My Second published effort.

A few months ago I published on Elephant Journal . After a few futile attempts from me, I struck a chord with them again and they have published another one of my opinions. I like this site. Please check it out.

Remember the Past or Repeat it in November

Recently I started a new job..actually ninety two days ago I started a new job. Because it was a new job and my pay was not as consistent as it was with my previous job and the insurance was slightly more than my previous job, I procrastinated on enrolling in said benefits. I knew the time was near, and finally called them today. I missed the enrollment by two days. BUT I was told (because it is the law to inform your employees about the Marketplace even if they already know) if I needed health insurance before open enrollment, I could always go to the Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act… it might be a little more expensive than what we have but at least I would be covered”. Yes I already know the maze of insanity and expense that is the ACA but I think its hilarious every time it said JUST LIKE THAT. Given that I do make less than before I decided to swallow my pride and check it out…but the enrollment for them was up on Jan 31st..unless I’m pregnant or getting married.

And that is how the Government makes things easier for it’s citizens. And all the little Bernie Comrades want to implement that model in everything. They just don’t remember or have not experienced what we all did once the  ACA passed..nothing is free.

It was my fault and ill planning that caused me to call my providers two days late, but I shouldn’t be fined for it come tax season. Neither should anyone else.

Let the markets compete and prices will go down.

And that’s my two cents.

The Theater

    I’m just an observer and this really isn’t about the the election. If you let people talk long enough they tell on themselves. If you watch anything long enough you see all the parallels between them. I would ask anyone watching or participating in any public discourse or politics in the past year to ask first what makes sense. From what I can see, nothing does. I’m not supporting Trump, but I also can say truthfully that I’ve watched speeches, and then seen those same speeches chopped up in the media. On still another hand, he doesn’t need the media to help him incite or anger people. He is quite smart on how to do it himself. The Bernie supporters love to talk about love and how he is the candidate for love. On and on it goes…but when Bernie himself makes excuses and claims “he cant be responsible for the actions of his supporters” (you know when they have their own rallies and become violent in their reactions) he gets a free pass…because tolerance. Both Sanders and Trump have their share of violent and obsessive supporters, the same can’t be said for Clinton; she doesn’t need violent support she has her own record of violence and support of violence. She also has old hat feminist like Steinem and Albright, who recently stated that “there was a special place in hell for women who didn’t support other women”. These same women never ever support conservative or independent voting women who come under attack. Yay for tolerance. When we step back and look at this chaos and take our emotions out of it we can see that it needs our full attention and participation to run. Whether it is our anger or our support. Whether it is our social media likes and shares, or our tears of redemption when we feel acknowledged. Whether it is our full belief in the demonization of one side or our full belief in the saving love of the other, it takes our full attention with its distracting noise. It as distracting and entertaining and time consuming as any football game or “dropped album by Bey”.

      In 2016 we are having a hard time with what is a man and what is a woman, what is straight man who identifies as a straight woman and what is straight woman who identifies as a gay male…or something. We want to remake society for these questions and ignore that Russia is buzzing our own bases, Syrian hospitals are being bombed and fifty people including the last pediatrician are killed, there are three nuclear plants leaking on our own soil , there are family detention centers aka prisons and little children who probably cant speak English stand before courts without representation, while we stand quietly and judge or ignore. Jews are fleeing the UK because they don’t feel physically safe-all while in our universities we demand “Safe spaces” for our feelings and dis-inivite or shutdown dialogues we don’t agree with, and get on violent BDS trends. Because tolerance.

          I was thinking about all this and how passionate and emotionally high this election cycle has been. People are voting feelings. No matter what the media portrays, I can assure you that the Trump supporters I know are not “rich white racist”. The Sanders supporters I know are not “a bunch of communist”. In fact I’ve been surprised at who I have found to support him. What all of them have in common is a belief that their candidate will change the status quo. Getting down to the dirt of what those running actually speak with their mouths and ideas, it is very crystal clear, that no they will not nor can they change the system. In fact much of what they propose will not change the system because what they propose is already a huge part of the system.  In 2014, a good friend of mine told me “we can’t fight them, but they want us to think we can. The US is prepped. Protect your mind”.  Since I lost him, all I see around me is evidence that he was right. Though he would argue with my worldview, and had nothing for my religion, I know he was right and we agreed that there was a predatory system on this planet.

     None of these people are the devil nor Jesus, but I will say that as a Christian I have kind of been sickened at how Christians have rallied behind Trump..and then the ones who have also rallied behind Sanders. No, people of the internet, the tribal ways in which the ancient Jews and Christians lived was not socialist. It was not communist, heck these were not even words back then. These were tribal communities and they lived as such-and they were in hiding or in struggles with the governments much of the time. We need to think about that.Because we are all guilty of trying to play a system that is not God’s system. It is the worlds system and it has played us and it is still doing it. Every time a politician plays to the evangelical vote, or pretends to care about the Christians being killed somewhere else, or panders to Pat Robertson, we respond like Pavlovs dogs. On the other side they do it with abortion rights and name calling religious people extremists and hatemongers. Well, we are all guilty of falling for that experiment I guess. But to my fellow Christians, please understand that from where I sit, there is no difference among any of them and we are headed for a dark place. If any of us thought any candidate would keep up from going there we were sorely wrong.

It is time to remember who we are, and stop playing the worlds game. We need to pray-not “Against” this or that, but pray for our souls, pray for each other and seek God on what to do and how or who we can help in the coming days. I guarantee you that no matter who is in office, more people will need help than ever before and it will be up to the creative gifts bestowed on us, to be His hands and feet. We must pray for wisdom on how to speak and react, because the powers that be are watching and waiting for any opportunity to accuse us and silence us or use us as pawns to enact some new bill up their sleeve. Wherever you go to pray, go there. That is what God is waiting on, He can deal with the rest, He isn’t even concerned about it. I assure you that He is concerned with how His children are worrying and playing in it.The seeds we have sown in the past have fully grown and are coming for us, let us stop perpetuating the growth, repent for our part in it and move forward, not worrying about this evil system but being about truth.

“Keep your mind clear, and be alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion as he looks for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

“Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.” Isaiah 8:12


In the past few weeks I have seen some things that seriously defy any kind of logic. I really feel intellectually assaulted every time I see headlines on my iPhone, or take a scroll through my newsfeed. I unsubscribed to many new sites over the last year. I had too much personal grief to have to view and wear everyone’s personal offenses by technological default. But the reality is none of us have a safe space all the time. None of us, if we want live and engage. I’m not going into a long tirade about things, norms pointing out the obvious with long descriptive definitions to try to make people see things, I’m done with that if anyone wants it then go read The Matt Walsh blog. I’m done with the anger, I’m just tired.

I read this week that some mall in Los Angelas has banned champion boxer, Manny Pacquiao, a philanthropist and now a  a hopeful statesman to the Philippines for his ” hateful” opinion on marriage. So mom and pop bakeries have to make cakes, agree to potentially cater a gay wedding or they are shut down, sued and publicly shamed..but a huge mall in California can publicly shame and ban someone for their beliefs? I would say it is an aussault on small business, and hey maybe it is… I mean it’s the big corporations that are banning entire states now anyway and no one really cares what Muslim bakeries do and they have to be used for other narratives. (Oh and how about America trying to derail someone’s political campaign in the Phillipines ? I won’t go there…)

There was a college age white dude that got sentenced in North Korea for trying to take a piece of political propaganda out of the state – I forget the details about it but I do remember the whole write up on huffpost about white privilege and how the writer of said article said she didn’t feel sorry for the kid because you know it was retribution  for all the sins of white male privilege. To be sentenced … In North Korea with fifteen years hard labor…while she , in America, can writhe in anger writing about it. Wow. That makes as much sense as banning Israel in the name of women’s rights while Syria, Iraq and Iran whip, bludgeon, stone and forbid to divorce or drive, yeah women. Let that make your mind spin.

Today I read a headline ” by opposing Obama, the republicans created Trump”. Oh lord here we go again. By opposing and or disagreeing with Obama – we created all sins done in the past eight years. It was never the administration creating really bad karma because according to most news media, only white people disagree with the president. Other dissendents don’t exist, just like pro life women don’t exist to Gloria Steinhem ( or Hillary Clinton until ten minutes ago).

I mean I could say ” oh but opposing Bush created the muse of hope and change” but you see that would be one of those circular arguments based on emotion. See what I did there?

We don’t have news. We have instigating headlines that place emotions, angers and new definitions of what hate, crimes and sex are at top priority.

“be careful about taking sides … People will try to make you… But no matter which side you take, they are all lying”- J.T.

The Feminist Lobby is shaking in Their Jack Boots.

Apparently Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem are trying to play mommie dearest to the generations of women who came after them. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”.. said Albright about young women who are supporting Bernie Sanders. Later in the same week Steinem who still has a bit more charm and beauty than Albright, made a condescending statement about the same crowd. “When you are young you want to be where the boys are, and the boys are with Bernie”. Steinem has since apologized for her self righteous sneer towards the women who are practicing the freedom that Steinem organized for.

I found it amusing, that these women are really coming out against a man who at the base line, is probably their best friend in ideals. Yet he is still an enemy because he stands in the way of their dream of a woman president. He stands in the way of their utopia, simply because he is a man and he has young women following him. If he were a woman there would be no sneers about young women still not thinking for themselves because of “patriarchy” there would be no old white woman playing goddess and sending young women to hell for not working the right campaign trails. There would be no woman shaming for not being the right kind of woman politically. But he is a man and clearly the feminists are running out of illusions to help distract from the reality of who Clinton is. They have run out of defenses for her, so they are cracking and starting to let their jack boots show.
Conservative women have always known this about the high profile feminist. We vote and we live and we find causes that they never even look sideways at. We get our educations and raise our children the way we see fit and not by the standards the state mandates. We are not celebrated because our money and energy is not given to their cause. They only look at us when they want a poster child for a Stepford wife and they seek out one to be the example. The only time they howl is if someone has a different opinion about life and motherhood then they do. They attack conservatives, republicans and men in general if they pose a threat to their advances. If you are a female and vote independently you don’t exist, if you are republican you don’t exist and if you are democrat and don’t want to vote for Hillary (for the many reasons there are to NOT vote for Hillary) you are a traitor and are now condemned to Hell. Objectivity be damned, they only want you to be objective when there is a chance that they might change your mind.
I’m not voting for Sanders. I’m not a socialist and yes I know Sweden has such a glorious time in their socialism, but I don’t live in Sweden. Certain parts of America has always had their own type of socialism and have been trying to get out of it for their whole lives. If all f America is fully socialist then what would we dream for? I’m not voting for Hillary because she is a lying, backstabbing, ambitious, politician run by corporate socialist and we would probably be worse. I’m not voting for Trump because he is a theatrical jerk who lives in his own reality. Rand Paul dropped out and so I may become a non voter this year. You know why? Because I’m a woman and an American and I have that right. I’m not going to vote for a woman just because they have made a secular sacrament of child sacrifice. I’m not going to vote for Bernie just because socialism is “in” this year and I’m not going to vote Republican just because “we need to beat the democrats”.

Gloria and Madeline need to open their eyes. Women are doing it for ourselves these days, and we don’t need you to tell us how to do it. Abolish the matriarchy.


The Show Must Go On

I stopped paying any attention to anything Donald Trump had to say back when the whole fiasco with him and Megyn Kelley was displayed and hyped. It went on and on and just when America’s limited attention span looked the other way, Trump reiterated his idiotic image as a sexist racist rich pig. Like he thrives on this. He just stops in cities and makes sure that he says something, anything, that can and will be used against him. I used to read some of Trumps books on business. I liked Trump. At one time I did think he should run, but after two campaigns where he ran his mouth but never actually did anything, I got over it. Now he is still running his mouth and everyone is getting tired of it. He also has a barbie side kick now, Sarah Palin gets to run her mouth again. The first time I ever saw Palin I was impressed. Finally, someone who could prove that a woman did not have to be a democrat to make it in politics. She also does not have to worship at the alter of Planned Parenthood. Well even a broken clock is right twice a day. It’s all a joke isn’t it? I mean someone is on candid camera, they have to be. Who would seriously put Palin on their team if they actually and truly expected to win? No one can convince me that this man thinks he will win. I don’t even think he wants to. I think he is just enjoying his moment with a following.

I’m not worried about Trump, he is an attention whore and he is not stupid, he knows he is making statements that are broad and insulting. He could refine his speech but he doesn’t,he could check his verbs but he doesn’t. Is he Hitler? Or is he just an entertainer using the reality show brain washed masses against themselves? As long as we are watching Trump, we are not paying attention to real things that are going on. And if we pretend to believe that Trump is not playing a game, then we are refusing to look at his record and we do not live in reality. If we think he is Gary Cooper in High Noon, then we must be lost in some illusion, just like many of us had when we voted for Obama. Eight years and exhausted and angry people, follow any kind of carrot dont they?

While we are on that subject, Trump is not the only candidate that is just full of crap and a bad idea. Bernie Sanders was in Birmingham last week. I actually wanted to go, for the sake of being objective and to see the crowd. Then I realized that I live downtown and there a lot of hipsters and environmentally conscience young people. This is a good idea, but it also means they follow their own carrot. Just like women flock to Clinton because she is a woman and”reproductive rights” and to hell with everything else, environmentalist or simply “eco conscience” people, as well as anyone who feels oppressed or offended, are “feeling the Bern”. Except they aren’t feeling the Bern. Not yet. As strongly as I think Trump is a joke and will not win the Presidency, I dont have a lot of doubt that Sanders could. As sad as it is, there a lot of emotional people out there who are convinced socialist ideas are good ideas, equalizing and fair. The people that love it so much have never had to live under it, they just have a generational guilt about living in a Capitalist society.

So the way I watch this thing play, there is a capitalist candidate who blatantly and in a theatrical way embodies everything that is sickening and selfish about white America-almost an archetype of stereotype. Then on the other side there is a blatant socialist. I thought Obama was blatant too, and I still think that, but there was always defenders who accused anyone who said things like that of being racist. So we eventually shut up. When the Presidents approval rates were low and people had come out of their enchantment with him, many on both sides thought there was no way he could win again. But he did. Now many just dont think Bernie could ever get in. He could. Lets look at a few things.

The current generation of younger voters do not like capitalism. They feel guilty about it, they want a better world. A Utopian world. A world that is so equal that equality loses its true meaning and becomes a utilitarian painting with carbon copy prints in every fair trade coffee shop. They are becoming their own stereotypes, in their own protected safe space of dreams where reality never comes in and makes a nest.

I was a big Ron Paul supporter in 2011-2012. He changed my life and the way I thought objectively. I shared everything I could about him and followed his trail.Like Bernie Sanders, Paul had a large young adult following. We really do have a short memory, since it seems that crowd has either disappeared or is now following the exact opposite in Bernie. What I notice is that Sanders gets a lot of press, and validation, whereas Paul did not. Fox News showed their true colors in ignoring and pretending Paul did not exist, cutting his interviews short and not giving him appropriate time and even calling his followers hippies. Well every time Bernie breaths he gets talked about, be it good or bad press. Every time Hillary gets in legal trouble, Bernie is considered a valid contender. Every time Trump makes a volatile statement Bernie is there to seem coherent. He is not coherent, but compared to Trump he is the most stable isn’t he? He is the Utopian dream, you know the “future to believe in”…it doesn’t matter that we have already heard this same dream eight years ago “change we can believe in”…”hope and change”. Taxing the evil rich to fund incentives. Bernie even wants to tax the middle class. My question is what middle class? And all the young adults that thought Obama was cool, are now paying out the nose or getting fined for the free insurance that they did not understand that they would have to pay for. All the Bernie youth, you just wait.

Bernie Sanders was invited and spoke at Liberty University. Let all the left wingers scream in agony. While top Universities are boycotting Christina Hoff Sommers and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and creating “safe spaces” against ideas that scare them, a openly Christian, conservative and private institution invited Bernie Sanders. Talk about being objective. That is true dialogue right there. There was talk about socialism being biblical. Well as a Bible College graduate I am tired of that argument on both sides. The tribes of Israel in the Old Testament lived in tribal ways, community and taking care of each other-gifting and working as unit for the tribe. Every seven years, the year of Jubilee or Shemittah, all servants or slaves were freed-their debts paid and the land itself was given a rest. In this way there was a “reset” a sabbatical and the land was not depleted. The animals were and everything in creation and in relationship was reset. Well that is not represented in either socialism or capitalism. Why? Because we do not truly live in a biblical society, or one in the nature of what God intended. Every time we have tried to recreate a Utopia we try to conquer each other. So both Trump and Sanders can stop waving a Bible and insulting my spiritual intelligence.

I think I will become a non voter this year. Because this whole cycle has seemed scripted. I don’t buy it. No Nation can be this stupid. Or maybe it can. We are like zombies. Just a dead walk to one angers bitter drum or the other. And there is not real objective thinking exciting candidate this time. If there was he would be made a villain and hijacked just like Ron Paul was.

A Few Bones

   I’ve got a few bones to pick with players who like to get on social media and make attempts at sounding smart.

   For a good year now most of the world has been decrying the actions of ISIS. This has been news on and off, terrorizing our minds, and imprinting the question “how could any human being do this? When they caged and burned a Jordanian pilot alive, when they beheaded 12 Christians who by the way would not classify as “white”, when they pushed homosexuals off rooftops, and every thing in between or since, I have looked at the petty narcissistic things that we in America call “oppression” or “hate” and wondered how we even function. I expected after the attack on Paris (their second and most deadly) that for a moment the catered to students at high class universities might actually have some real life compassion or at least see reason. That wasn’t to be. All day I have seen other write ups and blogs like mine which repeat the narcissistic tweets from Missouri spouting how the media is “using” the tragedy to sweep this nations racist problems under the rug. Then the ones that call out “sick white people who only care when other white people die”. You know, because it’s Paris and only white people are french…which would be classified as a racist statement I do think. I’m not going to give them any more traction by repeating them, that is what google is for. I don’t know how grown men begging for the lives of their wives to be spared and survivors hiding among dead bodies in pools of blood, equals alleged name calling. I don’t know how it equals wealthy students fighting free speech that disagrees with them. If a real hate group came on campus and opened fire, and blew themselves up and took the lives of half the campus, then yes that would be equal but that is not happening. Thank God that is not happening, but sometimes it seems that the mass media and social media and it’s pawns wish that those kinds of atrocities would happen. We suffer from a serious lack of empathy in this country, and according to psychology that is actually called narcissism. I actually wrote a thesis on cultural narcissism. We love to hate ourselves here, and then blame everyone else for the scars.
     Days before the Paris massacre, ISIS also hit Beruit, but it wasn’t as big as news. Apparently this is also a result of racism. Is this “Racist” or is it just the magnitude of PARIS. If it had been Tokyo or Rome I’m sure the outpouring would have been the same. Images of Paris are part of our thought patterns whether we have been there or not. Art of all kinds is influenced by Paris. Fashion icons are only made in Paris. Paris is always a good idea according to Sabrina (think Audrey Hepburn), So it makes sense that the average American becomes sick to their stomach when they see her streets look like a war zone, it naturally shakes and disturbs. That’s natural I think. Quite honestly I’ve been disturbed and shaken more than once in the past two years. So much so that I’ve had to stop following many facebook pages, and media forms that play ISIS stories and commentaries on repeat. I’ve had to stop following some celebrities that help the bandwagon of half truths get around the world and abuse the words “hate” and “sexism”. I’ve felt like a voice lost among millions of voices. I’ve slept a lot because it is easier than engaging, I’ve let my apartment go to shit more than once, because it seems all I do is work and go home and read a lot of belly aching. I’m over that. At times, I’ve had to tell others to snap out of their self loathing state, and sometimes good people have had to tell me the same.

     I get it, we are all conditioned to feel like we deserve something more than we have. Like we are entitled, that entitlement theory that conservatives like to throw around is just as much poison as the liberals throwing around “privilege”, because we all have suffered or been divided by both theories.  I, a singe woman who works a full time job, with zero financial support from any one else, with much more debt going out than money coming in, graduated with a bachelors this past May and got not so much as a congratulations card. Wow things were so much easier when you were a kid and every Birthday you got a few cards with five bucks in them, and when you got out of high school all your elders acted like this was the height of your entire life. Too bad it wasn’t the height of our lives  and we had to keep going. We have to keep going and to do it we have to think past the bull crap. We have to get out of our safe spaces, because the work place doesn’t have those. Friendships don’t have those. Life doesn’t have those. Your home is your safe space. Your head is your safe space. My bed is mine, but I got out of it this evening and kissed my big fat cat bye and came to engage in a hipster coffee shop where African Americans, possibly lesbian Americans and white girls talking through their noses, somehow manage to drink coffee and not shoot each other up. Too bad we don’t see the irony in our woes.Too bad every single one of us cant go visit someone who is considerably less privileged than any of us-because if we are honest all of us has some privileges. Too bad we cant  be grateful before it is too late and we have to remember what we were grateful for. Too bad that we live in a world so stuck on definitions that we can watch people get shot down, beheaded and set on fire and we still want to cry over perceptions of microaggressions and theories of privilege that put all people of each color in their consecutive camp and no one can deviate. Funny, the same place where all these theories came from are the same places that blame religion and racism for doing the same things. 

     ISIS doesn’t care if you are gay, straight, black, white or Asian -oh yes they also don’t care if you are Native American, they have the same statement of declaration for all of us. Paris doesn’t care if the nations reaching out to them in prayer and support are white, black or Jewish.THAT is what true liberal nations are supposed to be and these naval gazing student bodies that have been birthed in liberal college campuses need to venture outside their own boundaries and realize that, while they may still appreciate it. By the way, the American student studying in Paris who was one of those killed, was a young Latina woman. 

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