I have written on society and our perspective on life and regard for it before. In the last few weeks I have seen many many articles or comments on articles that further reflect our dying soul as people. In psychology we study many different “personality” disorders, some of them have become more widespread and I wonder if it is a reflection and result from the model of society that we find ourselves in. Maybe it is a compensation for the lack of control in our own lives while government expands in arms into everything having to do with our lives. Our work, love or life means nothing and we a re going crazy and turning on each other. Now there is a thesis that would take years to write. 

    In Frederick, Maryland, a young man with  Down Syndrome died on the floor of a theater, apparently from asphyxiation. The problem is said to be he was sitting in the movie and had not bought a ticket. His caretaker tried to tell the manager not to call the cops, that after given some time Ethan Saylor would understand and leave with her. The cops were called anyway and they paid no mind to the caretaker either. Their tactics, it seems, caused the young man to panic and he died. His mother was on the way to the theater to resolve the situation. The story was more than disturbing to me, I have two special needs siblings. One of them has her own way of communicating and there are times where a few moments is needed, or she may have a “melt down”. Only people who have special needs family members or people who work with disabled people of this variety understand-you cannot communicate with an autistic or DS person as if they were you. More people then I care to admit, do not respect or accept that. The comments on this story reflected that point, not all but some. Many, as I did, wondered how in the world the theater manager and police could not recognize Down Syndrome when they saw it.  DS is one of the more widely recognized disorders. 

    I see it at work too. We have many handicapped people that work in our establishment. They have learned and deemed functional enough to live on their own and hold a job. I think it is great that we don’t discriminate and we employ them. However, I do hear some less than positive remarks about their presence…from other employees. Now, it is aggravating when some of them plow right into me because they are on a mission and just do not process that I am in front of them. There has to be adjustments in conversation, and allot of patience sometimes, and a choice to be understanding. Sometimes it seems that things are said for the purpose of trying to make that person act out or tick. I’m sure it worse other places. It makes me wonder what life will be like for my siblings once they become adults. 

  Now I’m gonna talk about life before actual birth. It is still a hot topic and sensitive issue for many people. I understand that. There has been articles lately about “abortion shaming” and how the conservative news outlets and GOP and church organizations use “shaming” to enslave women. There was an article I read last week encouraging those who have had abortions, and were not sorry for it to proverbially “come out”. It said the only time women who had had abortions seemed to speak out publicly, was when they were sorry or ashamed about their decision. When rape was involved. When they were in their teens. When they had been pressured. It went on to say that many women, were financially fine, and had not been raped. They simply did not want children and never had. They reported feeling like a weight or a tumor had been removed from them after an abortion. A weight or a tumor. I could not find the specific article to quote it here, I thought I had saved it but I didn’t. It isn’t hard to find other comments that are similar though.

   Let me pause here to say, that I am thirty and have never been pregnant. I am not against birth control nor am I someone who takes to the streets holding “baby killer” signs. I have watched the videos of nurses saying they stopped assisting abortions after seeing aborted babies born alive. Or seeing ultra sounds before babies have been sentenced to an abortion. I am a libertarian and I think my generation of women especially have been educated wrongly about life and regard for it, and that an entire other generation will have to be brought up with respect for life…and love and sex and anything else that makes life worth living, before any real change takes place in the realm of Roe Vs. Wade. I’m not into “shaming” women who have had abortions. My issue here is not even with the women or the “choice” as much as it with the definitions of those choices and the arguments I have seen lately.
   When I was younger, there was debate on “when life began”, this is how the courts got deeper into “women” and “womens rights to their own bodies”. If we could legally define when life begins then we could legislate if that life could be terminated. That is not even an argument anymore. This article (another “anti-shame”) article has the headline “No Shame in Aborting Unborn Life”….last two word “unborn life”. The article summarizes that most women have abortions not because they do not care for the unborn baby but because they “care so much”, and it is better for the life to be aborted than to be born to someone “not ready”. It also sates that there are many many children who are subjected to severe abuse and we need not worry for abortion and those who have them, instead we should worry about the ones already here who are skinned, or starved and forced to eat dog food by their evil care takers. Well, yes people who torture children are evil, and they have their place in hell I do believe and I make no bones about saying that. However, as we see those types of stories becoming more and more prominent, does it not also feed the theory that we have no regard for human life? To say that we are better to abort our children, lest they be born to parents not rich enough, not ready enough or too young…essentially saying that we are God and came make that type of call. Are we not buying into the same thoughts that totalitarian states have had (China). Does that type of thinking not then branch into population control and oh yes -further government?

  Now that I have haters…on to something even more sinister but from the same seed of disregard and apathy for life in general. Infanticide…or what promoters of making infanticide legal call “post-birth abortion”. Yes -post birth abortion. The child is ALIVE and there is no more dispute about it or when it began…to normal sane people. An MSNBC host Melissa Perry-Smith argued that a baby is not alive until it’s parents “feel” that it is alive. Yes. Fact is stranger than fiction. In fact this sounds like something out of a futuristic dystopia novel…like “The Giver” ( a youth book with profound intellectual thinking points. All ages should read). I had no idea this was even an “idea”. Post birth abortion are being promoted as an idea. It was even surveyed among college students as “fourth trimester abortions” to see if the wording would phase them…they apparently were not smart enough to realize that THERE IS NO FOURTH TRIMESTER THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED “TRI”. Think this idea is ludicrous and came from “The Onion”…no see here. What amazes me, is that for years it was argued that if we as people could decide when life began and whether it should be born or if that life could be aborted, because of our own rights to our own bodies…then the we would have to reap the consequences of where that “right” and judgement may lead. If we can decide before then can we decide after? As a society, where are we? All of these ideas have been veiled with emotive language for years. For once I would like it to a human argument and not a “women’s argument”. If infanticide is a new idea, that the same circles are pushing for than it was never an argument for women, it was an argument for something deeper and more sinister, even archaic. Women -you were just the pawn.

    There was a post on face book the other day from a women’s lib group. It said in a tongue in cheek way “If men could get pregnant, not only would abortion be legal it would be free and there would be a clinic on every corner”. My question or answer to that is “SO WHAT?” Does that make it any more conscience, moral or right. Feminism was to be equal in voting rights and afforded the same opportunity  in jobs and economy as our male counterparts. We cannot speculate and decide that “because” this is what a man might do…that we would  have to be just as barbaric. Not only that, has it not been argued for a century that “its a mans world” and that we are subject to a “patriarch society”? So going forth with that argument…are we saying that such as we claim man has enslaved us, we should also have the right to abort life as we deem necessary. Such as totalitarian, fascist and communist  factions in history have lost their respect for life, indoctrinated their societies to do the same and tried to extinguish life in different factions, that we should do the same when we decide it is “better and more merciful for the child” or “the child is not well behaved” or…maybe was born with an abnormality. 

  So what?