We understand that the issue is the land, the issue is the earth. We cannot change the political system, we cannot change the  economic the system, we cannot change the social system…until the people control the land and we take it out of the hands of that sick minority that chooses to pervert the meaning and intention of humanity“-(John Trudell sometime in the seventies).

If you have not noticed there are two big issues being really pushed. One is taking huge strides and seems to be the new gold rush on one level, and a push to end the prohibition on another. Recreational marijuana bills and medical marijuana bills are being passed all over the place on state levels, but federal government a law enforcement that do not want it done are blocking and red taping things to pieces. The other story is industrial hemp. Now in my life I’ve seen the hemp lotions around summer time, and have even seen some hemp clothing. In my part of the country I have not seen it in abundance. I was not educated on it at all. I would advise any person not educated to get educated…it is really easy to do right now. There are movements to end the ban on industrial hemp, and the time is now. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be done with the hemp plant….and it is incredibly obvious whether you know the history or not, that this is the reason Hemp was outlawed. We all know now, that the marijuana tests done by the Nixon administration were blown out of proportion to scare everyone. Everything done against Hemp was done to keep people sick and without their own resources. Seriously.

An acre of Hemp produces probably three hundred gallons of oil…think about that. It makes clothes, that are sturdy. Want to save the trees, it makes paper. It makes fiber and protein and oil, I have used Hemp oil and Hemp fiber/protein powder from my local health food store. With the growing industry in health and whole food, it is a wonder more people are not aware of hemp benefits. More and more are becoming aware of this though. More and more people are also wanting to sustain themselves as well. But it is illegal to grow Hemp in the U.S….now. Recently I read an article that in Colorado they were ending the ban and was waiting to get “pilot” programs started. I think that is a load of red tape, but that’s the way it all works isn’t it. Freaking red tape everywhere. Tennessee and Kentucky also passed laws to legalize hemp farming, and Hawaii is working for the same. It’s catching on and moving fast, and it’s about time. We need not suppose though, that it will just snow ball and all will be great. Many people still don’t understand what it’s about-and I just have a suspicion that somehow someway that the elites will find a way to restrict something somewhere. Remember, we dont want the seed tampered so the plant is not useful in full capacity.

Amazingly, I have yet to see one of those green movement people that are always on the elite controlled media talk about this. One more reason you can bet that they do not really care about the earth…you know, as long as there are actual people on it. Hemp replenishes itself, so Monsanto can’t control it, although I’m sure they will try to find a way ( one of the true spokes in the axis of evil). It clears the air wherever it is grown. So you think about something that grows and replenishes itself annually. It answers every question about deforestation, sustaining the environment, clearing the air and toxic free housing. It takes care of the earth, and us.

“Both the far left and far right keep saying we need to end our dependence on foreign oil…so if we mean what we say, I say lets do it then”(John Trudell)

“People from both sides are on board with us, I find that interesting …the only ones who aren’t seems to be the law enforcement agencies”(John Trudell)

This can be done, and although we know big pharma, big oil and Monsanto and even the United Nations is against it (they have already voiced their animosity in the guise of concern, in regards to Colorado legalizing marijuana) we do want this. We need to say we want this, and give legitimate reasons as to why. For years we have been trying to save the farm, the environment and our health. We have spent un needed millions in these efforts (or someone has spent and said that’s what they were doing) when this is probably the simplest thing that could be done. Houses can be built out of Hemp (did you know that-I didn’t know that). Worried about the toxins in everything that is man made…everyone is becoming aware of this, and we have shifted to trying to live cleaner. The answer is not government controlled light bulbs and the government labeling our food to tell us when our food has gmos, and the answer is not pushing everyone off their homes and trapping them in small “sustainable housing”. The answer is not the FDA putting more legislation on organic farms, and it’s not the EPA hounding the garden centers.    It’s not outlawing every breath we take in the guise of “save the earth”. There is a reason they don’t want this, and it’s just as important as the reason that we do-it is called natural life. They talk about the evils of corporations and money and oil and our big human carbon footprint, and they will do that as long as we keep allowing money to be put behind those everlasting arguments. We want health, and its been proven we are not because the earth itself and the food coming out of it is poisoned. Hemp can be used as natural pesticide when its planted within other crops…did you know that? So all the arguments and campaigns would end if this were legal…kind of funny. All the agendas that are really behind all those arguments would have to find other arguments to implement said agendas. They don’t want the people controlling the land. They want to control the land, in that way they then control us. That sick minority

Hemp-just do it already.

And here is the shortest explanation and my favorite live video of John ….just because I like to share it as much as I can and bug the heck out of people.

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