Ron Paul scared people,I think when he had supportive turn out during this campaign. It seemed everyone-FOX News included-just could not stand it for very long. Hannity had his debates with Paul,and bless his heart I don’t know how many times he has to get the same answers fro Paul. If Paul is anything it is consistent…which everyone seems to want until it comes to Ron Paul. No matter how much he rises in polls,they accuse some other source…”the crazed Paul supporters kept hitting redial” Hannity speculated on one Fox News poll. Another claimed that Paul was not second in a poll after one of the debates…that Huntsman (who dropped out days later) was. Now they completely ignore him. It is as if the man does not exist. He was number two on another poll,but the poll that was shown on a particular Obama gushers news show did not even mention his name. On most websites we go to the featured political images are Obama/Romney and Newt. It seems the name that was an irritation became the name that must not be mentioned.

I caught a radio broadcast of Romney speaking somewhere

earlier,I love how every candidate throws around rhetoric like “once we get the government out of the way”…you know like it can just be tossed…and everyone cheers. Ron Paul can show a plan on how to do what everyone else only says they will do and everyone’s eyes glaze over and they talk later about how he scares them. In all honesty it does kinda make me sick. Some give reasons why they wont vote for Paul,and they are juvenile reasons…how often can we get on the same ride before we realize that it is not moving anywhere? It is also amazing how many people have said that Paul is their pick but they would rather vote for someone who “can win” and “beat Obama”. In other words…a sooth sayer who will keep the same policies going,but no one wants to believe that. Maybe that is it,maybe what scares people about Ron Paul is what he claims is really going on behind our backs. We don’t want to believe that there is only a handful of people on the hill that really did swear to uphold the constitution and meant it. That would mean that Ron Paul,for the last thirty years,has been pouring blood sweat and tears and shouting the truth but we didn’t listen. That would mean that when Ron Paul dies,the powers that be will sigh with relief and everyone can go back to business as usual.
The last report showed that Ron Paul was second in four of the super states…the Ron Paul support base of diverse people have mapped out how to get the delegates needed for a Ron Paul victory. The grassroots beginnings of the Ron Paul Revolution have grown in epic proportions with this campaign,there is no excuse to keep saying “I would vote for him but he cant win”. It reminds me of song ‘Wont Get Fooled Again” by “The Who”….so are we really going to end this one singing “meet the new boss…same as the old boss”.?

For thought…the republican party and its voters have banged drums for years that they are the ones who support Israel and put stickers on their cars that say “support the troops”. When active duty veterans (young and old) marched in Washington recently to garner support for Ron Paul it did not make huge headlines. When Veterans put together ten minute videos and give interviews for the Ron Paul camp…people still shake their heads and think Ron Paul is ripping off veterans and exaggerating when he says he gets more monetary support from the military then any other candidate. Every and I mean EVERYONE  spouts that he would be the worst thing to happen to Israel….as opposed to (insert name of every president after Reagan) Take into consideration a recent speech made by Benjamin Netenyahu….he and Paul could be brothers.