The weather in Alabama this week has been impressive. The air is crisp and cool. It must mean that fall is actually going to come normally this year…or that it is gonna be an early and cold winter….or it could mean that SABAN IS COMING FOR YOU!!!


It is so cool that tonight I donned my Alabama sweats and “Keep Calm and Roll Tide” Shirt.

photo 4.JPG

Feeling the moment, I went ahead and painted my nails red. In thirteen days, the holiday season for Alabama officially starts and I can wear red from now until Christmas! Yes, we love our Crimson Tide down here, we love the rivalry with the few aggravating fans that shout “WAR DAMN EAGLE” every time a debate starts. We love Nick Saban…or at least I love Nick Saban…

….I met him once..

I would have hugged him…but he was really tall. As I was saying though….

Everyone is building up and getting excited. Alabama updates on Facebook. The Bleacher Report keeps posting about the new lockers at Alabama, and filler information that everyone already knows. The run for Sabans’ autograph has happened. There is Tumblr page that is allot of fun called “Countdown to College    Football”

One of my managers, who is not from here, commented when she moved here from Michigan she was kind of shocked. “Roll Tide” is like a greeting” she said, you walk in a club and it is not “hey” or “hello” it’s “roll tide”. Yeah, that is how it is. We love our community, and the pride that goes with it…unless you are that neanderthal that poisoned the trees at Auburn, or the parents of that little girl who tried to insult me because I refused to pull for Oregon when they were against Auburn in the National Championship that The Tide didn’t make…hey little girl, I’m not pulling for a Duck, Auburn was just keeping the state’s place warm until the next year. There is loyalty and then there is just being obnoxious….which is another reason to love Alabama and their team 😉
I lived in Ohio for about two years. I was not really a fan when I moved up there. Football was just what existed every year to torture me for the entirety of every fall on winter. I loved football movies and the camaraderie and pride that was represented. It was much like watching war movies. I had a respect for the representation but it was not something that was not understood by me. All I understood was, that it cut into Holiday programming, a movie I wanted to watch and it put many grown men into bad moods and my dad slept by the sound of the games, yet we couldn’t turn the channel.  In fact, I was an Auburn fan if anyone actually asked, the colors were pretty and I liked eagles, and it irked my dad 🙂

Then I moved to Ohio…and witnessed the OSU fans…and the buck eyes everywhere. Candy buck eyes (peanut butter and chocolate balls) in all the malls. Buckeye toys. Buckeye coloring sheets. Co workers knew I was from Bama, and would ask who I pulled for. It became clear to me that NOBODY up there liked Alabama Tide football…but they sure liked the Tigers. Maybe because the Tide actually won?

The geographic pride that goes with each football team, be it college or the NFL is profound. When I came back home, I actually started paying more attention and WATCHING the games. Even if one has never paid attention and it looks like a foreign language in action, it is not that hard to catch on to what is going on. If nothing else-look up the rules. There is always an opportunity to learn new things, even if they are as old as football. Every college football season for the past four years has been more and more exciting. I have even had some friendly banter with my Auburn friends…all though it seems they never keep it friendly. My favorite story is from my brother, who listened to his friend retell the inspiring legend of the War Eagle and how every year it circles the stadium….etc etc etc. When he finally finished almost in tears my brother said “yes…but then the game starts and you lose”. Actions and reputation speak louder than words and legends. HA!
During the championship for 2013, I was on a Carnival Cruise and the game was aired on every tv, and it was theater style. The cruise took the advantage of putting a foot ball in the tourists hands and taking pictures, so that we could pay 20 bucks at the end of our trip and have the keepsake. I got it of course. During this trip I had to spend about twenty minutes with a drunk female Notre Dame fan, and in that moment I was so proud to be a southern woman who had a little bit of dignity. This chic was screaming at the TV…I sat silently thinking “woman we are so far ahead of you guys, do you think missing that one play really made that big of a difference?” but I said nothing.  Here is my motto…and one day when my budget allows I am so gonna get these shoes…

In thirteen days we start rolling in…stay classy Alabama. ❤