I came upon an interview with a former KGB agent that took place in the 1980’s. I like listening to intelligent people who are very matter of fact. There were no sensational or hard to believe propagation here. In it’s time it may have been hard to believe and even now while Rome ever so ragingly burns and the sabers wait on the sidelines..the vast majority probably watch this interview and have nothing to comment about except the hairstyle of the interviewer. I watched it and could recall recent events that absolutely coincide with the five events that must happen to destabilize and take over a nation. The most devastating is, is that we were warned over and over…when defectors tell us what is happening to us and they are accused of wanting attention, when people who have lived through regimes tell us and we ignore them, then it really is just as this man states..”you can take him to see the concentration camps and he still will not believe it”. That is how the soviet Marxist model works and this is what it looks like. Ideological subversion is the open process changing the perception of the citizens of a country. “To change the perception of reality of every of American to such a degree that no one can come to any sensible conclusions for the protection of themselves or their country.” This takes place as a slow process through Academia, media and entertainment but it is also a protocol in four stages. First is demoralization which takes about fifteen to twenty years…an entire generation is indoctrinated, according to the video this has already happened (in the eighties) the accessibility of true information and facts no longer matter. Common sense no longer mattered. That is the tragedy of demoralization. The next stage is destabilization. Two to five years of compromising the essentials.

Economy (to eliminate the principle of free market and to promise people all kinds of goods and utopia).
Foreign Relations (violent regime changes).

Defense Systems (Marxist ideology sinking into all of our systems).

Crisis and after crisis followed by “normalization” (He cites Central America and Czechoslovakia).

This brave person said he did not care if he scared people or not if they could not see it themselves then they never would.

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I have written before about my short stint in a small town community college, and even in a small town community college the ideology was very clear. To be for America is backward and bias, and to be more open and less bias towards communist as a “good idea that failed” because of problems like selfish people that didn’t like being tortured (they never mentioned the torture they barely mentioned the poverty. The concept of the right to arms was hardly tolerated by my English teacher who for a reason I do not remember got on the subject of guns, and to her horror and fear found out that no one in the room agreed with her, and that many owned a gun. Another remedial English teacher (that I only had to sit through because I was a home school graduate and therefore did not have the accepted form of proof of graduation) hated the fact that I was home schooled and did not hide it. This in my opinion is another Marxist ideological viewpoint, that only collective public schooling can condition a child for public socialization and the workforce. In one semester, I realized I was not normal. Later in life I attended a Bible College. Here I was among a very diverse and beautiful group of friends, but even some of them were very open to socialist ideas. If they were not then they would have recognized it in Obama’s speeches. I recently graduated from a Christian University and in a discussion about social events, I got a very diverse reaction when my “statement” was that “we can choose who we have sex with but we cannot change or choose what gender we are born”. I was making that statement because of this trend of adult people telling their children that because they like playing with the opposite sex toys are pretending to be the opposite sex that they are “born in the wrong body”. I think that is cruel and confusing. Even Camille Paglia (feminist, atheist lesbian intellectual who is vilified by Gloria Steinem and all the young new wave feminist) states that there is no biological evidence that people are born gay, and even though she is “gender neutral” she would have made a big mistake to physically alter herself. This would not change that biologically she is a woman. My statement in a Christian University’s discussion forum got me some heat, one because the subject was heavy and controversial and so it made some people uncomfortable -why would I do that? The others disagreed and a few agreed and was glad I stated my thoughts in a respectful way. Those who think those “Christian right wing nut jobs” rule the country…ha. That is funny. Watch the above videos.This train of thought is the most accepted among very young people in America today. If you are from a conservative family, you are racist. If you are a Christian you are close minded and probably a bigot. You are not educated, and if you are white well by default you are wrong. Go ..youtube search any of the political terms and you will find young people carrying it. They have been conditioned to respond to stimuli that they react to-and they have been conditioned by a Marxist infiltrated academia. young people carrying it. Socialism was a good idea. Communism was a good idea. Violence in the middle east, ISIS, Boko Haram …all are misguided attempts of a culture who just cant take the oppressive imperialism of America, and if you say any different you are a racist. We are all racist. We are the most horrible country on the planet, and we must pay. The demoralization has been active for years and years and it is at its height…or getting there. The destabilization has been ongoing for a while now, and anyone who has called attention to it has been silenced. Anyone who dissents has been called a nut. Anyone who just speaks plain fact is ignored or silenced by accusations of being “hate”. Yes and we don’t like being called hateful or being accused of it so we shut up and blindly wait on this all to just disappear-at one end of the American extreme is self loathing, the other is blind pride in an America that doesn’t exist anymore and is not coming back especially if we do not talk because we are afraid.

Economy-destabilized. The military -destabilized. Foreign relations…we have made great buddies with totalitarian countries while helping to demonize our allies.

The former KGB agent talks about the constant deception that was his reality, and about the stupidity of the west. How intellectuals were duped into believing that they were so smart that they had been chosen by the soviets to be in their inner circle. Really they were fed propaganda to teach to the next generation, and the next. He talked about the egos of the western politicians who thought they were cool enough to be liked by the soviets, when all of it was a circus to feed the media so the media would sell the same propaganda.Oh and the mass media, how their entire stories on Russia were lies…”we would take them to child prisons that were for the children of political prisoners, and tell them it was a school and if they asked stupid questions we gave them stupid answers…no one asked real questions”. He showed a picture of that school that was accidentally run and a posed picture of a fake school that was supposed to be run. This was in the early sixties, and we can look…nothing is hidden is it…and see that the media is very complicit in all it does now. They may not even know this, they were raised and their parents were raised under a slow drip of propaganda.

What stood out to me was the former agent defected because he saw the final plans and the hit list for the first people to exterminated. The first people to go would be the compliant left leaning communist sympathizers who were accepting this same ideology. Why? Because that ideology is a lie. “when it happens and they find out that this wonderful Utopian society…what that really means, they will revolt…they will be very frustrated and unhappy. In that future America, well Marxist have no tolerance or mercy for dissent. While now Jane Fonda and all these celebrities can get filthy rich for dissenting views about the Pentagon. Or prisoners can write books and make a living while they are in prison-none of this would be tolerated in a Marxist society. You would snuffed out like a bug. You don’t matter. You were a useful idiot to help further their agenda and now they have no use for you”.

Interesting. Like the man says, it is not hard to see it is not even hidden. However we are at the point in the demoralization process or destabilization process (which he says was almost finished at that time…that he never had seen a place where it accelerated so rapidly) where we could show these young self loathing, traditional hating idealistic people the concentration camps in Cuba, and the ones waiting for us in this country and they wouldn’t believe it. Just like young white pretty American females get on youtube and talk about the racist white patriarchy problem that is oppressing American women, yet no one is keeping them from saying it. They go to university and attend gender studies courses and then say they are oppressed, yet show no proof. They boycott Christina Hoff Somers for being insensitive and a “rape culture denier”. They boycott Ayaan Hirsi Ali for not being Muslim (basically) they boycott Condi Rice for her former governmental role. They basically boycott any woman that does not perpetuate that we are victims and are oppressed. But if we show them videos of women in Iran being beaten and whipped, or ISIS stoning women, or gay people being thrown off buildings, or videos of Imams calling for the annihilation of the west  or testimonies of North Korean concentration camps and the consistent execution of dissenters and secret Christians..well we are racist imperialist and what we have done in our history is no different. That is the altered perception and they will keep proclaiming it until their utopia comes and they are lined up against the wall, or worse sent to a labor camp where their dissent and opinions and cardboard signs do not matter, they don’t matter and they are really oppressed.

This thirty year old interview stated some of the same analytic I read a while back called Mindslaughtered…the quotes, links and research in this article were of such caliber I don’t think many people today would have the time or patience to take it in. They should. What irritates me more than any saber waving foreign army that would seek for our demise, is the complacent, apathetic and brain dead society that welcomes it. And they do welcome it. While our media seeks out small business owners of christian persuasion to make an example and stir up a nation wide hate storm on social media, other religious persuasions were not sought out, ones who have much more staunch views. While celebrities change their sexual physical bodies to match their mental ideas about their own gender, the rest of society must applaud and they must not ask if any of it makes sense. Even if you are gay or “gender neutral” you cannot question if that makes sense or suggest that it is not scientifically sound (see everything Camille Paglia writes). Feminism wages wars on the word bossy and denies gender roles while expecting men to change to the standard of a modern woman, while they also play victim, dress exactly the way they want to, get the job they want to, lead the sex life they want to, inflate numbers and pass half done studies in order to pass legislation that benefits …and then try to say that they are oppressed and it is capitalism and the male gender’s fault. All the while indoctrinating very tiny little girls to do the same. Well state capitalism or “corporate socialism” is funding all that mess and also benefiting from it. And race…while white corporate Americans keep doing stupid things to constantly bring up the race talk and constantly remind us that we are the most racist people in the world, and the mass media doesn’t talk to or about black cops, or criminal incidents in objective manners they only perpetuate and alter words and therefore perceptions to help incite chaos or “crisis”(consistent destabilization). These Americans don’t fit the agenda and have no place in the argument, if they did it would be objective which might bring in some moralization or stability…or it might spread ideas and then the Marxist would have to start over. It might show that explanations cannot be blank collective and totalitarian statements or absolute truths.

The left makes fun of evangelicals for believing in an absolute truth but they propagate absolute truths in their ideas and their perceptions, and just like a religion, every movement springing from them demands agreement and denies dissent and vilifies anyone who disagrees. And just like our KGB friend above says “there is no such thing as a grass roots movement-it is always organized and funded by a small group that is very high up”. If you follow the trail whenever you see a “grassroots” “protest” or “twitter storm” it is lining promoting something, getting some law passed and getting someone rich. Just like the man said “multinational millionaires” and American foreign aid was the only reason the Marxist agenda continued to thrive and be spread. So. That is what Marxist is and this is what it looks like.

If you took the time to read this post thank you. Go back and click on the link mind slaughtered.

The political system is not going to help you. Get used to this. The religious system is not going to help you get used to this. The economic system is not going to help you get used to this. John Trudell -2014