As a blogger and a generally outspoken person, I’m living now with the reality that to post anything remotely on the side of Israel is to make yourself open to much hate. I have seen numerous posts in just the last few days that “Israel’s aggression must be stopped”. Most of those commenters do not and have not been to Israel..neither have I. While scenes from Gaza are disturbing, I come from the perspective that Israel is the size of what-Pennsylvania? And we also know that the MSM shows us one side of pictures when they want certain reactions…be it Gaza pictures or be it Israeli pictures. The U.N. has never really been on Israels side, and certainly I think the U.N. is on nobodys side. I’ve known people from Israel, and I have known their stories about living in this reality. Before anyone gets emotionally triggered,and gets on a “hate and ban Israel” wagon, look at some alternative news sources. I’m no war monger, but Israel doesn’t need anyones permission to protect themselves, and its funny that when they do its called terrorism and barbaric. The U.N. should be disbanded, but we know it will never be so. If I hold a non internationalist libertarian thought about foreign policy-I’m sure not going to say that the world should rise against Israel, its not going to happen.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated a line that he used in the prepared statement he read at his Friday news conference on Fox News Sunday this morning. It warrants repetition. Israel and Hamas conduct in the current hostilities can be explained:

The difference between us is simple. We develop defensive systems against missiles in order to protect our civilians and they use their civilians to protect their missiles.

Here’s a brief cell phone video of “Summer Vacation In Israel” It conveys a sense of what it is like to live under constant threat of rocket attack, with only seconds to get to shelter.

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