I have been asked a number of times in the past month how I felt about Herman Cain and when I was going to write about him. I couldn’t write about him because the last time I wrote the only candidate that the GOP was actively promoting was Rick Perry….please see my last post for my feelings on that. I honestly had never heard of the guy and didn’t look for much out of him. I am still new to his biography so I am not going to have a strong opinion here. I already have a strong opinion about who I will promote and vote for in the primaries.  If Ron Paul does not make it past the primaries (it wouldn’t be the first time but I have high hopes go round) then Cain might win me over.

I have heard many Republican groups say that a conservative can’t be found that does not like Herman Cain,he is just a likable conservative guy. It was unknown to me that he had never held a political office,he is running on his extensive business background and self-made millionaire instincts….interestingly enough early in the year another businessman/millionaire was considering running. I would vote for a businessman,I think good business instincts need to implemented in our current crisis-clearly it has not been for quite sometime.  His public relation circle probably will be that  he truly is a representative of “The American Dream”,which has been mocked for some time now. Most impressive to me is that he worked his way through college as a mathematician…..a mathematician. Obviously the man knows what he is talking about,otherwise he could not have boldly challenged Clinton’s’ healthcare plan,saying  “Mr. President, with all due respect, your calculation on what the impact would do, quite honestly, is incorrect.”

I proceed with caution though,because, we do tend to jump on a bandwagon and the effects snowball all the way to voting booth,without us ever really paying attention. His remarks about the protesters on wall street may be misinterpreted by some people http://articles.nydailynews.com/2011-10-05/news/30265175_1_herman-cain-pizza-ceo-protesters

I will update more on my research, I have other things pending on my time at the moment.