Those family tree picture frames with the limbs that climb all over the wall. I don’t like posed animal pictures. I don’t like big flower pots that look like heads with green nameless vines growing out of them. I don’t like scrolling on pinterest and finding naked people when I was not looking for naked people. I don’t like when people merge Michael Jacksons face with sexy images (not his own) and when they merge Prince Harry’s face with sexy images (not his own) or when they merge Ryan Goslings face with sexy im- wait those arent merged 😉 I don’t like most of the gross concoctions that pass as food on the social websites. I don’t like Mitt Romney. I don’t like Newt Gingrich and I never liked Michelle Bachman. I don’t like insistingly slamming doors when I have had no sleep. I don’t like screeching voices when I have had no sleep and I don’t like having no sleep. I don’t like it when a lack of sleep is my fault…but that fact doesn’t ease the reality that all the other things I do not like are amplified when I have had no sleep. I don’t like self absorbed 18 year olds’ and I don’t like self absorbed 50 year olds who are going on 18 years old.