Don’t you love it when you go to youtube to watch that new video from Luke Bryan and in the side bar you see a title “Living a Transgender Childhood”. Because you know, childhood is a time of learning and exploring, so if you have “always known” you were actually born in the wrong body…you know, for the last EIGHT years of your life, then it should be chiseled in stone and you should therefore and henceforth be raised as your opposite peers.

   Now that I have that intro off my chest, let me say, that yes I have heard about this “phenomenon” for a couple of years now. When Chaz Bono, renamed herself both in name and in her gender identity (no longer living as a lesbian, she is now considered a straight man…she was simply born in the wrong body) there was a special on tv about transgender “children”…children. I heard about it, from a friend at work. Who are we to judge? Well…I wont judge a full blown adult who wants to shoot themselves up with hormones of either gender or who wants to severe parts of their body-that’s between you and your spouse and your eternal well being…(unless you are one of those people who feels you were “born” to live as a partially paralytic and you want to have your spinal cord clipped, cause I’m judging the hell out of you )

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But if you are a child and your parents are choosing to raise you as you see fit..well I’m still not judging you I am judging the society that we live in. The one that removes a child from parents who smoked weed one night while the child was asleep..and the child died in foster care. The one that removes kids all the time and they die in foster care. The one that wont let kids pray in school and is less and less “tolerant” of religion at home but the same one that fosters pumping kids with synthetic drugs when they are three and telling them they have things like “gender identity disorder” at eight years ol

   This special was on nine year old “Josie” who was born as Joey. When Joey was three (let the age sink in) he was diagnosed as depressed and ADHD. He was put on fourteen different medications…fourteen…including PROZAC. A couple of years into this troubled child’s life his doctor noticed the way he was playing with some toys, he was playing as a girl would play. The doctor said he thought Joey had “gender identity disorder”. GID is a disorder among many identity disorders, however these disorders generally arise when points of life during growth are not met or developments are not made. I think this couple should have gotten another get go from the start of fourteen different depression medications. They were on a military base though, and there was limited options. Still. 

   They raised Joey as a girl and had his name changed legally to Josie. Josie came off medications, slept well at night and was happy. Now Josie is nine and she is eager to change completely. Sex change operations are illegal before the age of eighteen, but there can be blockers to slow puberty and certain specialists will inject her with estrogen so that she will “be like the other girls” as much as possible. This is irreversible and could render her (him) sterile, should he ever decide that he wants to be male again. The doctor in Tuscon who says that transgender children are not mentally ill, they are legitimate alignment issues between their body and their real self. However, it does take time to determine who is and who is not truly a transgender. It was too early to put poor Josie on estrogen…she is not even yet maturing as a boy. In other words, nature has not taken its course, so we cannot screw around with it.

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   In response to arguments from other pediatric specialists who say that a nine-twelve year olds are not mature enough to make these medical decisions, the transgender specialists says “well they are making the decision to kill themselves, their suicide rate is rising, and we have to look at that”. The mother who has dressed her little girl and fought ridicule for her sons right to be a little girl, agrees. “Whatever it takes for her to have peace, I would rather have a healthy little girl than a dead son”. 

    Well….I have to sympathize, but the fact that this mother was absolutely surprised when Josie said “maybe I’m a boy on the inside and a girl on the outside”…”would you be OK with that mom”. Mom was shocked, and almost cried “of course honey, I’ll love you no matter who you are,only you know who you are”. She could not believe her child may alter their life in order to please her…..
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     SHE/HE IS NOT EVEN TEN YEARS OLD!!!! ( and is biologically a SON so you know there is always that maternal/son bond going on underneath). After it all is said and done though, Josie still wants to be Josie. She wants to be beautiful and have all the pains of girlhood… and as long as she has peace that is what matters to her parents. She has a psychologist and doctors mostly on her side and there is a whole community of other transgender children for her support. Or its the parents of transgender children.

    You know, I come from a huge family. I am oldest of six, and four of those are boys. FOUR. I can attest that most children, if not all children play with the opposite genders’ toys. Some very macho men take issue with this, and make a huge deal, and giving their sons complexes before they even know what the word complex means. I had a lunch box full of matchbox metal cars. My brothers all played with my Barbies, much to my dads chagrin. After a point they are kidnapping Barbie and GI JOE has gotta save her. Then they start drawing on Barbie, what Mattel didn’t give her-and that’s when they are taken away. Every toddler wants their mom to paint their nails, but that ends pretty much at three. When I was a little girl we all played like we were getting married, and we married each other-because hey the boys weren’t gonna play that. We said things like “when I grow up and am a man I want to be a fire fighter”, but today, when kids say things like that the adults take them seriously and ask probing questions that they cannot understand and the answers CAN be led. If we make an issue out of these silly things, is it not imposing one or other extreme? Extreme #1″YOU ARE NOT A GIRL!!” so boy thinks something must be wrong with him and continues to think so if he grows up and doesn’t like sports. 

Extreme #2 “Oh honey, do you want to be a girl? OKAY, you are now a girl!”

And for issues like this there are all kids of yes men…

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Like those idiot psychologist who stand behind “Body Integrity Disorder” (there is a blog on that for those who like to read my rants).

   I hope Josie lives a happy life and when she/he gets out into the world they continue to do so. I really do. It is not easy being a girl, baby doll-believe me.