at all.

I lost faith in all news media during Ron Paul’s last run for President. The one candidate who was consistent, not a flip flopper, who truly said mind blowing intelligent things was virtually erased from any polls and conversation about the race. He was always talked to as if he was separate. No matter how many stadiums were packed or how many young people raised money he was never taken seriously. So when he lost it was just “expected”. No one wants to know about the rigged voting machines or the republican votes that were never reported because they were for Paul. For something that widespread and systematic to  happen it would have to come from another authority. Rand Paul doesnt even have that kind of opposition. But maybe Rand is willing to do what his father was not…and maybe if Ron had made it he would have been assassinated. As I said…theater. The media (Fox and CNN and BBC and all the rest) screwed him and America over. They work in tandem with the government and this is now common knowledge yet people are naval gazing with stars in their eyes watching the same reels on loop and two celebrities fight like cats and dogs…to prove to the world that Trump is a bumbling sexist, racist idiot. He will get your hopes up that you will see change then he will bow out and you can watch Hillary take the Iron Throne. I would say put your eyes and prayers elsewhere and get out intelligent thoughts like Carson puts out, or a libertarian candidate…but then I think of the Paul run and how tired and devastated we were when we saw what convention and the system does to truth and passion. It probably doesn’t even matter. So watch your theater, just don’t get to upset when some “scandal” takes him out and leaves you high and dry and still pretending that the media is not covering up real issues and corruption.

Put not your trust in princes, Nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. Psalm 146:3

Effective Sept 2015: Feds Remove State Authority Over Special Needs Students and Redefine Who is Special Needs



Pray that our politicians and superintendents are interested enough, and honest enough, to see through the Department of Ed, and kick to the curb its lies and false reassignments of authority that hurt our children and our Constitutional power.

Jakell Sullivan, a beautiful Utah mom who happens to be one of the most dedicated  researchers on education reform and data privacy breaches that I know, has pointed out that this week, U.S. Secretary of Education Duncan posted a “final rule” on the No Child Left Behind reauthorization.

(Thank you, Jakell.)

The final rule will move us from the “phasing out” phase to the “no more state authority at all” phase of the federalization of state education.

The “final rule” may not appear, on the surface, to affect you if you don’t have a physically or mentally handicapped child.  But think twice.  Because in the new, upside down, 2+2=5 world of Common Core, normal children who either don’t do their best on, or…

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Repeating history

I made this video last year and it was my first attempt at trying to communicate an opinion using images to someone elses work. For a first attempt it was pretty good, I thought. I’m still not sure anyone “got it”.

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