As far as major news stories go, as well as uncovered and unreported details ABOUT those stories, this year very well be the most mind numbing platter of events. Whistle blowers whose livers may be on the line..and whistle blowers who are losing their jobs. BTW…pretty soon no one may be able to blow any whistles since you know “they” have been watching and reading and listening…and they really don’t give a crap that we know or how we feel, how many petitions we sign, or how many constitutional rights we proclaim. They don’t care if we think they are over reaching into our private lives, our diets and our children s lives. They do not care. I heard a statement recently, maybe from Glen Beck, that where we are is worse than the Orwellian thriller “1984” because in “1984” the government was not initially invited in. So many unsettling things have been reported by underground and smaller news sources via the internet, that it has been hard to pin point any one thing to write about or blog about. Really…how much more could be added to any discussion? The fall out is coming. Jesus is coming. Prepare your heart, your mind and resources (if you got em and if you don’t maybe it will be better you will just have less to lose in this world).

What is interesting is much of this I started hearing about as very young girl. From people called “conspiracy theorists”, people who scared the bejeesus out of me. Preachers who insisted on preaching the book of Revelation, and tying it to events of the time and events of the future. Science news that  foretold of things that “could” happen. Hypothetical at the time but news headlines today. Like the banner that floats around facebook …”In the news today, everything Ron Paul predicted twenty years ago”.

One of the darker subjects I remember hearing about was the Monsanto seed company. You know the ginormous bully that keeps our food riddled with genetic modification and is effectively making heirloom seeds a thing of the past. The ones who have people’s jobs “sacked” who try to question or fight them. This has been going on for over twenty years. A story that got posted today that I found, actually happened in 1997. The story of the reporters who wrote a fact based story on Mosanto for Fox News, tell their very provocative story about their story being killed and then their jobs being sacked. Compelling is it not…Monsanto who has more money than the Waltons, controlled by the Rockefellers, in 1997 bullied the heads of Fox with their super lawyers, in a domino like proceeding the heads of Fox bullied the reporters…”we will tell you what is news so write it the way the lawyer wants it written”. The next event, they are denied their “whistle blower protection award” because it is not “against the law” to “falsify the news”.

RBGh, the hormone that makes cows over produce milk, is restricted in many states but still remains in much of the milk supply. Because of the new organic awareness among most people now, the dangers of hormone injected food are known. Not because of news reports but because of studies on organic food, natural health, and lifestyle changes. It is now known that the reason children are maturing physically much faster than our generation did, is because of the milk, eggs and chicken-all hormone processed is the staple of their diet. What I take away from this twenty year old case is that, just like our diets, we need to take responsibility for the “news” we receive. Awareness. Be aware of what we put in our body and in our minds. The last few times I attempted to watch Fos news, I wondered when I would actually hear news and not talking head commentary on the over blown event. Notice, anytime a big event happens (Boston bombing, whistle blower Edard Snowden) more commentary and assumption are given “about” what “we are told” of the event than facts are. We are told what is news, we are told what to think about the news, what is acceptable to believe, what is “safe” to partake of and we march on like zombies. Guess what, when the money is followed it all goes to the same place and that is not going to change, and they don’t care about us. Allot can be argued against capitalism, but as Ron Paul said -we have never actually been allowed to HAVE capitalism. The enemies are not capitalist. They are elitist and it is not about money, it is about control. Control through media, through food, through diseases of various kinds, world domination -or as we know it one world government. We don’t have to be violent, but at least be aware. Don’t be a sheep.